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Romans 1 and Society: Putting on the Armor

What are some of the conferences Lamb & Lion Ministries holds to educate people in this time of increasing immorality?

On Monday, April 23rd I was interviewed by host Matt Buff of the Rapture Ready Radio show “Buffed Up Radio,” broadcast over BlogTalkRadio.

During the 45 minute live show we talked about how April was a tough month for Christians. April held the Day of Silence for Homosexual Students, Pot Head Day, and Earth Day bringing out the green police. We also discussed the Christianity Under Attack Conference and DVDs, the rise in Autism, and the motives behind some of today’s most liberal agendas. Read and listen in!

Buffed Up Radio

Rapture Ready Radio

Christianity Under Attack

Matt Buff: I was looking at Lamb & Lion Ministry’s Christianity Under Attack Conference held in June of 2011, all now available online on your Progams page. The conference addressed the challenge of Islam, as well as the challenge of Humanism and Atheism. Atheism by the way is growing and now comprises up to 15% of the population of this country. Fortunately, as soon as some of them get to be full blown Atheists they fall away and come to Christianity, so that’s encouraging.

The conference also covered the challenge of Evolution as well as the challenge of Apostasy. Intersting thing about apostasy, I’ve been doing a study through Acts and it was in Acts 11 where Peter was in Antioch witnessing and talking to the people with Cornelius. The people were just amazed that Gentiles could be saved. You know Antioch was the first place where the Christ followers were first called Christians, right? The Church started off as a really good thing, but not soon after that John was prophesying about the Church of Laodicea, and so you have to think about the timeline there which is really interesting. Here they just started Christianity, but we know that during the end times that all this will fall away into a Church that spreads evil and tries to fill their pockets with gold. The end times Church will fill the seats and tickle their ears. They knew about that not even a short time after the first group of Christians came about. That’s just amazing to me!

Nathan Jones: Watchman Fellowship‘s James Walker spoke at our conference and covered the Challenge of Apostasy, which he covered very well.

Every year Lamb & Lion Ministries holds a big conference. It’s always held at the end of June. Last year our theme was “Christianity Under Attack” and we had a wonderful number of speakers come and share. We had Kerby Anderson talk about the “Challenge of Islam.” Ron Rhodes covered the “Challenge of Atheism.” John Morris taught on the “Challenge of Evolution.” James Walker like we mentioned taught on the “Challenge of Apostasy.” Frank Wright of the NRB covered the “Challenge of Government.”

Finally, Dr. David Reagan summed it all up leaving us with the promise of victory. As bad as it looks right now out there with Christians being attacked by all these different types of “isms” and thoughts and depravities, we as Christians have the promise that Jesus will return to rescue us. Jesus will rapture the Church and He will come back and have victory over all of his enemies, and that by the end of the 1,000 year millennial reign Jesus will have final victory over Satan. We will enter the eternal state without sin, without death, without evil anymore, and with Jesus as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We win! That’s the message of Bible prophecy in its truest form. I’m glad we ended the conference that was all about how bad things are out there with such a positive message about how in the end we win this war.

Matt Buff: That’s the beauty of it, and that’s the glory of Jesus Christ Himself, because He took our sins away to the cross with Him. I saw a Facebook post earlier today that declared tongue-in-cheek, “Christianity is a bloody religion. Look at all the blood that was left on the cross.” Our sins were put on that cross and our Savior has risen. I can take you to the grave of Mohammed. I can take you to the grave of Buddha, and there the founders of these false religions rest (well, not really resting anymore, but their body is). Yet, Christianity can show an empty tomb.

Christians can also talk about our book the Bible which is our guidebook in life. The Bible is the most popular book in history because God said that the Gospel will be preached to the four corners of the earth. It will happen! You can spit in the face of Christianity, but you can’t deny that it is going to be preached everywhere, and that’s what we’re seeing today.

Looking at the current decline of morality in society, we have people here talking about how we are going to lose this war. That Newsweek article that you guys had on the website right there under the banner for “Christianity Under Attack” which is titled “The Decline and Fall of Christian America,” well you know that’s not going to happen because in the end with our glorious leader we do have victory in Jesus Christ. We have victory in our personal lives now and in the end we will have victory with Him for all of eternity.

Nathan Jones: Wonderfully and excellently said! It’s tough to live in this culture; to see and be in our society witnessing first-hand the downward slide of it all. To watch something as wonderful as the United States founded on Christian beliefs — founded on God-fearing men — fall apart so quickly, is painful for all us believers in Christ to watch.

