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Should Christians Support Israel?

Should Christians Support Israel

God is fulfilling promises today that were made to the Jewish people thousands of years ago. These promises rest on a series of legal agreements, called covenants, made between God and the Jewish people, that center on the land of Israel.

The cornerstone covenant — the Abrahamic Covenant — grants the title deed to the land of Israel to the descendants of the line of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This unconditional, irrevocable, and everlasting promise was literally sealed in blood (Genesis 12:1-7; 13:14-18; 17:7; 1 Chronicles 16:17-18; Psalm 105:8-11; Romans 9:4).

God’s Land Covenant promises that Israel will one day become the prime nation of the world, that is, as long as the Jewish people remain obedient to God (Deuteronomy 28:1,13).

The Davidic Covenant promises an eternal King who will descend from the line of King David. One day this Messiah will rule over the entire world from Jerusalem (2 Samuel 7:10-16).

These covenants are why for hundreds of years, Christians have believed, just because God said so, that we should naturally support the nation of Israel. Well, “Not so!”, says a particular group of Christians, Christians who meet at conferences with names like “Christ at the Checkpoint.” They question the legitimacy of these covenants and whether Christians should really be supporting Israel.

Myths Busted

Let’s debunk seven of these naysayers’ most popular myths for why Christians should not support the nation of Israel.

Myth #1: “The Jews killed Jesus!”

Those who accuse the Jews of killing Jesus seem to have purposefully forgotten that the Bible says, “For truly in this city there were gathered together against Your holy Servant Jesus, whom You anointed, both Herod and Pontius Pilate, along with the Gentiles and the peoples of Israel” (Acts 4:27-28).

So, not only did both Jews and Gentiles participate in murdering Jesus, but in truth, we are all sinners, and therefore all of us are responsible for Jesus dying on the cross. But, reality check, Jesus Himself clearly stated that He alone laid down His life and that no one took it from Him (John 10:15-18).

Myth #2: “The Jews have been disinherited because of their unbelief.”

The Jews may have been evicted from their land — twice — due to their rebellion against God. But, as Psalm 105 explains, God guaranteed in His Abrahamic Covenant that the land of Israel unconditionally and forever belongs to the children of Jacob. And, as the Apostle Paul argued in Romans 9-11, “Has God rejected His people? May it never be! For I too am an Israelite… God has not rejected His people whom He foreknew.”

And so, no, God has neither disinherited the Jewish people nor revoked His land covenants.

Myth #3: “The Church has replaced Israel and now receives her inheritance.”

Not according to the Apostle Paul! He tells the story of an olive tree whose branches were pruned off due to unbelief, and wild vines grafted on (Romans 11). But, when the natural branches began believing again, they would be grafted back on the tree. Salvation may have come to the wild olive vines — the Church — but God still has salvation planned for the natural branches — a believing Israel who will call Jesus Savior.

Myth #4: “The Jews regathering back to the land of Israel cannot be from God because they haven’t repented and accepted Jesus as their Messiah.”

The Jews returning to Israel in unbelief is exactly what God foretold would happen. Isaiah prophesied the Jews would be regathered a second time from the nations of the world, and Ezekiel made it clear that the Jews would regather in unbelief for God Himself to give them a new heart for Him (Isaiah 11:10-12; Ezekiel 36:22-28).

It’s no accident of history that a people dispossessed from their country for 1,900 years could ever have kept their ethnic identity and rebirthed their nation two millennia later. Such a thing has never happened! And this is the nation of the Bible we’re talking about. Therefore, the regathering of the Jews can only be a miracle from God.

Myth #5: “To support Israel is to support every action of the Israeli government.”

Nobody supports every action of any government, even their own. Supporting Israel is to support the redemptive work God is doing in bringing a remnant of their people to salvation in Christ and ultimately into the fulfillment of His covenants.

Myth #6: “The Jews stole the Palestinians’ land and live there illegally.”

First off, the Abrahamic Covenant grants the Jewish people the eternal deed to the land of Israel. Second, when the Jews began returning in the early 20th Century, there was no such thing as a Palestinian. The handful of Arabs living in that wasteland sold the land back to the Jews at exorbitant prices. And, third, Israel was created legally in response to a United Nations declaration passed in November 1947 which authorized the establishment of a Jewish state in the land the Romans had renamed Palestine. You can’t steal land that’s already legally yours.

