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Quick Q&A: Is a Massive Invasion of Israel Coming?


Q) Is a massive invasion of Israel coming?

To answer this tough Bible question, Dr. David Reagan and I on a Christ in Prophecy television episode interviewed Dr. Ron Rhodes. Dr. Rhodes is the founder and director of Reasoning From the Scriptures Ministries. With nearly 50 books penned and decades of public teaching, he is an expert on the Bible. As a former “Bible Answer Man,” he specializes in easy to understand answers to the really tough questions about the Bible and the defense of the Scriptures.

Dr. Ron Rhodes

If you look off into the distance and you see a bunch of dark clouds coming on the scene, and you see some lightening and the winds are blowing toward you, then you can kind of know when the rains will be coming down. By being an accurate observer of the times, you can tell that a storm’s coming at you. Well, according to the Scripture, there is a northern storm emerging on the scene. Jesus told us to be accurate observers of the times, so look off towards what’s happening in Russia and Iran and Turkey and the Sudan and all of those nations over there.

The Bible says that there’s going to be a massive invasion of Israel. We don’t like to talk about those kinds of things. I mean, we’re sick of war. But, the Bible is very clear that there’s going to be a massive invasion of Israel.

There’s going to be a coalition of nations involved coming from north of Israel. One of the nations involved Ezekiel calls Rosh, and that lies to the uttermost north of Israel. If you were to take a ruler and draw a line straight north from Jerusalem, you’re going to reach Russia. Joining Russia will be a variety of Islamic nations including Iran and the Sudan and Libya and Turkey and others.

When Ezekiel wrote back in the 6th Century BC, Islam did not exist. He probably had no idea what would make all these nations unify together. In fact, for many years there have been some more liberal-type Christians who have said these nations are not contiguous or next to each other, therefore it doesn’t make sense to say that they are going to join together in a battle. But see, recent history reveals Islam is what joins those nations together. Islam came into being in the 6th and 7th century and that’s what unifies them, with the exception of Russia.

Did you know, though, that Russia is 20% Islamic and they’ve got thousands of Muslim temples over there? Russia also has a long history of aggression against Israel. We saw that in 1967, 1973 and 1982. In each case American Presidents have stared down the Russian bear. When you look at some of the alliances that Putin’s building, for example with Iran, how could anyone deny it? He signed not only an agreement in which Iran is provided nuclear weaponry, but he has also signed a 25-year agreement in which Iran gives 500 million dollars a year to Russia in order to build up Iran’s military.

Iran while under President Ahmadinejad has said that he would like to see Israel wiped off the map. He has said we’re going to see very soon what it’s like to live in a US-free and Israel-free world.

I think that the stage is being set. I’m not one of those people who likes to set dates. That’s not a healthy thing. In fact, Christ told us not to, so I don’t want to imply any date or anything like that. But, I will tell you that Jesus told us to be accurate observers of the times. As I observe what’s taking place with Russia and Iran and Turkey and the Sudan and Libya, not only are these nations aligning with each other, but every one of them has a motive to hate Israel. These nations stand against Israel. They believe that Israel belongs to them. They believe that Allah promised that Holy Land to them and that in our Bible the Old Testament has been changed by Jews and Christians, but originally they say the land was promised to the Muslims. They accuse Israel of basically stealing something that wasn’t theirs back in 1948 when they became a nation.

Now, of course, there’s been recent overtures in trying to build the Palestinian state and divide Jerusalem. The Muslims don’t want a part of Jerusalem — they want all of it! They’re going to go to war one day over it. I see what is taking place right now is setting the stage for this eventual storm that will just come in like gangbusters.

Despite the ominous storm, God is going to stand for Israel. He who stands for Israel does not sleep or slumber, as Psalm 121 tells us.

You know what’s interesting, though? Israel is going to be so overwhelmed when this invasion takes place that there’s not going to be a chance of Israel’s survival. When God actually turns back the invading force, it’s like everybody’s going to recognize God’s hand. I want you to notice that when God speaks, He says that they may know that “I am the Lord thy God.” Now, this is the same language we see in the Exodus account when God delivered Israel from the Egyptians, “That they may know that I am the Lord thy God.” In fact, Ezekiel says point blank it’ll be done in such a way that even the Jews will realize it came from God, so I think there’s going to be massive conversions as a result of this.

I’ve heard some people say that when this coalition army gets destroyed that the Antichrist might stand up and try to take credit for it. I suppose that’s possible. I’ve heard some people like Dr. Dwight Pentecost say that. But, the text indicates that God is going to get the glory for this. God says that “they may know that I am the Lord thy God.” A lot of people are going to become acquainted with Yahweh for the first time.

The 144,000 Jews that become witnesses during the Tribulation might convert because of God’s victory in the Ezekiel 38-39 Gog-Magog Battle. I think those 144,000 witnesses will be kind of like 144,000 Jewish Billy Grahams going all over the world witnessing. I also think there’s going to be conversions based upon the two witnesses of Revelation 11.

