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50 Reasons Why We Are Living In The End Times: Part 5


I have personally been searching the Bible for years in an effort to identify all the signs that show we are living in the end times and soon return of Jesus Christ. The following is a list of just 50 Bible prophecies that I have found being fulfilled today that show we are living in the season of the Lord’s return.

1) Increasing instability of nature.
(Matthew 24:7 & Luke 21:11)

2) Increasing lawlessness and violence.
(Matthew 24:12)

3) Increasing immorality.
(Matthew 24:37)

4) Increasing materialism.
(2 Timothy 3:2)

5) Increasing Hedonism.
(2 Timothy 3:4)

6) Increasing influence of Humanism.
(2 Timothy 3:2)

7) Depraved entertainment.
(2 Timothy 3:4)

8) Calling evil good and good evil.
(2 Timothy 3:3 & Isaiah 5:20)

9) Increasing use of drugs.
(2 Timothy 3:3)

10) Increasing blasphemy.
(2 Timothy 3:2)

11) Increasing paganism.
(2 Timothy 3:1-4)

12) Increasing despair.
(2 Timothy 3:1)

13) Signs in the heavens.
(Luke 21:11,25)

14) Increasing knowledge.
(Daniel 12:4)

15) Increasing travel.
(Daniel 12:4)

16) The explosion of cults.
(Matthew 24:11)

17) The proliferation of false christs.
(Matthew 24:5)

18) Increasing apostasy in the Church.
(2 Timothy 4:3-5)

19) Increasing attacks on Jesus.
(Romans 1:18-19)

20) Increasing attacks on the Bible.
(Romans 1:18-19)

21) Increasing persecution of Christians.
(Matthew 24:9)

22) Increasing occultism.
(1 Timothy 4:1)

23) Wars and rumors of wars.
(Matthew 24:6)

24) Weapons of mass destruction.
(Luke 21:26)

25) Increasing famine.
(Luke 21:11)

26) Increasing pestilence.
(Luke 21:11)

27) Computer technology.
(Revelation 13:7)

28) Television.
(Revelation 11:8-9)

29) Satellite technology.
(Revelation 11:8-9)

30) Virtual reality.
(Revelation 13:14-15)

31) Unification of Europe.
(Daniel 2 & 7)

32) Far Eastern military powers.
(Revelation 9:16 & 16:12)

33) Movement toward world government.
(Daniel 7:23-26)

34) Regathering of the Jews.
(Isaiah 11:10-12)

35) Re-establishment of Israel.
(Isaiah 66:7-8)

36) Reclamation of the land of Israel.
(Ezekiel 36:34-35)

37) Revival of Biblical Hebrew.
(Zephaniah 3:9; Jeremiah 31:23)

38) Re-occupation of Jerusalem.
(Luke 21:24)

39) Resurgence of the Israeli military.
(Zechariah 12:6)

40) Re-focusing of world politics on Israel.
(Zechariah 12:3)

41) Russian threat to Israel.
(Ezekiel 38 and 39)

42) Arab threat to Israel.
(Ezekiel 35 and 36)

43) Denial of the Second Coming.
(2 Peter 3:3-4)

44) Denial of creation by God.
(Romans 1:18-22)

45) Outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
(Joel 2:28-29)

46) Translation of the Bible into many languages.
(Matthew 24:14)

47) Preaching of the Gospel worldwide.
(Matthew 24:14)

48) The revival of Messianic Judaism.
(Romans 9:27)

49) The revival of Davidic praise worship.
(Amos 9:11)

50) The understanding of Bible prophecy.
(Daniel 12:8-9)

This list could be greatly expanded, but the 50 examples above should be sufficient to show that we are living in the season of the Lord’s return.

The Bible clearly teaches that God never pours out His wrath without warning for He is a just and loving God who does not wish that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9). That’s why He has provided so many signs to alert us to the fact that we are living on the threshold of the Tribulation.

The Message

The bottom line message of the signs is that we are living on borrowed time. And the crucial question for every human being is “Are you ready?” Are you ready for the return of Jesus? Will He come as your Blessed Hope or your Holy Terror?

