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New Book on the Antichrist

Why my new book on the Antichrist?

For years I have taught that when studying or teaching Bible prophecy, the focus of attention should be on Jesus Christ and not on the Antichrist. Accordingly, I have produced several books that explore in detail what Bible prophecy has to say about the Messiah, and I have attempted to show how those prophecies were literally fulfilled in the life of Jesus.

I never expected to write a book about the Antichrist. But I felt compelled to do so when I began to notice a steady stream of books and articles being published about the Antichrist, most of which were very sensational in nature, and thus serving to divert attention away from Jesus Christ.

This book is an attempt to bring some balance to the subject. The Antichrist is a major topic of end time Bible prophecy, and as such, should not be ignored. But on the other hand, this nefarious character should not be an obsession. We must always keep in mind the words of Revelation 19:10 which say, “…the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

The signs of the times clearly indicate that we are on the threshold of what is going to be the most terrible time in all of human history — a time of absolutely unparalleled horror, a time called the Tribulation. During this time a monster referred to in the Scriptures as ‘the man of lawlessness” will be responsible for killing one-half of humanity during the first half of the Tribulation. And during the second half, he will murder two-thirds of the Jewish people.

But there is good news in the midst of all this carnage, for the message of the Bible is that we who are believers are going to win in the end. The Tribulation will be cut short at the end of seven years with the triumphant return of Jesus. He will destroy the Antichrist and will replace him as the ruler of this world, bringing peace, righteousness and justice.

And that’s not all the good news. The Bible teaches that believers are going to be taken out of this world before the Tribulation begins. Christians will not have to face the Antichrist and his horrors.

Questions Answered

In this book, we are going to take a look at a lot of questions that people ask about the end times:

  • Why is there going to be a Great Tribulation?
  • What are the truths and misconceptions about the Tribulation?
  • Why would a God of love allow such devastation?
  • Where will the Antichrist come from?
  • What will the Antichrist be like?
  • Will the Antichrist be a Jew?
  • Is it possible that the Antichrist could be a Muslim?
  • Where will the Antichrist establish his headquarters?
  • Will the Jews accept the Antichrist as their Messiah?
  • Will the Antichrist be killed and resurrected from the dead?
  • What will be the ultimate destiny of the Antichrist?
  • Is the Antichrist alive today, and if so, can he be identified?
  • Is the Church really promised an escape from the Great Tribulation, and if so, when?

These and many other questions will be addressed in this book. I will personally respond to each question, but one of the unique aspects of this book is that I have invited 22 Bible prophecy experts to share their opinions about several of these questions. I think you will find their responses to be fascinating and illuminating.

Preparing the Way

I am thankful to the Lord for calling me to serve Him in these end times. When speaking in public forums, I am always delighted to tell people that I am neither a Democrat or a Republican. I am, instead, a Monarchist, because I have devoted my life to doing everything I can to help prepare the way for the return of the King of kings and Lord of lords who will reign in glory and majesty from Mount Zion in Jerusalem and whose reign will bring peace, righteousness and justice to all the world.



The Man of Lawlessness: The Antichrist in the Tribulation Book

This book contains a survey of everything the Bible has to say about the Antichrist, presented in a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand style. One of its special features is a prophecy forum where the opinions of 22 Bible prophecy experts are presented concerning key questions about the Antichrist. It also features a series of in-depth essays about the Tribulation and the Antichrist.

  1. Part 1: The Antichrist in Scripture
  2. Part 2: A Prophetic Forum About the Antichrist
  3. Part 3: An In-Depth Look at Four Issues
  4. Part 4: Good News for Christians
  5. Part 5: Are You Ready?
The Man of Lawlessness
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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • From a Newsmax news story:

    "Award-winning journalist Arnaud de Borchgrave tells Newsmax that French President Nicolas Sarkozy will “squeak through” his upcoming election and remain in office, but a Sarkozy loss would lead to a decline of the European Union that could render it “irrelevant.” And he warns that the European Union will “automatically collapse” if the Euro currency doesn’t survive, yet governments will be “automatically overthrown” by the people if they go too far in reducing spending."

