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Courage for Canadian Churches

Did you know that churches and Christian organizations in Canada are not allowed to say anything against homosexuality from their pulpits and periodicals?

It’s true. And not just Canada, but Sweden, Australia and the United Kingdom also have similar laws. These are not countries ruled by dictatorships, but countries very similar to the United States in its freedoms of speech, religion and democratic processes. These countries are now ruled by the PC (political correctness) police.

America may not be far behind in restricting what is said from the pulpit, for such intimidation to the pulpit is indeed alive and well in the United States. For example, to mix the pulpit and elections hasn’t been allowed in the United States since 1954 when then-senator Lyndon Baines Johnson offered an amendment to restrict nonprofit organizations, including churches, from endorsing or opposing political candidates. Should a church violate that restriction, the IRS comes down on the church with threats to revoke their non-profit status. Adding a so-called “hate crimes” restriction to the American pulpit is not far-fetched or far away in a society that increasingly calls evil “good.”

My heart has been burdened since hearing about the plight of our brothers and sisters in Christ just over the open border who would face jail time, fines and revoking of their non-profit status for caring enough to tell the truth. The truth they share is that sexual perversion slowly and painfully kills its practitioners, creates deadly epidemics, produces anarchy destroying the fabric of society, and disturbs the Creator who lovingly created each of us with function and purpose. The preachers are not being punished for hating or discriminating, but for loving and caring.


A recent act by some America churches, though, may give the Canadian churches an example to follow concerning how to stand up for their loving message. On September 28, 2008, churches from 20 states took a stand and preached concerning today’s issues, what the Bible says about those issues, and applied the Bible’s standards to politicians running in the current election. As The Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative legal alliance of Christian attorneys headed by President Alan E. Sears stated, the purpose was to “reclaim their constitutional right (and) from the pulpit” by “advise[ing] their congregation what scripture says about today’s issues, applying those issues to the candidates standing for election just like their forefathers did 150 years ago.”

These churches bravely stood up for their freedoms of religion and speech, and more importantly for the Word of God. I admire such bravery in the face of persecution. Look at history. Where would the civil rights movement had gone if Dr. King and others didn’t stand up in the face of adversity for what was right. Where would India be now if Ghandi didn’t stand up for what was right. These men faced persecution, jail time, beatings, and ultimately assassinations, but the movements they led brought the truth to light and changed nations for the better.

A Plan

Canadian churches, stand up for the Word of God! Make a plan. Organize a network of churches for one Sunday that will stand at their pulpits and preach that God loves the homosexual and wants them to leave their destructive lifestyle. Get so many churches involved over subsequent weekends that the Canadian government and media take notice. Be arrested and fined. Make a huge deal about it. Draw international attention to the plight and restrictions. Trust in God to bless you endeavors. Fight for what’s right, for the souls of men are at stake!

“Do not allow what you consider good to be spoken of as evil.” – Romans 14:16 NIV

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