It will be one or the other, for God is determined to deal with sin, and He does so with either grace or wrath (John 3:36). If you have put your faith in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then you are under God’s grace. Your sins have been forgiven and forgotten, and you can look forward with confidence to that glorious day when Jesus will appear in the heavens.

But if you have never received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you are under the wrath of God, and you have nothing to look forward to except the terror of His wrath.

The choice is yours. I personally cannot understand why anyone would turn their back on God’s free gift of grace through faith in His Son. I have placed my faith in Jesus, and I therefore am able to look forward to His soon return with great anticipation and expectation. All that is within me cries out, “Maranatha! Come quickly Lord Jesus” (1 Corinthians 16:22).

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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • Dr. Reagan said: I personally cannot understand why anyone would turn their back on God's free gift of grace through faith in His Son.

    The reason is: it's too simple. I recently read "The Jesus Chronicles: John's Story" by Tim LHaye and Jerry Jenkins (if you liked "Left Behind", this is better), which revolves around John's writing his gospel and why. At one point, a character asks a similar question to Dr. Reagan's, and the answer is because people want to play a role in their salvation. We want to feel like we can earn it; that we can work for it.

    Why is the message of the cross foolishness for those who are perishing? It takes everything out of our hands. It can't be that easy. Jesus dying and doing all the work. We have to do something.

    Thankfully it is that easy. If we have to do it ourselves, what do we do? How much do we do? How long do we do it? How do we make the good outweigh the bad?

  • "I personally cannot understand why anyone would turn their back on God's free gift of grace through faith in His Son."

    From my own experience, I can name a lot of little reasons that have one general commonality: a lack of Biblical understanding from which many other misunderstandings are formed.

    As a young man raised in a non-religious household, I asked age-appropriate questions to the "Christians" in my life:

    * if God is real, then why doesn't God talk to me in a voice I can hear?

    * _you_ claim that God loves me and doesn't want me to suffer: where is the evidence? [Before prayer, I have Type 1 diabetes; after prayer, I _still_ have Type 1 Diabetes.] Is this what you call God giving me bread when I pray for bread and not giving me a snake instead?

    * what in the #(*$% do you mean "God answers all prayers"?? — _Look_!!!

    * "washed in the blood?" "christ crucified??" What does this mean?! [In other words, I got innundated with "Christianese" without the "plain English" translation.]

    The "future" meant nothing to me when my "present" life was a living hell. What does someone backed into a corner do? Ask for help. The help I got wasn't helpful. In the meantime, I was still searching for God, even though I still believed that I didn't believe.

    It wasn't until much later in life that I read the entire Bible on my own (more than once) and discovered what "Grace of God" really means and why it is important. After that, it took something outside of myself to allow me to believe it. This was in spite of the anti-Christian skeptics in my environment.

    I was screaming out for help my entire life, and I hate to say that the self-titled Christians in my life weren't much help.

    In retrospect, I think it was because "the Christians" got lost in the "God is love" fad and didn't have any Biblical literacy outside the 5 or 10 paragraphs they went over and over again in their Churches. If they had read the entire Bible and interalized what they read, they would have recognized my questions and objections as age-old with age-old responses. They would have also gone the next step and shown me the relevant passages that directly addressed the pain and doubt that I felt in my life.

    The Christians I interrogated were unable to answer very basic questions:

    * "why" is it important to be aaved?
    * "how" does savlation work? How does someone getting crucified 2000 years ago relate to someone living here and now?
    * "what" is salvation?

    I was unable to get any answers at the time. The "Christian's" excuse? They weren't theologians. My response in retropsect? Hogwash! _Any_ Christian should be reading the _entire_ Bible, relate the entire Bible to the full range of human experience, and communicate its message to non-Christians. Furthermore, any Christian should be able to tell _their_ story. How did they come to God? What is their relationship with God?

