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Americas Christian Heritage: Obamas Viewpoint

America's Christian Heritage


President Barack Obama has repeatedly asserted that the United States is “no longer a Christian nation,” but he has never defined what he means by this statement. What about it? Are we still a Christian nation, or have we abandoned the faith our nation was based upon?33

There is certainly a sense in which the President is correct. Although the vast majority (85%) of Americans identify themselves as Christians, only about 9% at most would claim to be born-again, Evangelical Christians. This means that most Americans are simply professing Christians, or cultural Christians.

But this sad fact does not negate the historical evidence that our Founding Fathers established this nation on Christian principles and that those principles still serve as the basis of our constitutional structure and our laws.

The problem, of course, is that those with Obama’s viewpoint are determined to cut America loose from its Judeo-Christian foundation. They have a classic European-style Humanist worldview that despises Christianity and Capitalism, and the result is that freedom is endangered.

We are speeding toward a secular, pagan society devoid of values that contribute to virtue and civility. If this transition continues unabated, our system of government will not be able to survive, for it is based upon the assumption of a citizenry that is endowed with biblical truths.

We need to pray for our nation as never before. We need to pray that the schemes of the secularists will be frustrated, confused, and defeated. And we need to pray for a national spiritual revival.

“Remember therefore from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at first…” (Revelation 2:5)

America's Christian Heritage
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33) For an outstanding article about Obama’s denial that America is still a Christian nation, see David Barton’s article, “Is President Obama Correct: Is America No Longer a Christian Nation?”

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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • I think it was James Monroe (I could be wrong) that said our system of government will only work for a religious (Christian) society and it is unfit for any other.

  • I find it interesting that obama told NASA that their main goal now is to work with Muslim nations in making them scientifically significant.

    In effect, obama wants NASA to give missile technology to the Muslims so they can hit us with nukes.


  • Billy,
    I think we should "share" and send them our missile technology, straight up, and straight down with a fat warhead on it.
    And we should strap the Obumr dude to the 1st one, give him a cowboy hat to wave on the way down, a la the Peter Sellers movie "Dr.Strangelove"…

  • Son of Thunder

    Glad you are back 🙂

    The U.K. is way ahead of you, and has already gone down this road. I have a feeling that when we lose HM Queen Elizabeth, the fragments remaining of Christianity that are held together in her caring hands, will wither away. God bless her!


  • E.I.,

    There will still be religion in the UK…but it looks like it's a gay is going to be in control of it from a news report I recently read.

  • Nathan,

    Is it okay to download the magazine and attach it to an e-mail to share with frieds?


  • Billy

    You are right about Religion in the U.K., its brimmed full of it, especially the CofE that HM is the head of. She is the remains of the little that was good in it.

    'They' bow to a degree, but she knows better than any of us about the dark powers operating within her realm. She is like a restrainer to all that.

    'They' are cautious of the many subjects who still love and respect the young woman who dedicated her life, all her life, before God at her Coronation for her nation under God.

    Yet even she cannot do as she would like; as restricted as she is, she always manages to speak about the God of the Bible. It will be like a dam bursting after her reign is over and every little bit of dirt will creep out from under the carpet.


  • dr nofog, I AM SHOCKED AT YOUR STATEMENT:) Question for anyone who cares to answer: how can a person be a christian and vote democrat? it`s beyond me. that party stands in opposition to everything Godly.

  • Billy, please feel free to forward the magazine to as many of your french fried friends as you wish.

    EI, interesting about Queen Elizabeth. I always thought Defender of the Faith was a ceremonial title. I'm glad to hear she takes it seriously. Billy, who's the gay who will take her place?

  • Nathan,

    Here's the story from FOX with an update:


    The Church of England may be on the verge of promoting a gay priest to bishop, a step that would widen the split over sexuality in the global Anglican Communion.

    If that happens, it would appear to be a significant turnaround for Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, spiritual leader of the Church of England and the world's Anglicans, who recently imposed sanctions on the U.S. Episcopal Church for electing a lesbian bishop.

    According to newspaper reports, Williams is prepared to back the elevation of the Very Rev. Jeffrey John, who withdrew seven years ago from an appointment as a suffragan (assistant) bishop in the face of a heated controversy about his homosexuality. Williams' office will not comment.


    LONDON (AP) — A Church of England committee has decided against nominating a gay priest to become a bishop, British news reports said Thursday.

    Church officials would not comment, but Jonathan Wynne-Jones reported in Thursday's Daily Telegraph that the Very Rev. Jeffrey John was rejected as a potential nominee to become bishop of Southwark in south London. Other newspapers had similar reports.

    Looks like it isn't going to happen now.

  • Dawg,

    I think your question should be clarified to how can anyone vote for a leftist. There are good conservative Democrats.


    I'm starting over because as I was typing this I realized you were right actually. While there is a minority of good conservative Democrats as I said, the Democratic PARTY, which you were talking about, IS controlled by a lefist agenda contrary to (almost) everything Godly.

