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Is Masonry A Fraternal Order Or Religion?


Masonry is a fraternal, social, and service organization. But it is more. It is also a religious organization.

The Masons nearly always deny this in their public statements, but their official literature and their actions make it clear that Masonry is a religion. They require a belief in God — any god — as a condition of membership. They have published a Masonic Bible that contains special study guides. They conduct funerals for their members. Most important, their official, non-public literature is filled with religious doctrine.

Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedia, considered to be the most authoritative and influential Masonic book today,1 states point blank that “Freemasonry is undoubtedly a religion.”2 In Albert G. Mackey’s Manual of the Lodge he says: “As Masons we are taught never to begin any great or important undertaking without first invoking the blessing and protection of deity, and this is because Masonry is a religious institution.”3 In another of his books, Mackey (considered the third most influential Masonic writer4) declares that “the religion of Masonry is cosmopolitan and universal.”5

The greatest Masonic writer of all times, Albert Pike, argued that “every Masonic Lodge is a temple of religion; and its teachings are instruction in religion.”6 He further stated, “Masonry is… the universal, eternal, immutable religion, such as God planted in the heart of universal humanity.”7

Personal Experience

Some personal experiences have convinced me that many Masons look upon the Masonic Order as their church, or perhaps more appropriately, as their ticket to Heaven.

This conclusion is based upon the letters I received from the wives of Masons during the 22 years I had a nationwide radio program (1980-2002). Every time I would broadcast a series of radio programs about Masonry, I would receive a flood of letters from wives expressing deep concern about their husbands’ involvement in the organization.

The letters read like a broken record. Over and over the same sentiment was expressed: “My husband is a Mason. He claims to be a Christian. Yet he never studies his Bible, rarely prays, and attends church with me only two or three times a year. But he never misses a Masonic meeting.”

Another experience that I vividly remember occurred at a church in Indiana in the late 1980’s. When I arrived to conduct a prophecy conference for them, I noticed a large chart in the foyer. A number of people were standing around studying the chart.

When I asked what it was all about, a man who introduced himself as one of the elders, explained that the pastor had called for a 24 hour prayer vigil at the church in behalf of the conference. On the chart were the names of dozens of people who had signed up to come to the church to pray for 30 minutes, day and night. I was impressed.

I turned to the elder and asked, “Where is your name on the chart?”

“Oh, it’s not there,” he said. “You see, last night was my Masonic lodge meeting, so I couldn’t be here to pray.”


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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • what are the degrees of masonary? i read George H. Bush was a 33rd degree masonary. i also heard not only were a lot of our presidents masons (including George Washington) but the masons actually got a ton of our presidents elected. i spose i sound like a conspiricy theorists. dont know if there is any truth to it. how many degrees are there and whar are they?

  • If I am to believe what I read in “En Route to Global Occupation” by Gary H. Kah, Freemasonry is a powerful and world wide political organization moving toward a one world government. The religion component could very well be that of the prophesied end times. It’s religious roots go back to the tower of Babel.

  • The Freemasons handbook can be found at

    I was just browsing through the book when I came across Chapter VI. The Badge. This chapter speaks of Serpent worship (which I find incredibly interesting), as “the serpent biting its tail, and thus forming a circle, has always been regarded as the emblem of eternity, and more especially of the Eternal Wisdom of God.”

    Much of the language is extremely religious in nature, combining Christianity, Hinduism, New Age, and astrology to name some.

    Sheesh. I just read about the Greek gods in Chapter VIII. They leave no religion unmentioned.

  • so bush was just an honorary member, then that prolly dont mean much. i thought he was some high ranking member or something. no big deal then.

  • Thanks.

    How familiar are you with the Hegelian Dialectic process which is in all of the Alpha Course churches with Rick Warren?



  • One-lamb, even though it seems to be off subject (which happens a lot around here), please explain using the Helegian dialectic formula.

    I’m anything but a fan of “pastor” Warren, and would appreciate some building on this idea.

  • I pastored a church with masonic stained glass windows. The people, for the most part, were agaisnt Biblical messages of salvation. Part of it was due to their being raised up in church , but part also because they were good masons and eastern star. It was funny how they wouldn’t memorize scripture, but knew whole portions of masonic ritual by heart.

  • Harry Truman, the 33rd U.S. president, was a 33nd degree mason and proudly wore his regalia. One can Google the picture of him in this.


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