I used to read in the Old Testament and still marvel at this scenario today, that back in ancient Israel they would have this generation that was really devoted to the Lord. Then they’d have the next generation that was okay, but kind of wishy-washy. Then they had the third generation which was totally apostate. I remember growing up and reading about that moral shift and wondering, “How could they be so dumb to give up on their Provider? How could that possibly be?” But, now older, I’m looking at the United States and I’m like, “Wow, we have become the exact same thing in three generations as ancient Israel became.” It is that easy for a nation to leave God and fall apart. By the point that you get to the fourth generation, they haven’t even heard of God anymore and they don’t know at all how to respond back to Him.

While it’s truly sad to see the fall of our society, we know that the United States was never meant to exist forever. No nation on this earth is meant to be around forever, because when Jesus comes back He will set up His kingdom on earth for 1,000 years. It will be under His authority and His rulership. There will be nations in the Millennial Kingdom, the Bible says, but I don’t know if they will be like the nations that are around today. We read Egypt and Syria will still continue to be a national entity, and Israel of course, but will the United States exist in the Millennial Kingdom? We just aren’t told.

No nation that is made by human hands will survive. The giant stone that destroys the world empires that we read about in Daniel is Jesus Christ, and He will set up His Kingdom and no human kingdom will ever again stand against it.

Matt Buff: Amen! That’s why you hear Christians talking so much about a firm foundation. It’s more firm than any rock laid by man which will be destroyed by the wrath of the Lamb. Nothing is more firm than the foundation we have with our Lord Jesus Christ who sits by the right hand of God.

Israel in the End Times

Matt Buff: We just talked about last year’s conference. June is fast approaching us, so talk about the conference that you have coming up soon.

Nathan Jones: Lamb & Lion Ministries next conference will be held June 29th and 30th. The theme for this one is Israel in the End Times. We are holding it here in the Dallas, Texas area. Folks have to register, but it’s totally free. We are holding afterwards a banquet with a special meal where Dr. David Reagan gives a special presentation. The meal plus presentation costs $35 and one definitely has to register for that.

In all, Dr. Reagan is going to be speaking twice. He’s going to give a total overview of Israel in prophecy, and he’s going to talk about the error of Replacement Theology which is the idea that the Church has taken on all the promises of Israel.

The special speakers we are going to have is Jeff Seif who will be talking about the Arabs and Israel. Mark Hitchcock will teach on Israel in the Tribulation. Arnold Fruchtenbaum is a great intellect and he’s going to talk about Israel in the Millennial Kingdom. Gary Frazier will teach about the salvation of Israel. Bill Koenig who wrote Eye to Eye is going to talk about the United States’ relationship to Israel. If you are really into politics then Bill Koenig has an excellent inside track on that.

Music at the conference will be performed by Ted Pearce of Lamb. Ted’s great! He’s like ministry family. Ted’s going to perform all the messianic music along with our folk favorite Jack Hollingsworth.

I just invite anybody to come on out and join us. On our website at we have an ad right there on the homepage which you can click through and get all the information about the conference. We would love to have everyone we can fit into the building come and learn and just rejoice in the Lord with us.

Matt Buff: Rapture Ready Radio has had many of your speakers on the show before. What’s neat is when we talk to them on the radio here and everyone gets excited, but it’s really nice when you can go to a conference and all these individuals are in one place and you can watch them teach in person. So, bring your pad and paper and get ready for an overload of information, because it’s a really good event!

I know Todd Strandburg who is the Founder of Rapture Ready, he just loves going. This is one of his favorite conferences to go to throughout the year. He goes down there to absorb so much of the information taught.

When you walk out of the conference after hearing about Israel in the End Times, I mean, if you still don’t believe in God after looking at how Israel — this country which is as small as New Jersey — surrounded by big countries that want to wipe it off the planet and yet it still stands there, well that’s more physical scientific evidence about the truth of the Bible than you can get.

The conference is in Allen, Texas which is not too far outside of Dallas. Go hear about Israel in Bible prophecy and you will be in for a great treat!

Nathan Jones: What’s also great about these conferences is that you are not just listening to the speaker, but you then can talk to them at their tables and ask them questions.

Also, the Christian fellowship at these conferences is just wonderful. I just love the fellowship. Like you mentioned with Todd being there, well he always has some funny shirt on so he stick out like a sore thumb. You can meet all these Bible prophecy teachers. Even the people you are used to hearing all the time but aren’t speaking, they usually attend as well. You can talk to them like Don McGee and Daymond Duck and other great teachers of the Bible like them. So, it’s a great gathering of brothers and sisters in Christ. I feel like it is a little taste of Heaven frankly. When we are up there in Heaven some day and we are among our brothers and sisters and we are there listening to Moses teach us, and David teach us, and Jesus himself teach us, you know it will be just a little taste of that.

Matt Buff: Amen to that! So, go to the Israel in the End Times info page and register today while seats are still available. Go to the banquet because it is more of an intimate setting where you get to hear Dr. Reagan speak and enjoy a nice meal and have some good Christian fellowship.

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