    Frankly, much of the Bible (especially the histories, the psalms, and the prophecies) describes the dark and brutal parts of life, but the "Christians" who ignore those parts of the Bible risk losing the unsaved who need to hear the "other" parts of the Bible.

    It's a little long-winded, but the point is that people either reject God outright or quickly lose hope and reject God because the Christians in their life have dropped the ball, whether it is by: (a) lack of understanding of God's Word (i.e., they _never_ studied and have probably never read the entire Bible), (b) not being good examples of godly living, and/or (c) not articulating the _entire_ Gospel.

    — Hank from Arizona

  • Hank,
    Yes that was a bit long (look at mine,LOL),but the point is well taken, and understood by many I am sure. Count me among those. I was not raised in a particularly Christian home either. The belief in God was there, but that was pretty much it. I, like you, experienced many of the same things you did in regards to "Christians" not doing what they are supposed to do… lead others to Christ. That same ball continues to drop to this day, sadly. As a young teenager, I was even looked down upon, by my best friends parents (constantly professing Christians ~ if you know what I mean)simply because I was not raised in a "Christian" "Church going" home. They never said anything outright mean to me in regards to this, but actions speak louder that words. And actions can hurt, deeply. I think that is why when the Holy Spirit of God found me, as an adult, and it wasn't in a Church, I just fell down on my knees and sobbed, because I finally knew that I was not "unworthy" of the Lords grace simply because I was not raised "Christianly". I thank the Lord daily for showing Himself to me, and accepting "me". I love Him so much and look forward to the day when I can wrap my arms around Him and thank Him face to face.

    Oh, and by the way, I too am a type 1 Diabetic. Have been since the age of 16, when I died while going into a diabetic coma. That was 36 years ago. I honestly believe that was when I first met my Lord and Savior.


  • Hank, I praise god you found the lord through all of that! the fact remains that in our time, reading an "old, out dated, out of touch" book like the bible is not very popular and people are hesitant to accept the stereotypes that go along with being a bible believer. i struggle with that, but i would not trade it for anything in the world. when people surrender to it, thats when they find the true wisdom of the lord. i think surrendering is a big part of it. peace. Aaron T – Maine

  • this is very big and often misunderstood concept in christianity today. spirit salvation is a initial one time thing [born again] its is free, grace by faith which is not even yours ,its the beginning of the [race] as Paul says
    now that you are saved your to [finish the race [not sit down claiming your done] to the end of your faith [goal] the salvation of your soul
    spirit salv. is free by grace and soul salv. is a works based salv. good or bad rewards and or punishments. this part is mostly talked about through out the new test and is for already born anew christains
    if you [honestly] read through the N T you see admonishments , warnings ect. about continuing and growing, doing ,walking with rewards or negitive consciquences for doing so . some increase 100 fold some 10 fold some none this is apart form spiritual salv. this part is on your soul which the new test doesnt realy make a distinction between the two
    1st Cor 3/13-15 is a good example
    spirit salv. free by grace
    soul salv. is rewards according to works or punishment if none with this in mind read through and watch scripture jump out and make huge sense yes thay are different no the modern translations dont realy make distinctions between them

  • Anonymous of the spirit salvation vs. soul salvation,

    Salvation is definitely grace-based, but walking after salvation is also grace-based. We like to stroke our egos by thinking that although God saves us, we have to do "our part" and live the life. WRONG! Our part AFTER salvation is the same as it was at salvation, and that is to exercise faith.

    Consider, if you will, Col. 2:6: "Therefore as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him."

    Tell me, how did you receive Christ? Was it by trying and straining and working? No way. You received Christ by faith and faith alone. So according to this verse, you "walk" in the same way you received salvation–by faith alone.

    Also, consider Gal 3:2,3: "This only would I learn of you, Received ye the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? Are ye so foolish? having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?"

    No, we are saved by grace and we walk by grace. We fall into an age-old trap when we think we must DO something to add to our salvation OR to walk the walk.