    If true, this demonstrates the fragile state of the EU, which I think shows that the current EU is likely not going to be what the antichrist rules over. It may be a new or modified European coalition of 10 nations or regions.

    In any case, it is another sign that the times are ripe for the beast to appear.

  • If this book is any where close to being as wonderful as "Gods plan for the ages", im sure it will be a treasure in my library 🙂 lookin forward to it! !


  • Susie,

    There only one thing better than your wonderful book "God's Plan for the Ages"…my SIGNED copy of "God's Plan for the Ages"!


  • The AntiChrist is declared to be the Prince that shall come, obviously he will hold a position of power prior to his rise as global potentate. The AntiChrist is also expected to come from the people (offspring) that destroyed the Temple and Jerusalem. Scholars believe this provides a geograpic location when clearly there is no such designation provided in this passage of scripture (Daniel 9:26). This Son of Perdition is further identified as a politician using policy as craft to destroy nations. A King of fierce countenance that worships a god of forces (munitions) or better identified as war honoring this god with the spoils of war from conquest.

    The AntiChrist will rise up in the midst of 10 regional powers encompassing the globe, building his own empire within, he will move to conquer three of these regional spheres establishing his powerbase (Babylonian kingdom). The remaining 7 regional powers will give their kingdoms into the hands of the AntiChrist who will then establish is global dominance controlling all commerce, technology, distribution networks and religious indoctrination!

    The 10 Kings will previously view the rising power of the AntiChrist as a threat and will seek to destroy his powerbase (Babylon-America), though they will succeed in this destruction, they will pay a significant price for challenging the AntiChrist as documented above. Once these 10 Kings are put in submission, the reign of terror will begin.

  • My dear friend David,

    Thank you for your great work for our Lord.

    Judaism's deepest teachings say that the first and second Temples were destroyed because the Jewish people fell from their Kabbalistic spiritual heights and that the Romans were simply puppets of the Kabbalistic spiritual realms. Knowing this, a Messianic Jewish person may conclude that the Antichrist will be from the Jewish people. A Messianic Jewish person may also understand that the Antichrist will use Kabbalah to attempt to teach the world that everyone will become God; not just the Antichrist. The Antichrist will not have to force the world to follow him. They will be tricked into following him willfully. After all, how did Satan trick Adam and Eve? Satan's tactics have not changed.

  • Nathan, I am pretty sure you realize that America is the only nation that fits the corresponding characteristics outlined in the scriptures referencing a modern Babylon! America of course was not in existence during the time of the Roman Empire, yet the offspring from this empire is surely found within its borders. This nation even went as far as adopting the symbol of imperial Rome held high by the legions as they conquered the known world in the name of its various emporers. The Eagle is visible everywhere.

    The AntiChrist will come from the people (descendants or offspring), not the geographical area, read the text plainly!

  • The AntiChrist needs a battle hardened military force to go forth conquering and to conquer, current Rome nor Iraq qualify for such an effective force. The United States of America is the only dominant military force with the capabilities to launch a multipronged war against several enemies simultaneously!

  • Rodney said "This nation even went as far as adopting the symbol of imperial Rome held high by the legions as they conquered the known world in the name of its various emporers. The Eagle is visible everywhere."

    I find the following referenced paragraphs in Dr. Reagan's article "Europe in Prophecy" (link below) infinitely more compelling than your reference above when it comes to Bible prophecy imagery.

    The paragraphs are re: imagery are "Religious Symbols of the EU", "The Madonna", "The Anthem", "The Towel of Babel" and "The Woman Riding a Beast".

  • Rodney said "The AntiChrist needs a battle hardened military force to go forth conquering and to conquer…"

    I found this from an article off the internet:

    The bow was a weapon of war and a symbol of military power in John's day. The antichrist will appear with a bow in his hand, but he will have no arrows. This is like carrying a gun without bullets. The antichrist will have weapons of war, but he will act like he is unarmed. Daniel said, "by peace shall [he] destroy many" (Daniel 8:25).

