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Encounter 72 Mighty Angels from the Book of Revelation!

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The Mighty Angels of Revelation

A devastating car wreck almost killed my parents. If not for a lone biker who had stopped at the scene of the accident and administered first aid, some say they would have died before medical help arrived. The only problem — only one person could recollect the biker ever having been there. Their rescuer had mysteriously disappeared without a trace. The only survivor who could remember insisted they must have been rescued, not by a mere man, but by an actual angel sent from God.

This jolting event in the life of my family led me to set off and explore my own skepticism about the possibility that angels were not only real and active in the Bible in the past, but continue to be real and active in our world today. I labored over such questions as:

  • Are angels still secretly working among us, serving God as His angelic messengers?
  • Are angels actively involved in directing the affairs of mankind?
  • How do Satan and the demons play into the spiritual warfare raging behind the scenes?
  • And, does God plan to use His mighty angels to reshape the world that is yet to come?

In my pursuit of these questions, I was challenged by a pastor friend, Vic Batista, to seek out one of the greatest sources in the study of Angelology — the book of Revelation. With its whopping 72 instances of angels, demons, and entire groups of angels and demons, Revelation stands apart from all of the other books in the Bible as the most prolific source for learning about angels.

Revelation contains great insights into the end times days in which we are living. Additionally, it describes in stunning detail the horrors in which the earth will soon be plunging headlong. Out of this dark tale shines a ray of light, as Revelation’s main purpose is to provide that blessed hope that Christians so desperately need — Jesus Christ is returning soon!

Could a more fascinating book possibly exist besides the book of Revelation? I just couldn’t imagine, and so I accepted what Vic called his “Revelation Challenge.” What started out as our year-long, verse-by-verse teaching series on the book of Revelation from the angels’ points of view, later coalesced into the book, The Mighty Angels of Revelation.

The Mighty Angels of Revelation explores the writings of a man known as the Elder. Ripped from his church family and exiled by a mad emperor to a tiny island to serve hard labor, the Elder was visited by the risen Jesus Christ and shown the future of humanity. Spanning some 2,000 years of Church history and then proceeding on far off into the distant future, the Elder recorded how God will soon judge humanity with 21 judgments before installing His Son as King over all the world. Throughout all of these cataclysmic, world-changing events, God’s mighty angels are revealed to be hard at work in the service to their King.

Come! Travel along with the Elder and his angelic guide as the end times are revealed in stunning detail. Along the way, meet 72 of God’s mightiest angels as they proclaim God’s messages of warning and hope to a lost world.

Together, let us explore… the mighty angels of Revelation.


“I consider this book to be the premier work on the subject of angels to this point in literary history.” – Terry James, Rapture Ready

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The Mighty Angels of Revelation

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