    But sorry, God has already done it all, and it comes from trusting Him and the Christ-life in us that enables us to walk in the light as He is in the light (that is to say, "to walk in victory"). After all, this is the only recipe that allows for God getting all the glory! Think about it!


  • Laura,
    May I please quote you on a few of those statements on another website that I blog on? The site is It is an arms website, but the forums there cover a wide range of subjects, like pets, gardening, politics, activisim, religion and many, many more. I mostly hang out in the religion forum. We Christians, seem to be the few, among lots of LDS, Catholic, non-believing Jews. Even atheists, looking for boats to rock, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, I like the way that you put your last post. I would like to use it there, if you don't mind.

    And, could always use the help over there if you're interested. I think it is a good place to witness.


  • Oh, and the debates do get heated sometimes, but there are moderators that take their job seriously. 🙂

  • Amen, Laura.

    It's gnostisism that teaches that Messiah's suffering and resurrection isn't enough. It's a "Jesus and…" attitude.

    Most people find it incomprehensible that everything that can be done has been done by God for us. The cross is a stumbling-block for the Jew as they can't comprehend Messiah dying, and is foolishness to the Greek as they can't understand someone dying for people they have never met (although I believe that Jesus knew each and every one of us even then). Some might die for a good person, but to die for bad people?

    But we want to do something. We feel like we have to help. Remember Abraham and Hagar?

  • Junbuggg,

    By all means, please do quote me. If anything I said (or say in the future) is worth quoting, you can use it. And we'll both give thanks to the Lord for speaking any truth through it, yes?

    I'll consider that forum as you suggest.


  • Thanks Laura,
    And, membership is free on that site, however, they do have a paid membership as well, that allows you to post an avatar, and some other stuff. I'm a "freeby", don't need all the fancy stuff to post with my comments. Hope to see you there sometime, you can find me posted there, same as here, Junbuggg.

    And Thunder, haven't seen you on there lately. Where ya been??

    Met a Jew there who is trying to get me to see the "light" that "Jesus was not the Messiah".
    My heart breaks for him. 🙁


  • I guess you cant realy honestly read the new test, as it does talk about reward and punishment they are according to what you do or allow if that is not so many many scriptures are null and void and make no sense also it would make Christ a respecter of persons choosing who gets what reward how much and the same for the punishment so you are taking spirit salv. and applying it to soul salv. which is directly against the harmaony of scripture and the doctrines of the apostels
    do any of them warn to do,grow seek, overcome and [if] you do such an such is a reward and if you dont, then what, Christ punishes such a one because Christ didnt do His part in that person?
    of course not ,either you are in scriptural harmony or your not
    does the scriptures show , by means of two diff. kinds by how you come about getting them and if you can lose them in different
    ways or how you cant lose the first one [spirit] salv. but can on the 2nd one soul salv. which God can destroy the soul that sins it shall die..
    you absolutly cannot prove by scripture what you say but absolutly can , even just an honest reading through the new test with the two in mind and seeing the way each is talked about proves it if you take the view that your taking the bible makes no sense of itself and is totally contradictory but by reading it through you see scripture come alive as to the meaning of what judgment its talking about for and indepth study of proof see also
    for honest prayerfull study it realy is provable it either says it or it doesnt it will make you say [I refuse to believe that]
    but that is what you are forced to say with a honest carefull study

  • I'm sorry, Anonymous of the soul salvation, but your posts are so very confusing to me that I can't really understand what you are saying.

    It seems to me, though, that you're saying that although it is God's work to save us ("spirit salvation"), it is our job to get our souls in order ("soul salvation"). Hey, if you believe you can change yourself by adhering to the Law/laws/commandments, then, please, go right ahead and try it. Wear yourself out. Just remember, though, that if you fail in one area by not keeping the Law, you are guilty of breaking the whole law (James 2:10).

    Also, consider Rom. 3:20a, which says" Because by the works of the Law no flesh will be justified in His sight;"
    Gal. 3:11-12a says "Now that no one is justified by the Law before God is evident; for "The righteous man shall live by faith. However the Law is NOT of faith."
    And finally Rom. 14:23b "whatever is not from faith is SIN."