I also think that when Christians vanish off the planet, all our books are going to be left behind. I think that many people are going to turn to the Lord as the result of that. That was really my goal in writing my book titled Northern Storm Rising. I believe that one of the ministries God has called me to is to communicate effectively with people. The truth is that the Bible is one of the most exciting books in existence and if I can help communicate that excitement in what I write then I’ve succeeded. If people get anything from this book, it’s that God is in control of human history and that the Bible can be absolutely trusted in its prophecies.

If I didn’t believe in a sovereign God today, I’d have a lot to worry about. Our world seems to be spinning out of control in so many different ways. But, God is directing human history toward its culmination, and one day when you and I have been with Christ for billions of years we’re going to look back on all of this and just marvel at the way that God directed the circumstances on earth towards its end.

Nathan’s IMHO

With Russia supplying nuclear know-how and materials to Iran to build their nuclear power plant and nuclear weapons, to Iran’s boisterous threats to destroy Israel and the United States with their growing weapons stockpile, to Turkey doing a 180 in leaving behind diplomatic relations with Israel and allying itself with Iran, to the unification of Middle Eastern countries under the Koran, to the economic and political alliances made between all the players of the Gog-Magog Coalition that exist this very day — everything seems to be in place for the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s prophecy in chapters 38-39. And yet, there is one piece still missing.

The nations comprising the Gog-Magog Coalition are missing the nations that immediately border the nation of Israel — Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Gaza and Egypt. These nations are either openly hostile or in a tenuous peace accord with Israel. Those who say they have peace practice war games and invasion scenarios that strategize the destruction of Israel, so the peace is only superficial at best. These nations would never sit out an all-out Islamic invasion of Israel, and have to fit into the prophetic picture somehow.

The missing piece and most likely next step in prophetic events is most likely found in Psalm 83. Psalm 83 is read as an imprecatory prayer, in that it calls down judgment and justice upon an enemy. In Psalm 83, all the nations it lists have modern equivalents as the nations that surround Israel. Israel has never fully subjugated those lands since becoming a nation again in 1948, and so Psalm 83 has never been totally fulfilled. If a Psalm 83 conquest were to happen, it would answer the question as to why the Ezekiel 38-39 Gog-Magog countries do not include the nations bordering Israel, but instead only comprise of an outer ring of Islamic nations.

Psalm 83 is only a prophetic theory, but a logical one that fills in a gap long questioned. It also provides a required peaceful precondition to the Gog-Magog Battle because the outer ring of Muslim nations would fear Israel’s greater expanse of power in the region and control of more resources. The resources Israel would acquire on top of their newly found gas wealth would drive the leader of the invading coalition designated Gog to desire to plunder Israel, the impetus behind the Gog-Magog Invasion.

For more on the timing of the Gog-Magog Battle, check out the articles Timing Magog and The Wars of the End Times. For a “Christ in Prophecy” television interview with Bill Salus, author of the Psalm 83-themed book Isralestine, visit his website Prophecy Depot or Lamb & Lion Ministries’ Programs page.

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • A Psalm 83 scenario would not bring security and would only increase terrorism against the Jewish State. In addition the IDF would be required to occupy vast amounts of Arab land, which would in turn bring an international call for Israel to return the land to the Arabs. This theory would make the current mess with the Palestinians look like a cake walk, every nation of the supposed inner ring would claim refugee status. Good thing it is just a theory, what is required however, is the direct intervention of the Lord God against the enemies of Israel as found in Ezekiel 38-39. Without this Israel stands on the verge of annihilation.

  • I have always been intrigued by the psalm 83, and the fact that Iran and other arab nations are speaking those very words of desire I don't believe is just because. Lebanon has been puffing up their chests this year to Israel for the Gas Israel has found, and say its belongs not to Israel but to Lebanon. Again not a just because. and the Global outcry against israel that would come about Israel is exactly what the word says happens anyways!!! So just as we can see this anti Israel spirit is already becoming deeper inbedded. I do support the psalm 83 as a extremely stong possiblitly. And God will still be the one in charge.


  • Why do so many not understand what I am revealing? Israel is weak and appears as prey among their enemies, they do no longer have the upperhand strategically or militarily in the region. The enemies of Israel have effectively boxed them in. The Hezbollah conflict revealed the limits of IDF capability, yet these limits have increased more, leaving the Jewish State in extreme jeopardy.

    Militarily Israel would not be capable to launch a combined assault on their Arab neighbors, they can not even contain the threat of rockets and missiles on one front, let alone four. That is why in my analysis the modern application of a Psalm 83 conflict providing Israel with a great victory, staggering prosperity, and expanded borders, is nothing short of fiction or fairytale status. The weakness of Israel to address the looming nuclear threat from Iran increases the strength and will of their many enemies.

  • Wake up my friends, let us stop following the fictional direction of so called hidden prophecies that we all are expected to believe we were ignorant of. The only answer to the crisis now viewed in Israel is the direct and divine intervention of the Lord God concerning the enemies of Israel as foretold by the Prophet Ezekiel known as the Battle of Gog/Magog.

