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Warren Smith Testimony: The New Age Subverted

Warren Smith


What is the true power that gives victory over the forces of the demonic world?

Dr. David Reagan and I were delighted to have as our guest on Christ in Prophecy Warren Smith, the author of the book The Light that Was Dark. This fascinating book tells Warren’s touching story of how in his search for a Savior he got sidetracked into the occultic darkness of the New Age Movement. From his many years of experience under that influence, Warren now has dedicated his life to warning Christians about the dangers of the New Age and help us recognize how we can avoid these satanic influences from creeping into our churches.

God’s Protection

Nathan Jones: I was wondering how as an unbeliever at the time you could use Jesus’ name to drive away demons.

Warren Smith: Yes, how could I do that? I think there are two answers. One, I’m thinking of the Ethiopian eunuch. He was reading the book of Isaiah, but he didn’t really understand it. Philip was brought alongside by God to explain it to him. And what happened? The eunuch believed. And what? He was baptized right there on the spot. I believe that Johanna Michaelsen as a believer came alongside me, though yes, she was in a book, but I believed what she was writing and what she was telling me. More importantly, I believed the Scriptures and the Scriptures described everything that we had been involved in — the ball of light, the psychic, A Course of Miracles, all that stuff. At some level I was getting that there is truly such a thing as spiritual deception and that I needed to be really, really careful.

The other thing that I really need to mention is that farther back in my life during my senior year in college a number of us were going to go out drinking one night. We were told that we had a mandatory fraternity house meeting that we had to attend. We were really upset and demanded, “What is this?” We were told that Campus Crusade for Christ was coming to the frat house. We whined, “Campus Crusade for Christ? We are going out drinking. We don’t have to go to this, do we?” They replied, “No, you’ve got to be there.” So, we reluctantly went.

There were three guys from Campus Crusade, and the first two guys gave their testimony. Me and my buddies were in the back going, “Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.” We looked a lot at our watches. The third guy, all I heard him say was, “What do you have to lose by asking Jesus into your life tonight?” Well, I was just deeply impressed, obviously by the Holy Spirit. At that time, all I knew was that I was just impressed. So, I said to myself, “I’ve got nothing to lose.” That night upstairs in the fraternity house for the first time probably in years I prayed. Sure, I didn’t get the stuff about sin. I didn’t get the stuff about repentance. I didn’t get the stuff about victory on the cross or whatever else the Crusade guy may have talked about in his testimony, but I asked Jesus sincerely, “If you’re out there, come into my life.” As I did a cherry bomb went off in the alleyway next door, and playing on the radio was You Never Walk Alone. Being into coincidences, I went, “Whoa, whoa!” It was my first “meant-to-be” experience believing they might have been real.

Well, sadly, after I went to sleep, the next morning I woke up and it was like the sower and the seed by the wayside all taken away, I didn’t even think about it. I guess Campus Crusade didn’t come back. They were brave enough to come into our fraternity house in the first place. They didn’t come back and I just forgot all about it.

Years later, after I finally got saved, I began witnessing to our friends, yet was seeing so many of our friends and co-workers still going along in the New Age. Very few are actually hearing my testimony. A few did, but so many responded by going, “Thanks for sharing, Warren. Thanks, but no thanks.” That’s the attitude. I respond, “But, did you hear what happened with Jesus?” We are laying it out, but with no changes of heart.

I was driving to work and praying, “Lord, what’s going on? How come people don’t get it? How did we get out of the New Age and not them?” Finally, that night at the frat house was brought to mind. It was like Jesus remind me that I had asked Him to come into my life back then, and He’d been with me ever since through thick and thin. Then I went again, “Whoa!”

I remembered that I had almost went to India to be with Rajneesh, but I didn’t. I almost became a channeler, but I didn’t. I almost became a psychic, but I never really had that much fascination. I never really worshipped the figures that I was involved in. It was like a parent with their child on a tether at the ocean. I feel like the Lord just allowed me to go my way, but then kept me from the real dangers because I had asked Him to that early college day. Sure, I didn’t say, “Be my Savior.” But, I had said, “Come into my life.” I think Jesus took that literally, and really was my Savior and did save me, and ultimately I was saved. That was a long time ago. That was 1984.

Nathan Jones: Praise the Lord!

Vital Help for New Agers

Dr. Reagan: Warren, I tell you, we really appreciate you being with us. We appreciate your tremendous testimony. I didn’t interrupt you any when you were going through that, because I was just fascinated by it. How can people get in touch with you and your ministry?

Warren Smith: I have a website at There’s an email there if people have questions or want to make some kind of comment. They are free to email me, and I usually respond to people.

Besides The Light That Was Dark, I also wrote a book called A Wonderful Deception. That book really goes into great detail on how a lot of the New Age teachings have come into the Church.

I have a book titled False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care? All of these experiences that we have been talking about right here, the things that happened to me getting into the New Age, they aren’t just unique to me. They happen to a tremendous number of people, and these false teachings have come into the Church. Years ago, like in 1976, Chuck Smith wrote a book Antichrist Revealed: Conditioning the World for an Antichrist. Teaching false doctrines and sharing things taught by spirits is all part of the conditioning process that will one day have the world following the Antichrist and his master, Satan.

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  • So he's saying that he really was saved back in the 80s and that's how he was able to use Jesus' name to cast out demons. I've always wondered about the verse that mentions those who protest saying they cast out demons in Jesus' name and He tells them to depart because He never knew them. If He never knew them, then they weren't saved, and if that's the case, how did they cast out demons in His name?

  • While not mentioned by the name "North Korea," the most specific prophecy that possibly concerns that nation can be found in the book of Daniel and later in Revelation.

    Earlier in Daniel 11, we get a stunning play-by-play of the ongoing battle between the dynasties of Alexander the Great's generals. These kings are consecutively labeled the "King of the North" (Syrian Seleucids) and the "King of the South" (Egyptian Ptolemies). This portion of prophecy was fulfilled in such jaw dropping accuracy in the decades following Alexander the Great that it's lead some to claim that Daniel was written after the fulfillments.

    Starting with Daniel 11:36, the picture clearly becomes a prophecy about the future and describes the military campaign of the Antichrist in the Middle East that occurs at the end of the Tribulation. The Antichrist's preoccupation with persecuting the Jews and Tribulation Saints emboldens some of the nations under his control to rebel, and he's forced to deal with the King of the North (possibly Syria or one of the regions controlled by one of his 10 Kings) and the King of the South (possibly Egypt or another of his 10 Kings).

    The Antichrist then hears about trouble coming from the kings of the East, and moves to battle them, meeting up in the Valley of Jezreel, also known as Armageddon. So, while the Antichrist's kingdom is global, he has to deal with a lot of mutiny from his subservient kings along the way, especially from the "Kings of the East" (Rev. 16:12).

    You probably read Dr. Reagan's article on Daniel and a great one on the end time wars that North Korea may be part of.


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