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Amplified on the Battlefront: The Sign of Knowledge

Brian Thomas

Rapture Ready Radio
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Does an increase in knowledge today prove we’re near Christ’s return?

On Sunday, January 6, 2013, at the Future Congress 2 Conference in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, I was interviewed by host Brian Thomas of Blessings to Israel Ministries on the Rapture Ready Radio Network before a live studio audience. During the 45-minute interview we discussed how the technology that we have today is proof positive that we are living in the end times and so can be expecting the soon return of Jesus Christ.

The Sign of Knowledge

Brian Thomas: The Bible prophesied what we are seeing happening today concerning technology, especially as it relates to knowledge, means that we are living in the final days of this age. The book of Daniel talks about the fact that in the end as we get closer to the return of Christ knowledge would increase. I think knowledge of technology is part of that prophecy. Can you speak about that?

Nathan Jones: We know for certain that knowledge comes from God. God is the source of knowledge. He is the provider of knowledge. He is the protector of knowledge. He is the giver of knowledge. Any means then by which we have knowledge, we can know its source is from God. He is not only the source of knowledge, but also the source of the application of knowledge, which is wisdom.

The basic definition of technology is, “how to use knowledge to solve problems and create things.” That’s basically what technology is. It’s not just electronics or gizmos. Technology is merely creative solutions to problems.

God has inspired mankind throughout time as He sees fit for us to have certain technologies. He’s the one who gives us access to knowledge and information to solve problems.

God has given mankind signs of technology that show that we are living in the end times. By observing these signs of technology and by listening to what the Bible has to say about them, we can know that Jesus is coming very soon.

Brian, back to what you just mentioned concerning Daniel 12:4 which reads, “But you, Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase.” You’ve picked one of the greatest signs of technology verses in the Bible there. In this passage, Daniel had just been given all sorts of insights and information about the end times, also called the “times of the end” or the “end times” or the “latter days” which is the time that precedes Jesus Second Coming. The angel was saying to Daniel that he just wasn’t going to understand it all. Daniel is like, “You can explain it to me, right?” Daniel must have been so disappointed when the angel replied something like, “No, sorry.” God did not want Daniel and all who would read his writings up to a time to have an understanding of the type of insight into the future that Daniel had been given.

Daniel was told that when we look at the end times, two particular things are going to be happening. Two signs will show that we are near the end, with the first being that knowledge shall increase and with it our ability to learn new things and grow. This growth is facilitated by computer technology, which in my opinion has been the greatest invention ever in helping mankind develop and grow and learn new things due to the computer’s ability to store and retrieve and compute information. Storage on the Internet keeps getting cheaper and easier to access, with terabyte hard drives and cloud storage and the like now.

Just think about the rate of discovery. Every discovery we make builds one on top of the another so that our discoveries are growing exponentially.

Knowledge increasing is happening today just like the angel said to Daniel that it would, and that’s become a sign of the end times. Knowledge shall increase, and knowledge is increasing exponentially right now.

I would also add that when the Bible says knowledge shall increase, that also means the understanding of Bible prophecy increases as well. Living now to see certain signs like Israel becoming a nation once more fills in the pieces of Bible prophecy and makes our understanding of prophecy clearer. As our knowledge of Bible prophecy increases, so too does our understanding that we are living in the end times.

The Inherent Good of Technology

Brian Thomas: We are talking about technology and also how we are using it for spreading the Gospel and the messages of Bible prophecy. I don’t know about your experience, but growing up I would hear a lot of conspiracies out there where people thought computers are the means by which the Antichrist will come to power. There are people who say they think computers are evil and they think anyone who touches the computer is playing with the Devil. How do you address those people who believe that a computer is bad and evil and cannot be used as something valuable?

Nathan Jones: I find that people who say that, and they’re growing rarer and rarer as technology especially like computers becomes more portable, are people who are scared of change. I don’t mean to insult anybody who hates computers, for that’s fine. I love my father to death, but he would never touch a computer if he could help it. Computers are just something new to him, and he doesn’t want to bother learning about something he’ll never use. But for others, the fear of the unknown becomes attributed to evil.

I would say technology in of itself and the knowledge of how to build it comes from learning how God’s universe works. We are starting to figure some of that out and then to apply that knowledge, which obviously is a good thing. Now, how we utilize technology on the other hand, obviously can be used for evil. Medicine for instance is a great utilization of technology, and hopefully we’ll later get into medicine as another sign of technology. We can extend our age and grow the population so much now.

But, technology in and of itself isn’t evil. It is how we use technology that determines whether it’s evil or not. And so, I don’t think people should fear it. Certainly there will be technologies that the Antichrist will use as the perfect example of utilizing technology for evil, and we can talk about that, but technology in and of itself isn’t bad because its source like I said is God.

Brian Thomas: It’s just like a butcher’s knife in the hands of a serial killer; it’s obviously going to bring about bad results. But, in a hand of a chief, you get a gourmet meal. So, it all depends on what you are using it for. Computers in and of themselves are not evil. There are certainly a lot of bad things going on, especially over the Internet, but then there are a lot of good things found on the Internet as well.

In the third part of this series on the biblical signs of technology which prove we’re near to Jesus’ return, we’ll look at the Bible’s next tech sign — the Sign of Transportation.

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  • I am 62 and have worked with computers all my adult life, starting with the barbaric punch card type. Folks who think they're evil are just wrong. The Word of God is going out to millions via Internet hourly. Blogs and all the offerings of the web sites who teach Christs gospel, talk rooms, etc. What an amazing God who knew we'd be right where we are with this gift of technology from Him before He even formed earth and made man. Praise Him in Jesus name.


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