    When you finally exhaust yourself from trying to clean your soul up–and failing miserably, perhaps then God can teach you this truth: Only God's works will last through eternity. All of our righteousness (even "soul righteousness") is like filthy rags (think, used toilet paper) in God's sight. Why? Because it is man trying to be "God." Think about it: If you could "clean up your act–even with God's help," you would eventually need God less and less. But, thank God, that's not how it works. We are helpless when it comes to saving ourselves from hell and likewise, we are helpless when it comes to cleaning up our souls. It is God who not only saves us from hell but who also sanctifies our souls, and He gets all the glory!

    Because salvation is all His work, it will not be burned up in the fire. The times that we trust Christ to "will and to act [in and through us] according to [God's] good purpose" will not be burned up in the fire either.

    It's pretty simple–if it's of God it's gold, silver, and precious stones. If it's of man, it's wood, hay, and stubble.


  • Rightly said, Laura! (BTW, instead of posting Anonymous, use the Name/Url selection so we can reference your posts faster – thanks!).

    Other Anonymous, I think you're getting salvation and sanctification mixed up. Salvation justifies us before God once and forever, while sanctification is a life-long process of becoming more like Christ, finding ultimate fulfilment when we cast off the fallen body and receive the resurrection body.

  • Thanks Laura, and Nathan,

    Those two posts were great! Picture me sitting here with a huge smile on my face. :-)))


  • I could go on but it wouldnt help if you dont read through and look at the links for detailed help, I wont post any more for a while there is enough here to get started .
    what you seem to be doing is mixing up the diff. forms of salv. God has ment and when you take verses for one and mix with the other not only breaks harmony of scripture but puts the way God has or will dael with either in a blender and mixes it all up when He ment them and talks about them seperatly , deals with them if diff. times and ways as such
    the law thing also must be delt with biblicaly correct. should we sin that grace may abound no we what establish the law so can we now kill ,steal have sexual flings break the sabbath no we esstablish them in our hearts they are even harder now as even if you dont physically do them your guilty of them being done in your mind .
    also you dont get saved by keeping the law thats one Paul had to deal with all the time , nor does doing rituals that the preists added to it make anyone holy,another big issue Paul had to deal with [oral] law impossed onto Gods commands which Christ was always corrcting the preists for doing so two diff. kinds of salv. delt with two diff. ways by God and two kinds of law talked about one holy just and good [which cannot earn you salv. spirit ] and one made by men which does no good to anyone even done after salv.

    yes its hard as Peter said but you can get through it and it is very explainable
    first you must keep things said in proper context and not mix and match them that will totally mess you up second you must recognize they are diff. and talked about differently and you will start to see and be able to tell them apart alittle more making scripture clearer

    lets me give a type or profile as God did in Hebrews about Israel to us for our example

    they were taken out of Egypt by Gods grace they did nothing to merrit this [yes they agreed ] at passover by the blood but God was aready going to do things for them and already was
    next after they passed through the red sea[baptism] all this is likened to spirit birth a one time thing ,they are now Gods, and have specail connection to Him
    now after Pentecost [H.s. laying on hands type ] they are to follow God with rewards and punishmnts for what they do along their trip to the promissed land [soul salv.]
    God delt with them good or bad depending on what they did [yes with His help always]
    and the end of the road was in the promessed land just as our end of the road is in the heavenly kingdom. uor rewards will be given out or punishment according to what we have done here and now in our walk to the heavenly kingdom this part is our soul salv. we were still Gods kids all the way weather good or bad and God delt with us along the way but the final judgment comes at the [Bema judgment seat of Christ] at his return in the day of Christ. He will hand out reward or punshment authority and rulership in the Mill according to our works which God made for us to do or to egnore and not do . thats upon us
    now does what I said show itself in scripture up to now does it not all you have to do is look it up with honest evaluation its not a jeddi mind trick this is how I came to see it

    God the Father = spirit
    H.S. = soul or mind
    Christ = body and so are you these diff. things made in His image and delt with each with its own type of salv.