    If correct, the antichrist won't need a battle hardened military force to accomplish his plans.

  • Rodney, don't forget that the geo-political world of the Tribulation will be vastly different than it is today. There will be nations in turmoil due to the Rapture. It'll have a Middle East and Russia devastated by the Gog-Magog Battle. Some believe Israel will be a superpower. The economies of the world will have collapsed, shifting the power bases. The early wars of the Antichrist will have destroyed many nations. And, the national boundaries will be changed as the Antichrist builds his empire.

    So, what we see today geo-politically will not be the world that sees the Antichrist rise, so we can't attribute any country like the U.S. as a key Tribulation player.

  • Great points Billy! Babylon ain't America, and America ain't Babylon!!

    Here's the classic that sets the compass in the right direction:

    "The Two Babylons" By the Late Rev. Alexander Hislop – First published as a pamphlet in 1853–greatly expanded in 1858.

    For those who have not seen or heard of this before, here is a video on the connections between Islam, Catholicism, and Babylon:

    Pay attention to the Queen of Heaven and all the other shared occultic symbolisms

    At its core, it is more than just Islam and Catholicism together, it is Mystery Babylon, that ancient "mystery religion" that survived the destruction of the original city Babylon.

    It is called "Mystery" Babylon because it is a "secret" religion that hides behind the outward trappings of a "respectable" religion, a hidden knowledge of whom they really derive their power from.

    It is called "that great city" because God is clearly identifying a single CITY, that the Apostles cryptically called "Babylon", that harbors this "illuminating", Luciferian power over the kings and merchants of the world, and NOT a nation!

    Seriously Rodney, do you really, really think the blue blood kings and princes of Europa, who trace their heritage back to the faded glory of Rome, are going to move their IBC power base to impudent, rebellious, "Christian", nouveau riche America, that they have been working feverishly for generations to debase, destroy, and bring us back into subjection?!?

    America is simply a power pawn to be used and discarded in the establishment of the NWO.

  • Dr NoFog, your description of this Mystery Religion and hidden knowledge masked behind a respectable religion reminds me of the current powerful yet secret Masonic Orders centralized in the United States. While we can laugh off America being the command center of the AntiChrist let me ask you all one question, when the Gog/Magog battle occurs, just who will fill the power vacuum in Central Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East? Did I make you stop laughing yet?

  • By the way, there is no New World Order without America, Europe has no dominant military power nor do they have the resources to sustain themselves domestically! Look at the back of your dollar bill it is clear that America has a clear role in establishing the New World Order, building brick upon brick until its ultimate Luciferian destiny, where Satan is worshipped across the globe.

  • Rodney,

    Just how will the U.S. be capable of any significant world prominence after the Rapture completely decimates the functionality of the country?

    All I can see in a post Rapture U.S. is people scrambling for a loaf of bread. Survival will be the minute to minute aspirations of those left behind, not world domination.

  • Billy, in an age of growing apostasy as the spirit of AntiChrist increases it is my opinion that there will be very few living believers as participants in the Rapture! I further believe the coming global economic collapse will occur before the Rapture of the Church. Read James 5:1-12, verses 7 thru 12, commands us to be patient during this time of economic devastation!
    This is but one more reason I do not believe the Rapture as the source bringing about the global panic portrayed by so many scholars today!

  • Billy, one more thing! With every totalitarian regime, the military is always going to be fed first, they will have no lack of food! They will also be the enforcers of martial law!

  • Rodney said "…While we can laugh off America being the command center of the AntiChrist…[sic]…Did I make you stop laughing yet?…"

    Rodney, the destruction of America has never been a "laughing" matter with anyone that I know of, and I really don't understand your need to constantly mock everyone that has a differing POV on the continuing revelation details of these end time events!

    The most glaring, defining difference between the PTR Dispensational interpretation of the Word of God, and all the other false, "allegorical" POVs, has always been the "literal" interpretation of His Word, including that all "symbolisms" used therein are always defined elsewhere in His Word!

