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Europe Blames Jews For Financial Meltdown

Who does one-third of Europe blame the current world financial crisis on? Is it OPEC manipulating oil prices to drive up their profits to fund Islamic terrorism? Is it greedy banks gambling away peoples’ holdings on unsound investments. Is it bungling bureaucrats mismanaging government budgets? Is it each and every person who lives beyond their means?

Nope, you got it — it’s the Jew! 31% of Europeans now believe the Jew is responsible for the financial crisis the world is heavily emerged in, according to an Anti-Defamation League survey reported on by in their February 2, 2009 article titled “Poll: 31% of Europeans blame Jews for global financial crisis” by Natasha Mozgovaya. And, it’s not just one or two Jews being blamed, but the entire race has been accused of working towards a new “Jewish world order.”

How do those Europeans surveyed suppose the Jewish people are responsible for this mess? Well, they say, it’s the “Jews controlling the U.S. government,” using their “over-abundance of power in the business world.”

We’re not talking about only the 53 million Muslims who now inhabit the former continent of Christianity who were polled. Well, maybe in part. Nope, it’s the 500 native respondents each from Austria, France, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom that form the wide swath of the European population.

The survey also reports that “58 percent of respondents admitted that their opinion of Jews has worsened due to their criticism of Israel.” It’s their negative view that “Israel’s military and political activities” cause evil and oppression towards the Palestinians that the Jew has fallen out of favor with the modern European. Israel, after all, a third of the European population reasons, shouldn’t be allowed to defend their borders or even exist according to this survey.

Certainly, there are some people of Jewish heritage who are the poor debt-managing bankers and bureaucrats and everyday joes. Certainly the Madoff scandal that defrauded so many investors hasn’t helped the Jewish image. But, to say that the Jewish people are part of some vast conspiracy to take over the world by tanking its economy is ludicrous!

Such a prejudiced and uninformed blame game on the Jews for this crisis by Europeans (and certainly by many Americans) means that anti-Semitism is indeed quite alive and well in modern times. History has proven that when society begins to privately blame the Jew for their problems, public and violent persecution is not too far behind. Should the financial meltdown worsen, or different crisisses follow, Jewish people will tragically find themselves facing down the wrong end of a loaded weapon.

Behind the Scenes

God, though, uses people’s satanically-fueled hatred of the Jew for His own purposes. In Deuteronomy 30:1-9, God promises to return a scatter Jewish people back to their own land and their hearts back to Him, that they may receive blessings and God can finally fulfill His promises to the whole world. Satan wants God’s promises never to happen and so seeks to obliterate the Jewish race — the prophetic conduit of those blessings. God is using the persecution to force the Jew like He did from Russia, out of Europe and eventually North America and back into the nation of Israel. The Jewish people will finish being gathered into a nation and the ultimate fulfillment of God’s plan will commence.

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • Wait a minute, i’m confused. I thought bush caused all the worlds problems. 9/11, the war, the financial meltdown. So its the jews, that makes perfect sense. WAIT! I HAVE IT!! Bush and the jews are secretly working together. I solved it. Thats the reason for the worlds problems.

  • This level of antisemitism is putrid, and I blame it in large part on the Muslim population, more specifically, the racist and hateful religion of Islam.

  • Muslim teacher in Vienna suspended over anti-Semitic pamphlet

    "A Muslim religion teacher in Vienna was suspended on Thursday for allegedly giving his students anti-Semitic pamphlets.

    Austrian Education Minister Claudia Schmied urged the Vienna School Authority to ban the middle school teacher and revoke his teacher's license for encouraging students to abstain from shopping at businesses he listed as "Jewish."

    Anas Schakfeh, president of the Official Islamic Community in Austria, said the teacher was suspended Thursday and an investigation into his actions is under way.

    The teacher has not been identified but Schakfeh says he is "around 30 years old" and taught at a regular school in Vienna."

    These sort of people should be expelled.

  • i hang out with youth all the time and here are some things public school teachers actually say or do. One school brought in a muslem teacher to prove islam is a “peaceful religion” another current event teacher said “bush knew 9/11 was coming and didnt do a thing about it” this was during the 2004 election year. A science teacher said “evolution is a proven fact, there is tons of irrefutable evidence and to believe otherwise is dillusional”

  • At this point, I’m not surprised. Let’s blame a group of people, instead of our GOVERNMENT.. I think when people actually wake up and understand the people are not in the government’s best interest,other than how can we legally steal money from them without them knowing. It’s all coming together.. I turn 40 this year, such a short life..

