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Christian Approach to the 2012 Election: Party Differences


Is this election is the most important in recent US history?

On Thursday, September 27, 2012, I was interviewed by host Brian Thomas of Blessings to Israel Ministries on his “God First” program. During the 45-minute interview we discussed how Christians should approach the 2012 election.

Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas: Greetings to everyone! We are talking about today’s hottest topic — the upcoming 2012 election here in the United States. We are going to actually speak on it from a Christian perspective, because there are a lot of people out there that I am hearing who as Christians are struggling with how to approach this election.

Let’s begin by stating that there are a lot of people who think this election is the most important in recent US history, if not ever. What are your thoughts on that, Nathan? Do you agree with that statement?

Nathan Jones: I certainly agree with that sentiment, Brian. I believe as a nation that we are standing at a crossroads. We can go down one of two separate paths. One path would lead to globalization where the United States gives up its authority and its sovereignty to a higher body — a one world order. How we deal with Islam is another issue. Do we join them? Or, do we fight against them as an ideology that is taking over parts of the world and has as a “divine mission” to take over the whole world? Where does the United States stand as a world power? We can go down a path where we weaken ourselves to equal ourselves with many other world powers. Or, do we stay a super power? Economically, do we continue to go down the path where we bury ourselves in debt until we go broke? Or, do we actually do something about it and try to get out of debt and become economically prosperous like we were? Most importantly to me, I think we stand at a crossroads about morality in society. How do we decide what is moral and what isn’t? What do we base our decisions about morality on? So, I think on all those different areas the United States is right now got to make some major decisions, and this election plays very, very large in the direction that will affect the outcome of how our country will look even ten years from now.

Brian Thomas: Yes, I agree with you. With so much riding on this election, that is why we as Christians (and we will touch on this more later) definitely need our voice to be heard in this election.

Nathan Jones: Amen, brother!

How do the Democrat and Republican parties differ?

Brian Thomas: Americans know there are the two main political parties. We have the Republicans and then we have the Democrats. How do you describe the two approaches from these main parties? We know there are some differences. But, in your own words, how do you describe the approaches that each party takes towards achieving the goals that our nation is looking to achieve?

Nathan Jones: Certainly. Historically the Democrats and the Republicans have been very similar. They both based their morals and ethics on Judeo-Christian principles. They both were strong proponents of Capitalism and they both believed in equal opportunity for all. The only disagreement that they had was just the best way to achieve those goals.

But, we are seeing just in the last 20 years or so a radical shift between the Republicans and the Democrats. They no longer agree on these principles anymore.

For instance, Republicans believe in Judeo-Christian principles, Capitalism, equal opportunity, rights for the unborn, no special rights for any particular group but equal rights for all, full freedom of speech, the idea of open ideas, parental choice in education, that the Constitution is the absolute law of the land, that we should preserve American sovereignty and have a strong military, and specifically that the government is hands-off so that the people are allowed to control the law and society.

The Democrats as a party have really shifted from their foundation to an almost total opposite view. They see more of a secularized society by removing religion out of the public. They see us leaving Capitalism to a more socialist economy as is practiced in Europe. Concerning the freedom of abortion, there see no rights for the unborn. The party believes in giving extra special rights to people engaged in homosexuality. Their support of same-sex marriage which is something new, for 4,000 years plus and the world has never had legal same-sex marriage, yet Democrats are pushing very hard on legalizing it. They believe it’s okay for there to be restrictions on freedom of speech, prohibiting the teaching of the Creation and censoring of all ideas outside of the liberal ideas. The Democrats believe in making everybody go to public schools and being taught a secularist agenda. They stand specifically on the Constitution not being an absolute, and that we transfer sovereignty of our country from us to a larger entity like a global government and then give our military over to a bigger military umbrella within the United Nations. They support a very hands-on governmental approach.

So, yes, as I said, Republicans and Democrats now have two very different ideologies and a very different view of what the future should be for the United States.

Brian Thomas: Yes, I agree with you. Of course, you and I know that the Bible does not mention Republicans or Democrats. For some people that realization might shock them because there are some people who have more of an allegiance to their political party than they do to God it seems.

Nathan Jones: Oh, Amen! It’s like God is up there on His throne wrapped in a big American flag.

In the next part of Brian and my interview concerning the Christian’s approach to the 2012 election, we’ll see which if any of the political parties best line up with the Scriptures.

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