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An End Time Prophetic Message to America: Modern Tragedy

Jonathan Cahn
By Jonathan Cahn

[Dr. Reagan’s note: Jonathan Cahn is the author of the best selling book, The Harbinger. This article contains a speech he made at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast on January 21, 2013. This presentation placed him on the cutting edge of prophetic voices that are warning America of its impending doom if it does not repent of its grievous sins. Jonathan Cahn is the spiritual leader of the Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne, New Jersey. This second segment contains only a portion of Rabbi Cahn’s presentation and is reprinted here in edited form by his permission.]

The Tragedy of Modern America

But there was another civilization that was likewise founded on God’s Word, dedicated to His will, and consecrated to His purposes, from its very inception — America. Those who came to these shores four centuries ago to found a new civilization did so by dedicating it to God, committing it for His purposes and glory. America was to be a “city on a hill,” a civilization to which others would look. It was to be a holy commonwealth. And so they modeled it after Israel of the Bible.

They brought forth its first governments in the name of Jesus and for the glory of God. They established its first school system for the purpose of teaching the Word of God. And they foretold that inasmuch as America would follow in the ways of God, that God would bless it, that it would become the most powerful, the most prosperous, the most blessed nation on earth, the head of nations. And it would all come true.

America would become the most blessed nation on earth, a refuge for the world’s exiles, a light for the world’s oppressed, a beacon against the dark forces of tyranny which threatened to engulf the world. America was blessed with prosperity, power, security, peace, and a place at the head of nations. America was blessed as no nation in history had ever been blessed.

But something happened to the city on the hill. As the people of ancient Israel, in the midst of their blessings, committed a fatal error, so have we. We too have, as a nation, turned from God. We, too, have removed Him from our lives. Step by step, we, too, have ruled Him out of our culture, out of our government, out of our economy, out of our public square, out of the instruction and lives of our children. We, too have made God a stranger. And though we still at times invoke His name, it rings increasingly hollow and meaningless. We have made ourselves strangers to the God of our fathers.

And as we have driven God from our national life, we have brought in other gods and idols to replace Him, gods of sensuality, materialism, violence, idols of wealth, carnality, and sexual promiscuity. And as did Israel, so, we too have abandoned the ways of God, the laws of God, and the standards of God, for immorality. The nation that was established to bring the Word and Light of God to the world, now fills the earth with pornography. We too now call evil “good,” and good, “evil.” And what we once knew to be immoral, we now celebrate, and what we once knew to be right, we now war against.

American culture has become turned in upon itself, a civilization at war against the very foundation on which it has been established. And those, who simply remain true to what had always been known as true, are now vilified, marginalized, mocked, labeled “intolerant,” and increasingly banned from the public square, and, ultimately, persecuted.

We have now reached the point, this day, that a minister was driven out of the public square, barred from praying at the inaugural service for the simple reason that years ago he preached a sermon simply saying what the Bible has always clearly said regarding sin. It is a new America in which one can be banned from the public square simply for believing the Bible, where profanity is treated as holy and the Holy as profane, a new America where the Bible is treated as contraband and nativity scenes are seen as dangerous.

Our culture has grown increasingly vulgar, godless, and darkened. We too now defile, ridicule, and blaspheme the name of God. It wasn’t that long ago that American television closed its broadcasting days with sermons. Now our televisions and computers screens are filled with words and images once unimaginable, and God and Jesus have now become objects of comedy and mockery. It’s as if a spiritual amnesia has overtaken the land. The Lord asked Israel, “Can a nation forget its God?” And yet Israel forgot. And now we too have forgotten. America too has forgotten her God.

In the third segment of Jonathan Cahn’s speech he made at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast, he will address a tragic milestone modern America has reached.

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