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According to Oprah: God


Is God the Force?

Dr. David Reagan and I recently had the pleasure of asking this question of James Walker, President of the ministry Watchman Fellowship based in Arlington, Texas. James is a former fourth generation Mormon who found the Lord Jesus Christ and since then has dedicated his life in trying to lead people out of the spiritual darkness of the cults. Experts on cults and false religions, his ministry has indexed nearly 1,200 religious organizations, cults, occultic groups, and controversial doctrinal practices to aid people in spiritual discernment.

James Walker

Oprah on God

Dr. Reagan: James, Nathan and I would like to highlight some of Oprah’s apostasy from the Christian faith and from her youth by giving you some quotes to respond to. In other words, we don’t want to just make baseless allegations here. We want to take the words right out of her mouth and give you the quotes and have you respond to them.

The first quote from Oprah to address is, “The God I believe in is a force. If you believe in rhythm of nature and believe in love, then you believe in God.”

James Walker: Yes, this is typical of her. Most Christians hear Oprah talk about how she believes in God, but then they stop right there and they conclude, “Oh, great, Oprah believes in God.” But, if you listen to what she says about God, that God is a force, well this is the heart of pantheism. This is not God as He is described according to the Scriptures. The Bible shows us that God is personal. So, the big issue is, is God going to be an impersonal force, or is God going to be a personal God that we can communicate with, have a relationship with, that we can sin against, and that we can repent towards? This certainly is not the God that Oprah currently teaches.

Her theology is the same as the Star Wars movies — “The force be with you, but beware of the dark side.” There you have Taoism which believes that the same force which can be so helpful and beneficial also has a dark side and a light side. This in Taoism is called the “yin and the yang.” This is Eastern religion being manifest using Christian sounding words like “God.”

The idea of a personal relationship with God is foreign to all other religions but Christianity.

Is Oprah a New Ager?

Nathan Jones: How about this one, “I am not New Age anything and I resent being called that. I am just trying to open a door so that people can see themselves more clearly and perhaps be the light to get them to God.” Okay, doesn’t that mean she is a New Ager? Everything there sounds New Age?

James Walker: She claims she’s not a New Ager, and I really think Oprah is not trying to be deceitful here. I don’t know her heart, but I think she probably honestly doesn’t know that she’s a New Ager. She does resent being called a New Ager, but that is typical of people involved. I hear this all the time, “I am not New Age, in fact, I don’t even know what New Age is.” Well, now wait a minute, if you don’t know what the New Age is then how do you know that you have not bought into it and that you’ve not integrated it into your doctrine and that your philosophy doesn’t have some of the basics of New Age?

Oprah is friends with, promotes, and endorses virtually any major New Age teacher from Shirley MacLaine who is the poster child for New Age from the 1980’s all the way up to Deepak Chopra to Marianne Williamson. She is promoting these New Agers and promoting their doctrines and philosophy.

I think maybe Oprah just doesn’t understand that what she is doing is so New Age, though she should since she herself has been involved in channeling. The movie The Color Purple is what she is most known for, but she later did a movie in 1998 called Beloved where she played the part of a former slave. The movie is filled with all kinds of spiritualism and the occult. Oprah claimed later on several occasions that she actually contacted her ancestors and was channeling the spirits of former slaves in order to get into the part. She wasn’t acting as much as she was allowing these spirits to come inside her and she used the word channeling. In fact, she claimed the whole cast was channeling.

From a Christian perspective, we know a dead person cannot make this kind of contact with the living through channeling. The Bible calls this necromancy, which is an attempt to communicate with the dead. From a biblical perspective, we know such an act comes from either a psychological disorder, the person is deceiving themselves, or the very real possibility is that it could be a demonic spirit pretending to be a benevolent good spirit or some kind of dead person. What this really amounts to is a form of spiritism which King Saul was condemned by God for consulting.

In the next part of this series “According to Oprah,” we’ll look at how she views the Bible.

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • Nathan, have you seen any of the recent post on some 'other' christian sites that are discussing and showing video of stars. One site shows the bull with a sun between the horns and states that is like the one the Jews made when Moses was getting the Law. Basically these sites seem to be looking at Jewish astronomy (Mazzaroth) vs the Egyptian astrology(zodiac) and saying the sky was made by God for the Jewish people to read about God's divine plan for them. Needless to say this 'freaks' me out and seem like just another 'apostasy'. Please comment for this is very concerning as this site and the videos are going out and I fear for everyone's salvation. God Bless!

  • I'd be freaked out, too, Anonymous. While it's clear that God set the stars and the signs in Heaven to point to times and events, it appears Satan and his human followers over the ages have muddied it greatly.

    All we need from God is given to us in His Word. I'd agree that going to the stars for advice is pure occultic astrology which is divination and sorcery, something the Bible clearly tells us to stay clear of (Lev. 18:9-14; 19:26-31; 1 Sam. 15:23; Jer. 10:2).


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