Myth #7: “To support Israel is to hate the Palestinian people.”

Contrary to Arab propaganda, those who call themselves Palestinians enjoy more freedoms and rights in Israel than if they lived in any Muslim nation. For it’s not the Jews who hate and abuse the Palestinians, but their own terrorist leaders who steal billions of their foreign aid and deny refugees access back to their home countries of Syria and Jordan.

Why, the Palestinians have been afforded several opportunities since 1948 to create another Palestinian state besides Jordan, but each time they have rejected those offers and instead responded with violence. Why? Because their ultimate goal is the annihilation of Israel. So, who exactly hates who here?

With those myths busted, let’s look at some of the reasons why Christians should support Israel.

1. Democracy

The nation of Israel is the only Western-style democracy in a sea of Islamic tyranny. Supporting Israel is to support the only nation in the Middle East that offers religious freedom and human rights to women.

2. Defense

Israel protects the West and Christianity by standing as the first line of defense against violent, radical Islam.

3. Economics

Israel contributes to the world a mind-boggling amount of food, medicines, and cutting-edge technologies that raise the standard of living throughout the world.

4. Blessing

When it comes to supporting the nation of Israel, God promised in Genesis 12, “I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse.” Supporting Israel incurs God’s blessing.

5. Biblical

It rather goes without saying that it is biblically correct for Christians to support God. Since God loves the Jewish people and wants them to return to Him, then shouldn’t Christians want this as well? Loving Israel expresses our love for God.

6. Prophetic

And finally, whether you love or hate the nation of Israel, or even the Jewish people, regardless of what we mere mortals think — Bible prophecy will be fulfilled. God’s will will be done, and there’s just no stopping it. After all, who could ever stand against the Living God and expect to win (Psalm 76:7; Hebrews 10:31)?

So, in conclusion, it’s not “Should Christians support Israel?” but rather, “Christians must support Israel!”

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • Thank you so much for explaining the Abrahamic Covenant so clearly.
    Praying for eyes to be opened by Almighty God!
    God bless you and your whole staff at Lamb and Lion Ministries.

  • The comment of ‘The handful of Arabs living in that wasteland sold the land back to the Jews at exorbitant prices.’ has me puzzled. I had not heard this before. Is there a website that documents this? Not that I doubt this is true, but I had never heard this before. Any responses would be appreciated! Thanks!

  • I like this new format where I can read the entire article from my email then choose to select DISCUSS ARTICLE, I love it.

    So many great points here for support of Israel, going to reference these in coming months.

  • This is a great time to express why we should support Israel with the persecution that is happening, another sign of fulfillment of Christ’s prophecy. Jesus used the fig tree to talk about the end of the age because (He meant that Israel itself would be the key sign to His return.) The generation of people who see the blossoming of the fig tree, (Israel’s) rebirth and establishment in the family of nations is the generation that will see the completion of “all these things”, and the signs of the End of the Age in Matthew 24. Jews and Gentiles are forged together on that same fig tree.
    The Bible mentions Jerusalem 500 times, always in connection with Jewish names, Jewish prophets, and Jewish Kings. The Abrahamic Covenant is God’s promise to Israel with the Land Covenant and the promises God made to Israel. Jerusalem also figures prominently in John’s vision of the End Times as recorded in the book of Revelation. Keep in mind that God’s promises will be fulfilled with certainty.
    God says in Genesis 17:8 “Also I give to you one your descendants after you the land in which you are a stranger, all the land of Canaan, as an everlasting possession; and I will be their God.

  • Dear all
    You respectfully ask the question should Christians take sides with Israel?
    May I respectfully rephrase the question – Should all those who love the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, Jesus et al – take sides with Israel in praying for a ceasefire and for the kingdom to bring about a peaceful solution to end all man made wars – then the answer is we support all including Israelis and Palestinians and many of whom live in those regions who are of diverse ethnicities and are of different faiths to come to a knowledge of the love of the gospel, redemption and eternal salvation.

