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The Decay of Society: A Swift Decent


An American sports legend, Magic Johnson, reveals that he has AIDS. Rumors begin to fly that he is bi-sexual. He is confronted on national television about the rumors. Instead of simply denying them, he begins to boast about how macho he is, claiming to have been to bed with as many as six women at one time! Is America outraged? No. President Bush appoints him to serve on a national AIDS commission.1

The actress, Suzanne Somers, appears on the TV program, Good Morning, America. She is trying to jump-start her flagging career. The appearance is prompted by her agreement to pose nude for Playboy magazine. The interviewer asks, “Why would you pose nude for Playboy now, when you sued them several years ago for publishing nude photos of you?”

Ms. Somers explains that the previous photos were taken by an amateur photographer and were published without her consent. “I decided that since there were bad nude photos of me that had already been published, I might as well get some good ones published.”

She proceeds to explain that she laid down two conditions for the new photo spread in Playboy. “First, they had to let me select the photographer. And second, they had to let me select the photos to be used.” She then makes the announcement that she decided to get her son (who was 19 at the time) involved in the project. “I spread out the photos on the floor and let him select the ones to be used in the magazine.”

“Oh, that was so thoughtful of you,” replies the interviewer.2

The Rapid Decay of Our Nation

What’s the point? A nation that once honored God has plunged into a moral abyss. And the decay has reached the point where, in the words of the prophet Jeremiah, the nation “does not even know how to blush” (Jeremiah 6:15).

The descent has been swift. When I was born in 1938 —

  • Abortionists were considered the scum of the earth and were sent to prison.
  • Homosexuals were still in the closet and were thought of as queer.
  • Pregnancy out of wedlock was thought of as scandalous, and “living together” was unthinkable.
  • Drugs were something you bought at a pharmacy (or “drug store”).
  • Alcoholism was considered a sin, not a disease.
  • Popular music was free of demonic beats and words.
  • Movies were devoid of nudity, passionate love scenes, mindless violence, and filthy language.
  • Eastern religion was still in the East.
  • The corrupting influence of television was non-existent.
  • Pornography was something that circulated underground.
  • Public school students prayed in their classes and read the Bible, and creation could still be taught as an alternative to evolution.
  • High school graduates could read their diplomas.
  • The Ten Commandments were still legal.
  • AIDS was a gift of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:28 refers to the gift of aids or helps, depending on the translation).
  • Our governments — local, state and national — still promoted Judeo-Christian values rather than lotteries, horse racing, and casino gambling.
  • Christian teaching focused on sacrificing for Christ rather than confessing materialistic success.
  • Governmental authority was respected. Police were held in high esteem.
  • Houses and cars were never locked.
  • Social security was a job. Living on welfare was considered a disgrace.
  • Language was civil. Manners still prevailed. Women were treated with dignity and respect.

Reaping What We Have Sown

Looking back over the last 60 years, the old Virginia Slims cigarette ad seems to sum it up best: “We’ve come a long way, baby!” Yes, we have, and it has been in the wrong direction.

  • Today, we are murdering 4,000 babies a day in the name of “freedom of choice” for women.
  • We spend more on gambling each year than we do on food.
  • We are assaulted by a glut of pornography in books and movies and on the Internet.
  • We are consuming 55% of all the illegal drugs in the world, even though we constitute only 5% of the world’s population.
  • Our families are being destroyed by an epidemic of spousal violence, child abuse, and divorce.
  • Our prisons are overflowing because of a breakdown of law and order.
  • Our cities are jungles of violence where people dare not venture out at night.
  • Our homes are fortresses with bars on the windows, guns in the cabinets, and electronic security systems monitoring the doors and windows.
  • Our schools are filled with drugs, rebellion and violence.
  • Our governing bodies are shot full of corruption.
  • Our churches are apathetic and compromised by worldliness.
  • Our entertainment industry has become a purveyor of violence and immorality, and as we export its products abroad, we serve as the moral polluter of planet earth.

In the next segment of this series on the decay of society, we’ll look at how the moral decay has affected our children and schools.


1) Interview of Magic Johnson by Roger Mudd on the program, 20/20, produced by ABC Television, 1992. Exact date of the broadcast is unknown. The interview was witnessed by the author.

2) Interview of Suzanne Somers on the program, Good Morning America, produced by ABC Television, 1984. Exact date of the broadcast is unknown. The interview was witnessed by the author. The Playboy spread of her photos was published in the December 1984 issue.

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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • Wow…one word to sum this up and describe Dr. Reagan:


    I was going to stop with that, but then I thought it says a lot that you have to be courageous to say such things in today's world. Another sign of decay. Speaking the truth means having to muster up courage.

  • Hi,
    I've been coming to this site to read some of the articles and see what some of the responses have been for a while now. Most times, what has has been said has made sense to me, but for the last wk. or so I've been getting a kind of "icky" feeling, because I don't FEEL the genuine care of "loving" teachings that I came to appreciate at Lamb & Lion. I say this with respect for what you try to do here, but lately, I've been coming away from here, after reading an article, feeling like a person without hope, having been just scolded by an angry person.

    Again, I don't mean any disrespect … I'm just kind of confused … why all this JUDGMENT passing?

    Also, I have to wonder … if people were so "moral" back then … for me, I don't see how we'd be like we are now. I don't think people were any more "moral" back then than they are now … I just think they were better at hiding behind closed doors back then.

    Thank you for allowing me to post my opinion … again, this was said with respect.

    Have a GREAT day!! 🙂


  • @Monica, good heartfelt comment! Prophecy in the Bible was a mixed bag of forewarning, hope, judgment, and blessing. God gave the good with the bad, but mostly the good. The message of Bible prophecy is always one of hope in the mist of trials. Likewise, we share both the good news and the bad.

    I don't know your age, but if you're like me you didn't live through some golden age of morality in this country either. But, when talking with the older generation like Dr. Reagan's from, they really lived through a culture much more influenced by Christianity to now one that rejects all influence. They long for Christ to have a more prominent role in people's lives once again, as we all long for Jesus to set up His kingdom.

    A pastor/mentor once told me morality in society rolls like waves, with each generation the waves getting shallower. And, we seem to be at the bottom of the wave morally at this point. Now in my 30s, I can step back a bit and see that's indeed the case.

    All the more reason for Jesus to return and fulfill the hope that His prophetic word gives us, right?

  • Monica said " I don't think people were any more "moral" back then than they are now … I just think they were better at hiding behind closed doors back then."

    Those words actually prove that things WERE much more moral back then. It proves it because back then people and society had a very strong knowledge of right and wrong, moral and immoral.

    And because of that, those that chose to give into the desires of the flesh did indeed get their sinful pleasures and desires wrapped up in a plain brown paper package. For they knew that were their appetites to be made public they would be subject to shame.

    Just the opposite is true today. It is all out in the open and no one is ashamed to partake in their worldly sinful playground. Because the people and society of today are afraid to stand up for morality.

    I grew up in the 70's and my friend at work is the same age as me. We both remember our childhoods as a much more innocent time. I don't think the age of political correctness and acceptance of immorality actually came into FULL fruition until the mid 90's. And now, in these last days of human and satanic rule of the Earth reaches it's crescendo it is going to get even worse.

    Please come back quickly, Lord Jesus!

  • We should not be suprised by this for since the beginning the United States of America has had dual origins! It is during this time of apostasy and the increasing Spirit of AntiChrist that the Luciferian occult foundation is being revealed and taking prominence in preparation for its ultimate destiny!


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