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Tonight Matters: The Foundation of Genesis


Why should we start with Genesis as the foundation to the Christian faith?

On Wednesday, January 25th I was interviewed by hosts Matt Buff and Jim Fletcher of the Rapture Ready Radio show, broadcast over BlogTalkRadio. During the second hour of their two hour live show we talked about the growing interest in Bible prophecy, the importance of teaching the Creation, Lamb & Lion Ministries’ new ministry initiatives in reaching people for Christ, the top five questions every Christian should know, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, and how Christians should respond to non-Christian candidates when it comes time to vote. Matt Buff also simultaneously chatted online with people listening to the show, taking questions from the audience.

Rapture Ready Radio

Back to the Basics

Matt Buff: We first want to talk first about an article you placed on the Lamb & Lion blog called God Made the Box. Tell us the premise of this article and what we can take from it.

Nathan Jones: As one of the evangelists at Lamb & Lion Ministries, my responsibilities include answering a lot of the questions that come into the ministry every day. We get quite some doozies, especially when Dr. David Reagan gets on our TV show Christ in Prophecy and tells people to as he says, “Send in the zingers.” He usually does that often, and sometimes I’m appreciative of that, and sometimes I’m not, depending on the question.

This particular article was based on the response to a gentleman from Florida who wrote in who really disagreed with us about taking a strong stance on a young Earth. We believe that if you can’t believe the first part of the Bible which is Genesis, then you’re not going to believe the last part of the Bible which is Revelation. Pretty soon after that, the whole Bible falls apart. So, we take a strong stand on the literal six days of Creation and we take a strong stand that Revelation is telling us that Jesus will return one day.

So, this gentleman didn’t agree with a guest we had on our 4-part show on Evolution which was Dr. Jobe Martin of Biblical Discipleship Ministries. He was a great guest and very full of knowledge. Dr. Martin was an evolutionist turned creationist by studying nature and looking at the complexity of creation. He was talking about a young Earth being only about 6,000 years old.

Jim Fletcher: I would like to say at the outset of this conversation that I unequivocally appreciate you taking this stance. I really do. I think this is really encouraging, especially that a prophecy ministry if I could categorize Lamb & Lion that way is taking a stance on origin issues. I think that’s really important.

Frankly, a lot of my friends in the Creationist community, which is the other side of the coin, don’t teach prophecy. I find that both camps just stay with their core message. I think that what you are doing with having Dr. Martin on is presenting a whole Bible approach and I think it’s the approach that makes the most sense, especially to young people when you can present the message to them. Wouldn’t you agree? Isn’t that what you find when you are out and about speaking?

Nathan Jones: Oh, definitely! We can teach Bible prophecy until we are blue in the face, but if people don’t believe the Bible then why would they listen to us about Bible prophecy? The latest statistics for the Millennial Generation, that’s the generation that is 18-29 years old right now, 25% of them believe in no religion whatsoever, making them the most unchurched generation in American history. For many like them, we have to go back to the basics. We have to teach them why we take the Bible seriously as God’s Word, and then build from that foundation.

Back in the day when the ministry was started in 1980 and our founder Dr. David Reagan used to preach pure Bible prophecy for many years, that’s a great thing, but as the audience got younger and younger they had less of an association and less connection with the Bible being the inerrant Word of God. So, we’ve had to kind of start from the beginning and the best place to start is Genesis 1:1, “in the beginning.”

Of course, our primary purpose remains to proclaim the soon return of Jesus Christ, but we’ve also added a strong apologetic element into it because one of the signs of the end times is an increase in apostasy. We have to set the record straight about what the Bible says about a lot of those apostasies that are being accepted by the Church today.

Matt Buff: That’s something that we do weekly on this program, and that’s why we have people on like Jackie Alnor, Jim Fletcher, Chris Quintana and the others who make sure that people realize just because you hear it doesn’t make it true.

We just talked about this in the previous segment, how people are getting together talking about reading straight from the Bible, yet accepting people with different views. How can you have a foundation like that and expect to grow in a really good, life-changing ministry?

Nathan Jones: Oh, amen! We’ve got Joel Olsteen saying that Mormonism is Christianity. And, we’ve gotten a lot of interest of course in Mormonism with Mitt Romney running for President. We had James Walker from Watchman Fellowship on our show and he was a fourth generation Mormon. He was saved once he really got into reading the Bible. He started to understand in Mormonism there are no parallels to Christianity whatsoever. They have a different Jesus, a different God and a different afterlife.

So, you’ve got to help people understand that truth isn’t whatever you want it to be. There is such a thing as real truth. If I dropped my phone on the ground, I can be 100% sure it’s going to fall to the ground because there’s the truth of gravity. And, there’s the truth of God’s Word the Bible. We have to help people discern that truth as we teach them about the glorious hope that they have in Jesus’ soon return.

In the next part of this Rapture Ready Radio interview, Matt, Jim and I will discuss the newest audience to Bible prophecy. It may surprise you.

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As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • The reason there is so much apathy among youth in seriously studying the scriptures is the lack of discipleship within the Churches. When I was a youth growing up in my local church I had many questions regarding what was taught and unfortunately many times there was no answer! The reason there was no answer is simply because the teachers were instructing based on a preset curriculum with very little personal knowledge of the scriptures themselves!

    If the leadership of the Churches do not take the Bible seriously, how then do they expect the youth to take it seriously? There is a desire among the youth yet there is very few that can provide discipleship to lead them from milk to meat! That is the tragedy in the Church today! With the absence of personal devotion in the study of the Word of God among the various clergy and those teaching, it creates an atmosphere of semantics rather than true worship!

    The Churches must allow for questions and be prepared to answer them, for if they can not provide guidance because of ignorance these young people will look elsewhere for fulfillment and for purpose unfortunately, the path they take will lead them away from the Lord!

  • Ultimately, the real issue is not one of religion but of RACE. Yes, RACE, that forbidden word. It is not the emptiness of Islam that poses a threat to White Western Civilization but the racial identity of those millions who swarm into Europe and North America. Islam as a 'faith' will fall flat on its face sooner or later, but those swarthy foreigners will remain among us. THERE is the problem. #And no one will want to face it.


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