  • You know who I think is behind all this anti-semitism? To quote the Church Lady from SNL, “Could it be, I don’t know…Satan?”

    Seems to me I remember a little German guy with a funny mustache blaming the Jews for the financial crisis after World War 1; guy named Adolf Hitler.

    The demonic spirit that controlled Hitler is back in business in a big way.

    What this will eventually cause is a larger return rate of Hebrews into Isra’el from the four corners of earth, thus fulfilling prophecy.

  • And don’t interfere with the evolutionist religion (and it is a religion).

    Anybody here watch Dr. Carl Baugh’s “Creation in the 21st Century” on TBN? If not, if you want to know the “facts” about evolution, you need to watch this man. Sometimes it’s a very dry show, but he knows his stuff, and you could argue against evolution in ten minutes of watching his show.

  • Have to agree with you, Son of Thunder: Satan is behind all of it. I’ll also add that people whose god is Satan are also behind it. I don’t mean that we are to fight and/or blame nonbelievers. What I mean is that nonbelievers will some day be held accountable for their rejection of God and for their sins.

    Father, we ask you to open people’s eyes that they may see their need and turn to you for salvation! Amen.

  • And rejection of God ultimately leads to Satanic/demonic influence whether you know it or not. Ever read Frank Peretti’s “Darkness” novels and you’ll have a greater understanding.

  • I really believe that Jews should leave Europe and live in Israel. I think the atmosphere is growing too anti-Semetic and I would move now rather than later. Everyday there is some new incident and/or hate talk against the Jewish people.

  • think about this. There are 4 main targets satan focuses on. 1. The beginning. Lets start by denying Gods’ existence. 2. The focul point i.e the resurrection. Christianity stands or falls on the resurrection. 3. The end. Satan is defeated so lets spiritualize (or demonize) it. 4. The jews. 1. Prophecy is centered around them. 2. They gave us the messiah and the Bible. Does that make sense?

  • Speaking of Evolution, check out the History Channel’s evolutionary propaganda at its graphical finest – Morphed. Airs tonight. On their site you can morph a dog into a dolphin, and a dinosaur into a turkey!

  • I am perplexed that, in this era of scientific enlightenment, there are still proponents of the theory of evolution. Darwin thought a single cell was simple and easy, today we understand it to be so complex that it is mathematically impossible for it to happen just ‘by chance’. If Darwin knew then what we know now, he would never have put forth such an idiotic theory.

  • Mitchell,

    You’ve got a great point–which is why an earlier poster called evolution a “religion.” I even refuse to call it so much as a “theory” because by definition, theories have been proven and stood the test of time–evolution can’t claim to have done either of those.

  • I just wish the Jewish community would come to realize their best allies are the conservative evangelical Christians.

    One Jewish friend of mine believed the common view that Christians only want the end times so Jesus will return, period.

    I explained to her the ends times is about the redemption of the Jews accepting Jesus as their true Savior. The end times is about the Jews, not the Gentiles.

    Michell…much nicer posts than your previous loooooong ones 🙂

  • I saw a commercial for “Morphed” and I thought to myself, “Boy, I have just got to miss that.”

    Mitchell, if you think a single-cell is complex look at a bacteria. They have an atomic in-board motor, a highly adaptive intelligence, and a complex communication system.

  • And as for evolution being a religion, top evolutionists use words like “believe” and “faith” to describe what they believe. One even said that they didn’t want there to be a God, because then they would be accountable to Him.

    Does anyone here know that Muslims believe in evolution? It’s true. They claim that Jews are decended from apes and pigs, which basically means that Arabs are decended from the same things since they are all decended from Shem. So when a Muslim is anti-semitic, he is also anti-Arab.

    So now we’re back to anti-semitism. Nice seque, huh?

  • Hitler killed millions in the name of his religion…yes, evolution. He loved the theory of evolution’s survival of the fittest.

    Seig Heil, Darwin!

  • If more people knew that, then evolution would maybe take a huge hit.

    Ben Stein’s “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” exposes the fact that Hitler was a huge fan of the evolutionist messiah.

  • Hart, I said “maybe.” A guy can dream, can’t he? Anyway, it would probably blow your mind to find out how many scientists actually question evolution and lean towards creation. The heavens show God’s handiwork, and the more these people see the more they understand.

    It’s actually the minority that controls peoples perceptions.

  • The latest global finance news says that, European respondents still adhere to the notion that "Jews have too much power in international financial markets." Overall, 41% of those surveyed cling to the traditional stereotype; in Spain it is 74%.


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