  • look through 2 Pet and 2 John and Heb. and James this is the more easy part to start to see it the stuff of Paul and the law can fully be explained but you must understand the basics and then the diff laws being talked about can be cleared up and what context Paul and to whom he is talking can be more easily understood you cannt mix and match scrpitures together that dont belong together if it breaks harmony of bible leave it [theory] on the shelf and only take back what scripture can prove ] this way your not taking back bad theory
    Paul stated in 1 cor 9/24 + 11/14 a prize or crown to be gained or lost in his race toward the goal its for reward and not lose in the mill kingdom ,status and rulership for that time
    afterward the tears and none status punishment is to be wiped away 2tim 2/12 2 tim 4/7-8
    Rev 22/18-19 during the mill reign. 12-17 also mill reign , heavenly city rulership authority outside the christians who were like that , book of life is to the mill reign status of rewards according to works [only]
    conversly Rev 21 /1-8 is for after the mill reign , no more suffering ,only a final putting away of the wicked [unconverted] people :8 with :6 of 20 chap and 5 of 20.
    1Cor 6/5-11 even they that were saved they still walked in the flesh [not dealing with old flesh nature ] unrighteous christians shall not inherit or possess in the kingdom, they will lose out . He [Paul] is saying that such a lifestyle should be over for them but was not yet and thier share in the mill kingdom will be in jepardy if they dont turn it around.
    Gal 5/ 13-21 Eph 5/ 1-8 are parallel to this 2 Tim 2/11-13 [if ] we endure we [shall] reign
    He cannot deny Himself [spirit part in you that does not sin] but He will deny the soul part in you that denied Him while you were in this life [race]

    2 Pet 1/9 and jn 1/9 a continuing forgivness of sin is a ongoing thing [if] the person forgives and confesses apart from the act of being born again a one event type thing in time
    does a person again now stand seperate from God from that full cleasinf of sin then he would need another sacrifice agian every time he sinned so this is a soul thing not a spirit thing

    Heb 1/14-2/5 salvation in greek a deliverance from a negative situation to a pos. one
    the salvation here is a future one to come in the mill from the bema judgment seat not the after the mill final putting away of wicked unregerated people who lived [not] till the mill age was over
    Eph 1/7 is a release of [enternal death] forgiveness which is diff. from forgiveness by confessing and forgiving one is works relaited one is not one is a permanent thing one might not be sure but is according to works
    Heb 3/1- 4/11 a works relaited thing
    Heb 5/12-6/12 the renewing here is a renewing of your mind and a soul thing if you after having gotten to a certain point and then turn away the H.S. will not renew or cannot renw your soul It will not or cant move you to fight against your own self nature ..there is another possibility to this section which is after the jewish christians have come to repentence and they turn again back to the old jewish things of the law to for thier salvation how can other sacrifices do that after they already had the ultamit one ,how can temple ones do anything for them ,there is no other one left Heb 10/18-31 thay are leaving the assembling to go back to temple worship and sacrifice which will do no good after Christs .
    if they turn an sin or abandon Christ to go after sacrifice :26 there is no more except a faerfull expectation of judgment but remain unto the saving of your soul Heb. 10/35-39

    word perdition is apoleia it depends on the context a ruin of the soul as oppposed to saving of it as diff from spirit of man 1 Thess 5/23 Heb 4/12 – Rom 5/18 8/10 first our spirit is made alive unto God then the saving of soul in the end if…starts by subjection of your old former self soul to the spirit in you

  • if salvation is based on a continuing work or obiedience by the beleiver then it is no longer a matter of grace but leaglism [eternal salvation] spirit .vs. soul salvation as a matter of works Matt 16/24-28 [life ] soul psuche 5590 strongs or himself luke 9/25 himself and life are this word can refer to soul or life [himself] deny himself if you put [spirit] in it will not make any sence
    that should be enough to digest for awhile happy scripturing
    little side note Im program im comfortable with using spell check doesnt work sorry


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