    Can you please explain how you depart from this literal method of interpretation to stretch "that great city" [mentioned exactly 6x in Rev., "6" being the number of Man] into a "nation" that is not found in the Bible?!?

  • Rodney said…

    1. "…it is my opinion that there will be very few living believers as participants in the Rapture!"

    Couldn't disagree more. ALL believers will be Raptured. Perhaps you meant there will be fewer believers by the time of the Rapture? If so, I still don't buy into that. I think, and HOPE, that the Rapture is what will leave America devistated. That being said, the economic collapse could come first, but it pales in effect to the disappearence of hundreds of millions of people.

    2. "…the military is always going to be fed first, they will have no lack of food!"

    Okay, yes, I agree. Just look at North Korea.

    Dr. NoFog said re: Rodney's "laughing matter" jab:

    "I really don't understand your need to constantly mock everyone that has a differing POV"

    I was just going to let Rodney's jab go but since you commented I add that yes, I agree with you Dr. NoFog. NO ONE is laughing about this. NO ONE!

  • Concerning the rise of a new geopolitical structure, this is how I see it. I'm not dogmatic but this scenario seems to me to best fit the prophetic pattern forming.

    The increase in natural gas wealth will propel Israel into becoming a world power, whether they get more power from Psalm 83 or not. Ezekiel 38-39 will remove Russia and the Middle Eastern countries as world players, most likely also breaking the back of Islam. So, right there, a third of the world will change almost overnight.

    That leaves the US, EU and China/Asia as world powers.

    The US due to the Rapture and inevitable economic collapse will no longer be a world power, becoming like Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union.

    China's might is tied into America's destiny, and with the loss of her major buyer and reportely already 9 months away from bankruptcy due to their aging 1-child policy will lose a lot of its burgeoning power, though along with the other Asian nations will see a resurgence at the end of the Tribulation (Rev. 16:12).

    That leaves the EU. True, it is currently very brittle. But, as the only remaining power and also suffering from their inevitable economic collapse will like pre-WW2 Nazi Germany follow a leader promising them world power again – the Antichrist. He'll make a peace covenant with the only other remaining power – Israel – then march off to war to subdue the rest of the world. By the mid-point of the Tribulation, he'll turn his attention back to Israel.

    As you can see, within just a few months if not a few weeks the entire world could change geo-politically. It's absolutely scary how fast that change can happen.

  • Right on, Nathan!

    You took the words right outta my next response, actually a rerun, since I haven't seen any other scenario yet that makes more sense.

    The world wide economic collapse is the next Illuminati planned event that will cause the world to beg for one charismatic, strong leader to come forward and the Illuminati "kings" will give their power to him to solidify the power of the EU to fill that vacuum!

  • Nathan,

    Your scenario is very plausable, as good as any and better than most.

    I think your comment "I'm not dogmatic" (on this) also applies to almost all of us with one glaring exception.

  • Dr. NoFog, across the globe nations are recognized by their most prominent city or capital. Consider the fact that the world in particular Islam recognizes New York City as an extension of the entire nation (USA). The Statue of Liberty stands prominently in the harbor modeled after the Roman Goddess Libertas, yet the Liberty she offered was one of sexual indulgences and the lust of materialism. This pagan entity recognized as a symbol of America is identified as a harlot, hoisting her golden cup filled with the fire of abominations.

    America sits in the midst of several seas, her pagan idol wears a diadem upon her head representing the seven continents and seven seas boldly proclaiming her dominance that she will not be a widow or know sorrow! New York is known as the Empire State and her city, capital of world commerce, global policy (U.N.) and finance (WTO, Federal Reserve, IMF). The seven mountains depicted in Revelation 17:9 of which the whore sitteth upon is later identified as a multitude of waters, is represented as nations, multitudes, peoples, tongues, a symbol of global dominance!

    This nation grew up in the midst of many nations to become the greatest commercial, military, and political power ever witnessed in history. It is also the greatest nation filled with religious idolatry and sexual perversion exporting this on a daily basis to the merchants of the earth! We can choose to deny the clear destiny of this nation yet with a true examination of our origins and where we are now, illustrate this without a doubt!