  • but it is always God taking care of business on the apple of his eye. I think it's foolish to think that these surrounding nation have more of a military than Isarel, that sound fictional to me. and the fact there are prophsies not yet revealed until the time. As we draw closer the greater our understanding becomes. It would be fairytalish to say Israel being surrounded by its enamies and out gunned, and out manned 40 to one in a arab coalition to wipe them off the earth in a day and Israel not ready to truly defend it self, yet surrives, and captures more land in the process would be a fairytale. But this isn't no fairytale for this is what happened in 1948!!! I wont say its not going to happen, it has before, I will say it's possible psalm 83 will happen in a full scale, they did it before, they'll do it again.


  • I also want to say they did this in a miraculas fastion, they began to proper greatly, and again, during this war, they did expand their boarders, part of the reason Lebanon says the oil and gas is theirs. and they all want the land back. I think its not correct to compair hezbolla to the army of israel. Israel is very limited on their willingness to just fire off into crowds unlike the terroists of hezy boys have, do now, and will do in future. I believe israel take great care to avoid civilian deaths as much as possible. thats their limitations, where the others don't care, and encourage it, as does their religion of hate.

  • The Hezbollah conflict also revealed one other item, the military success of Israel was heavily dependent on the intervention of the Lord God on their behalf. This was evidenced by Israeli commanders and even commanders of their enemies in witness statements to bands of angels being present on the battlefield in the past. The Hezbollah conflict revealed that without the intervention of the Lord God, Israel is vulnerable.

    It seems however that the Lord God has limited his presence at this time to compell Israel to seek his face and go before them in battle as in the past. Once Israel realizes that it was not their capability that won the day, then will the Lord God answer them. As long as Israel relies on themselves they will suffer great losses and destruction. The Lord God is calling to his people, the question remains, will they hear and reply?

  • The problem with Nathan & company is that they have a serious case of "Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is already made up." They quote themselves and use circular reasoning to prop up their ideas. It does not matter that Richardson, Silva, Shoebat and others have ripped their fables to shreds, all that matters that they remain to be right in their own eyes. It all boils down to pride and a refusal to admit they might be wrong.

  • Oh Richardson, the same person that states Magog is Turkey… That Richardson? Even though, all evidence points to Russia? Just travel to Moscow, and look in their national museum to see all the Scythian artifacts encased in glass. You know why he states Turkey is Magog, it is simply because if he is wrong, which he is, it destroys his whole paradigm.

  • I understand your position, Rodney, having heard you state it before, but there's a supernatural factor you're missing here.

    When I visited the Temple Institute in Jerusalem, our guide told me that in the Gaza Conflict the fatality ratio was 32:1. It wasn't that the IDF was better (they were on enemy territory), but it was clear to them all that God was with them. That's how a few kibbutzim with old single bullet rifles took on 4 national armies and won in '48.

    Rodney, I think you dismiss a Psalm 83 scenario because you're logic is missing the supernatural addition of God's protection, and you're kind of applying the news today to determine the probability.

    Er, ah, Dust Bunny, Richardson's refuting a lot of his own stuff as of late. So shreds, no.

  • Nathan, I do not dismiss the supernatural intervention of God on behalf of Israel, the fact is, Israel would have been long gone without it. My conclusion is based on Bible Prophecy first, media and intelligence reports second.

    Israel at this time remains their own worst enemy by not only seeking to negotiate peace with enemies that seek their destruction but also spitting in the face of the Lord God by seeking to divide the Land.

    Do you really believe the Lord God will continue to come to their aid under those circumstance? Or is it possible that the Lord God will allow Israel to face certain destruction before being compelled to for the sake of His Holy Name.

    And in that day it shall come to pass, that the glory of Jacob shall be made thin, and the fatness of his flesh shall wax lean-Isaiah 17:4. This does not sound like a Greater Israel with vast accumulated wealth, nor does it appear as an exceedingly great army either. Israel will experience great suffering.

  • The false prophets were counted as wise counsel among many of the vain and wicked Kings of Israel that led the people into captivity among their enemies. These false prophets prophesied great victory and prosperity even as the seige against them had begun.

    The Prophets of God compelled the Kings to hear the counsel of the Lord and to repent of their wickedness, turn away their ears from these false prophets, put away their detestable idols and to return again to the Lord. The counsel of these Prophets were despised and many were killed.

    Today we have many false prophecies being accepted as truth by those who are also vain and seek the glory of men, they too declare great victory for Israel and vast wealth coupled with the expansion of current borders. Yet the truth is known and their folly will be revealed.

  • I think the case is we know israel will suffer, and be driven and seek shelter during the tribulation time. but the psalm 83 is a POSSIBLE, im not saying it will, but based on history, and the word of God, and prophecy, and the way things are linning up in the middle east and Jarusalem being more and more a focal point, it is possible, and it will be GOd all the way, when they win, and when they lose. It will all be the supernatural cause of the Lord.

  • and we have the word of God to know that Yes israel will indeed come back to God, thus the primary reason for the tribulation, not just to judge a rebellious world, but it will take Israel going through the wine press of the Truibulation to get their attention, and witness him acting on their behalf, and to once again here his voice, and look upon the one whom they have peirced.

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