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Twelve Signs of the End Times: New World Order


Could the nations of the world unifying be a sign of the end times?

On Saturday, April 9, 2011, I was interviewed by host Brian Thomas of the Blessings to Israel Ministries Saturday podcast show. During the hour long interview we took a look at twelve major end times signs in an attempt to raise the awareness of people concerning the numerous things going on in the world currently, how they relate to Bible prophecy, and the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

Blessings to Israel Ministries

#7) New World Order

Brian Thomas: We’ve heard the term “New World Order” for a long time now. We hear it referred to in so many different ways: the New World Order, the One World Government, the Government Globalization, and Socialism. This coming one-world government will be the foundation of what Revelation 13 speaks of concerning a time when the Antichrist comes to absolute power. He will so control the entire world that no one will be able to buy or sell anything unless they have the Mark of the Beast symbol, which is the number representing the Antichrist’s name.

Is this whole push towards globalization of government and world control by socialism laying down the foundation for the Antichrist’s rule which will come during the Tribulation?

Nathan Jones: It definitely is. Subsequently, the Mark of the Beast is one of the Tribulation era signs that we today get most caught up in. A lot of people are out there scared about accidently taking the Mark of the Beast. I even wrote an article Stop Panicking Over the Mark of the Beast about this hysteria. People are terrified that they are going to have to take this government mandated Mark, even though the Bible makes it clear it’s a mid-Tribulation event and the Church won’t even be on earth during that time.

The Bible tells us how the one world leader called the Antichrist will unite the world, most likely very easily because after the Rapture and all the natural disasters the people will be looking for some kind of leadership to fix all of the horrific aftermath. The United Nations or whatever it morphs into will have to band the world together to try to deal with these problems.

Revelation 13:16-18 reveals that the Antichrist will not only rule the world, but so he can find out who is loyal to him goes as far as having his subjects wear his name on their forehead or right hand. It has something to do with the number 666, though we have no idea at this point exactly what it means, although lots of people have come up with some very interesting theories on what it could be. We do know it is a system that is implemented three and a half years into the Tribulation, so again to my brothers and sisters in Christ, we do not have to worry about accidently taking the Mark of the Beast and so be condemned to Hell forever. That Mark system will be set up so only people who follow the Antichrist can buy or sell. This leaves all those people who will accept Christ during the Tribulation having to find some other way to buy and sell. Because of the global financial implications to this system, we can know that the end time Beast system of the Antichrist as the Apostle John and the Prophet Daniel describe is going to be a one world government and one world order.

We can see everywhere today a huge push towards globalism. It doesn’t matter which administration you are living under, they are all pushing towards some kind of centralized world leadership, some kind of global authority. The UN is really weak right now, and so it will need to be replaced by the Antichrist system at some point which will have true global governorship and power.

The one-world government will arise founded on crisis. You can’t change a whole system of government without there being a huge crisis that the people are facing. During crisis people support radical change in hopes of finding security. The people will be terrified by the Rapture of the Church, being deluded into whatever excuse will be generally accepted as the reason or reasons behind it and fearing they may soon too just vanish. Secondly, the people left behind will be facing an economic disaster. The Third Seal Judgment concerns poverty and people starving. And then, of course, the people will be facing down all the increasing natural disasters that will be devastating the world, all of which are the judgments of God upon the earth timed for the Tribulation. All of these factors will usher in a call for a New World Order.

As awful it is to see it our country in decline as we leave our values behind and as our government looks towards leadership from a global entity rather than our own people, it’s just the beginning step for when eventually all the world’s nations will turn their leadership and authority over to a one world ruler. The transition of power will happen very rapidly to this false messiah as the world will be looking for him to rescue them from the economic and natural disasters that the 21 judgments of God that will be poured out on the world. And, the Antichrist will reign supreme, though only for a short time until Christ’s return.

The next end times sign we’ll look at is the Church’s apathy concerning Bible prophecy.

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • This is a great article. I just reached the point of clicking on the discussion of the Church's apathy concerning Bible prophecy, but there is no highlighted link. I'll check back in a couple of days, and hope to findit then.

    I pray God will continue to bless this important ministry. He has certainly blessed our household again and again through your work.

  • Geat article, im 16 and i already understand whats happening in the world, the mark of the beast is suppose to be that RDIF chips, or something ike that.


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