    It is much the same veil over the eyes of many that view Israel as a holy and righteous nation today, while the Lord God identifies them as a rebellious nation that continues to profane his Holy Name. Israel claims a heritage of Jacob and the promises of God yet in their actions they deny him. Every single day in Jerusalem, on Mount Moriah (Temple Mount) praise and worship of a false god Allah is lifted up in the midst of this backward nation! Israel claims a position of strength yet in this, their weakness is revealed for the very heart of the nation and of their faith, is daily devoted to exalting the false god Allah! Yet as it is for America, so with Israel, both are depicted as righteous and have no need to repent for God is with them!

  • Let it be know this day, that the Lord God is preparing to bring many nations against Israel for this rebellion in dividing the Land and allowing a false god to be exalted in their midst upon the Temple Mount profaning the Holy Name of God! Israel though it perceives that it will soon have victory over Persia (Iran) will find themselves surrounded by a great assembly arrayed against them by the hand of the Lord God, then will they consider their ways!

    To support a nation in rebellion against the Lord God reveals an ignorance of the evangelical community, if we are to be a blessing to Israel we must tell them the truth, we must call upon them to recognize their transgression. It is the determination of the Lord God to cause them to consider these things, for the Lord will plead with them as he did plead with their fathers in the wilderness and they will know that he is the Lord!

    Today the Evangelical Community sounds like the false prophets of old as they whispered in the ears of the Kings of Israel declaring peace and prosperity as the nation was in rebellion and their enemies were at the gates! They even go so far as to call for Israel to strike Iran, willing for bloodshed and death while claiming to represent the righteousness of Christ!

    Let us open our eyes and recognize that Israel remains staunchly in opposition to the Lord God and in their rebellion the Lord God will judge them even in the destruction of many nations and for this reason (carelessness) will all the inhabitants of Israel bury Gog and his multitude!

  • Wow, it just gets sweeter by the moment, scholars are now embracing a new book by Tom Horn and Chris Putman entitled Petrus Romanus! The book is derived from the supposed prophecies of a Catholic Bishop that lists the Popes and the last Pope being Peter of Rome!

    The supposed prophecy includes obscure symbols and elements to be used to identify with these future Popes, reminds me of the content of the obscure quatrains recorded by Nostradamus. They even go so far to identify this Last Pope as the prophesied False Prophet!

    The biblical description of the False Prophet indicate that he will have power over all commerce and monetary policy of the globe in order to impliment the Mark of the Beast. We can conclude that this is but one more fable being introduced to the sheeple for now Catholic Pope has control over global commerce or monetary policy of the globe.

    Tom Horn continues to use extrabiblical prophecies and fables to gather content for sensationalism for more titles hitting the market at a rapid rate. It is sad, but unfortunately it is the new reality!

  • "Let it be known on this day" that rodney is a fruit bat with a bad dose of falseprophetities coffing up his version of truth. Man! WHATEVER are you ON!?

  • Sin-bad the failure, perhaps you would do well to figure out what I am on unless you are accustomed to a diet of fables! Enjoy your dining experience just do not expect me to join you at your buffet!

  • FABLES!!!!, so THATS what ur on rodnet. Thanks for telling me,im no good at guessing games & I’m not “accustomed to a diet of fables” either. Makes sense you don’t wanna be at the WORD FEST – too much meat for ya!


    Great link Gideon with some wise words from Herr Luther for those who allegorize the States (or any other nation) as ‘Babylon’.

    quote—Luther summarized his distinction between using the allegorical method for illustration and using the grammatical/historical method for interpretation.

    “——– playing games with the Sacred Scriptures has the most
    injurious consequences if the text and its grammar are neglected.

    From history we must learn well and much, but little from allegory. You use
    allegory as embellishment by which the discourse is illustrated but not

    Let history remain honest. It teaches, which allegory does not do.

    But this is what it means to teach: to instruct the conscience about
    what and how it should know, to nourish faith and the fear of God.

    In history you have the fulfillment of either promises or threats.

    Allegory does not pertain to doctrine”.


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