    It looks like the conservatives are gaining control of the Republican party again so I will be able to vote FOR the Republicans in November and not just against the Dems. For a while it looked like the Republicans were becoming Democrat-Lites.

  • billy, i dont know what it`s like in your state but up here alot of republicans are STILL leaning leftward. E.I. i didnt know there were still people of faith in your part of the world. i always thought they were long gone.

  • Archbishop Rowan Williams (Welsh) is a pagan – literally! As a Druid he wears a long, white, hooded robe at the Eisteddfod which is the Welsh festival of music and poetry. With other Druids he parades about looking like a right nelly! I feel SO embarrassed just watching them. He merely dribbles christianity all down the front of his long frock! He is a bushy browed, big twit, hand picked for the position by – – – Tony Blair! No, not by the Queen! She gets what she is given, and has to put up with it.

    It has only been a matter of time before Jeffrey John got to be a 'bishop'. Imo It was too soon for the public before. So J J withdrew. (I think they appointed a homosexual Bishop in Canada around the same time?)

    Interestingly it is the African Bishops that have made the biggest noises against the ordination of women and ‘gays’ stressing it is unbiblical. Since then the viewing public have been drip fed with popular 'soaps', each portraying its own homosexual characters in just about every scenario you can imagine. Sex change, illicit 'marriage' now being formalised, camp, butch, sperm donor ad nauseum. The characters have become very popular. Oh yes and comedians, lots and lots of really nice, happy chappy, poofs that really seem to appeal to the old ladies. Well they are ‘nice’, as peeps go many are very kind and caring. Then after the nine o’clock ‘water shed’ what comes out of their mouths – indeed everybody’s mouths – is fit only for an incinerator. They make my toes curl!

    Nathan, when – if – Prince Charles becomes king, he has said he wants to be called ‘Defender of the Faith’S.

    Hartdawg there are some who have not yet ‘bowed the knee to Baal’ but we are pretty thin on the ground I’m afraid. I have prayed for a ‘Calvary Chapel’ to come to Glos, but no go so far. 🙁

  • EI,
    We have heard, on our new crime-cameras, your disgruntled rantings against the State, State officials 'Tony da Blare', State Priests of the Dru…CofE…, and against our US ally, OBaalma, to which you have not made proper obama-eisance to!

    We have 'volunteered' you for an 'extended vacation' at a local re-education 'resort', for your convenience…

    Look who's listening in on public conversations
    Cameras snoop on citizens, predict violence before it ever happens

  • Billy, you're not the only conservative in Californication. Hal Lindsey lives out there, as well, I believe.

    I know we have our "displaced persons" camps here in the US, set up by FEMA, EI. What about GB? Any camps springing up?

  • Billy, it figgers you young-uns would decipher the Brit lingo…

    And not to worry, I have 3 conservative sons there who have not yet bowed the knee to the two OBaalma parties!

    Thunder, the analysts have finally figgered out why Obumer only shaves with cold water…
    The hot water steams up the mirror right when he is trying to admire himself!

  • I’m already on an ‘extended vacation’. The rate at which me memory keep vacating is extending.

    Our ‘convenience’ does get a lot of wear, especially in the night, so it may appreciate being vacated for a while as me, hubby and mum take short on a holiday at a conserved beach near Billy. Surf up Billy?

    Just like Purpose Driven, the powers are encouraging the oldies to die off so they have free range with the young. So it’s up to us vacant oldies to be un-p.c. and mock the loony left!

    Ooo and the Queen is an ‘honorary man’ she wears her corsage to the left!

    😀 o/ rofl.

  • Son of Thunder said What about GB? Any camps springing up?

    As per my previous post, camps are springing up at a phenomenal rate.

    Other than that, to the best of my knowledge, the WW2 camps STILL exist, empty but maintained. No new ones as far as I know, but if you count holiday camps for possible requisitioning which are like mini towns, they could be fenced off lickity spit, and Bob’s yer uncle —!

    In my Fathers house are many rooms, He will put me up!

  • I suddenly thought, you may not have the same etiquette as us? At functions e.g. a wedding where flowers are worn; a man wears his 'buttonhole' heads up in the buttonhole on the left lapel of his jacket while a lady wears her corsage heads down on the right near her shoulder except HM who wears hers on the same side as a man. 🙂

    Funny old life init!

  • Son of Thunder
    I seem to remember the French have built camps to house the illegal immigrants trying to get into the U.K. through the channel tunnel (I knew that would cause us trouble, God made us an island for good reason. Camps up and running for another purpose – easy!

    By the way, I sound like a Royalist by my above posts. While I do have respect for our present HM, if I had been born at the time of our civil war, I would have been a 'Roundhead', a follower of Cromwell who rid us of a sly 'back door' takeover by Rome via the R.C. wife of King Charles I . I 'spect Olli is spinning in his grave over our present 'front door' eccumenical stance.

    "Praise The Lord, pass the ammunition and keep yer powder dry"

  • Hmmm. Makes me wonder how many camps there are and where. Are they all over the Western world? I would expect places like China to use their wonderful prison system to house their Tribulation saint population.


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