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Islamic Eschatology: Bizarre Sayings From the Hadith


The prophetic outline from the last segment in this series is the one that is held by Sunni Muslims. The majority of Muslims in the world are Sunnis. They trace their heritage back to Mohammad. About ten per cent, located mainly in Iraq, Iran and Lebanon, are Shiites. Iran is the only nation with a Shiite majority. The split occurred in the 10th Century over the nature of the theocratic leadership of Islam. Shiites believe Islam’s leader should be a descendant of the Prophet Mohammad. Sunnis say leaders should be chosen by consensus. Shiites believe in free will whereas Sunnis adhere to the concept of predestination. Shiites exalt their Imams (spiritual leaders) as inspired teachers who have the authority to interpret Islamic law. For Sunnis, the interpretation of Islamic law has been theoretically closed since the 10th Century.

With regard to eschatology, the major difference between the two groups centers around a Messianic individual called the Mahdi. This individual is the embodiment of the earnest longing and hope of the Shiites who have been oppressed and persecuted throughout the course of Islamic history. There is no direct reference to the Mahdi in the Qu’ran. However, Shiites argue that he is inferred. In the Shiite scheme of end time events, the Mahdi takes the place of Jesus as the one who will defeat the Antichrist and create a kingdom that will fill the earth with goodness and justice. He is the one who has been destined from eternity to save the world from the forces of wickedness. In Shiite eschatology, Jesus is limited to assisting the Mahdi. Jesus’ specific mission is to propagate Islam among Christians and Jews.

Regarding the Hadith

The Hadith is a record of Mohammad’s words and deeds according to his wives, relatives, and companions. Next to the Qu’ran, it is the most important part of Islamic law. Its teachings are considered as binding as those contained in the Qu’ran.

The most recognized compilation of these sayings is the one by Sahih Al Bukhari. Some examples of the bizarre sayings of Muhammad which are contained in Bukhari’s nine volumes are reproduced below:

  • Women are deficient in mind (2:541 and 3:826).
  • The majority of people in Hell are women (1:28, 301; 2:161; 7:124).
  • Women are a bad omen (7:30).
  • Drinking camel urine will make you healthy (7:590).
  • A fly in your drink can cure you of disease (4:537).
  • Fever comes from the heat of Hell (7:619).
  • “Though I am an apostle of Allah, yet I do not know what Allah will do to me” (2:375).
  • If you speak badly about a deceased person, that person will go to Hell (2:448).


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  • I have to admit I find it somewhat amusing in a digusted kind of way in how these crackpot muslims set on murdering innocents always indulge in all the crud they claim to be agsinst. They always watch porn, go to prostitutes, get drunk, etc. before their evil deeds. Makes me wonder if even they suspect what they are being told is bullcrap and they want to indulge before they die and find out there is no allah and 72 virgins.


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