    To make such a bold statement – that highlights a political allegiance with one country over another country is to let go of the ribbons of the kingdom and to take sides with human governments and militia movements, who have a right to defend themselves, but they also have a greater responsibility to seek peace and pursue it – PSALM 34.14, ROMANS 12.18

    The Abrahamic, Davidic covenant – demonstrates that a universal Messiah would originate from heaven, lie and die on earth, rest in Sheol for 3 days before his resurrection and eventual ascension to heaven to be gifted with the position of King/Priest alongside those selected for his kingly government, some of whom were chosen for his inner circle.
    We cannot hope to be selected for this heavenly government if we cannot devote our full allegiance to the heavenly government – patriotism and taking sides with earthly governments demonstrates a divided heart – God is looking for those with a complete heart to serve him – 2 Chronicles 16.9

    Who killed Jesus?
    A mixed company of politicians, criminals, jealous religious misleaders and a crowd whipped up into a satanic frenzy motivated by God’s enemy.
    Have the Jews lost their favoured position? The Jews as a nation no longer have that privilege position that they once occupied due to their rejection of Messiah – God’s chosen saviour – and many Jews atheist, trinitarian, agnostic, and non messianic Jews similarly reject not only God YHWH but his saviour as a subordinate, non omniscient, non omnipotent, and non omnipresent angel. Individual Jews who love YHWH and his saviour remain in a blessed position.

    The land issue.
    There is sufficient land for all to live side by side. Wanting it all now – is not scriptural and it is clear that in the new T order all will have their own homes – ISAIAH 65.21-22

    Which government should have our total heartfelt allegiance?
    Theocracy over democracy, communism, authoritarianism, pluralism etc. 
    Palestinians and Israelis have both contributed to the world in ways of science, tech, innovation etc. One nation does not have supremacy over another.
    All nations will be blessed by means of the Abrahamic covenant – Genesis 12-18, 22
    All nations feature in prophecy – all will be gathered to the war of Armageddon and either separated to the left – for destruction – or the right for salvation – Mattityahu 25.32-46
    Interestingly the Quran makes a similar point that persons will be separated either for destruction or eternal life.

    Israel does feature heavily in prophecy – however let us not misinterpret prophecy and make it all about the Middle East – although it is a significant region.
    A re-examination of scripture and a re-examination of our own heart condition – if we find it veering to one side or another in a political or a war which has been sanctioned by humans – then ask ourselves – who’s side are we really on?

    • The land the nation of Israel current resides on is only a small sliver of the land promised Israel – from Egypt to the Euphrates River. And the Palestinians haven’t contributed much of anything but strife and warfare to the world, while the Jewish people dozens of Nobel prizes. “Can’t we all just get along” does not apply when fighting evil.

      • Thankyou Nathan: This is about Israel’s survival. We are reminded that from Egypt’s Pharaoh to Persia’s Haman, to Germany’s Hitler, many a world leader has attempted to destroy the Jewish people, defying God’s declaration that He will “curse him who curses” and bless those who bless Israel Genesis 12:3. Even today, motivated by a Satanic hatred, many say, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel may be remembered no more. An extensive explanation in Psalm 83 of God’s feelings.

        Modern Israel’s History has been in a fight for survival. Though often battered and humbled by brutal assaults, the Jewish nation lives, demonstrating the futility of attempts to annihilate it, and God’s love of his people and His land and Abrahamic Covenant. There have been many holocausts against the Jewish people because of anti-semitism.

        The TWO-STATE solution places a terrorist organization living side by side Israel, which is the Hamas charter of 1988 which calls for: From the “River to the Sea,” which demands that Israel be no more. Many know exactly what the two state solution would mean for Israel, and are not going to be deceived.
        Zechariah 12:2 “I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling. 3. On that day, when all nations are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immoveable ROCK FOR ALL THE NATIONS. All who try to move it will injure themselves.

  • Thank you for the answers to so many questions we get about the Jews and Israel.
    Thank you for standing for the truth of the Scriptures!

  • Absolutely agree with this author. We are with Israel, so help us God ! No matter who is trying to hurt Jews we will defend them with the weapons or without it.

    • Absolutely, We will also be proud to carry the Star of David wherever the spiritual warfare takes us! There is heartfelt love for God’s people, Jesus’ people.

  • Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Deuteronomy 6:4
    I am the first and I am the last; apart from me there is no God. Isaiah 44:6
    Worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only. Matthew 4:10
    Salvation is found in no one else. Acts 4:12.


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