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Daniel Panel: Favorite Passages – Part 1


We are continuing to share with you the opinions of 17 Bible prophecy experts concerning various questions related to the book of Daniel. You should find these interviews fascinating and very informative. The interviews were conducted at a national Bible prophecy conference that was held in the Dallas, Texas area.

The fourth question is based on the fact that one of the most fascinating books in the Hebrew Scriptures is the book of Daniel. It contains many interesting and informative prophecies about the end times, and in that regard, it is a key to understanding the book of Revelation. The book of Daniel also contains a lot of insights about how to live a righteous life in the midst of a pagan society. In short, the book is full of scriptural nuggets that are precious to Christians today.

So the question for our experts is this:

#4. What is your favorite prophetic passage in Daniel and why?

We’ll start off with the five responses of those who selected Daniel 2. It’s the chapter that contains Daniel’s great prophecy about the succession of Gentile empires from the time of Babylon to the time of the Second Coming of the Messiah.

Don McGee, Crown and Sickle Ministries
My favorite prophetic passage in the book of Daniel comes from the second chapter which has to do with the vision that Nebuchadnezzar had. Most of us are very familiar with the four empires that are mentioned in the interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

The real thing that grabs me in Daniel 2 is this kingdom that is the result of a stone that is cut out without human orchestration. This stone is going to become the dominate kingdom over all of the earth. It’s going to be the kingdom whose head is Jesus Christ. When Jesus fulfills a prophecy that Gabriel made to Mary in Luke 1, that her baby will eventually inherit the throne of his forefather David, that’s important to me because it vindicates God. It vindicates Jesus Christ. It vindicates every word of Bible prophecy. And, it vindicates Christians as His people.

Randall Price, World of the Bible Ministries
I like how in Daniel 2 at the end of that chapter it talks about the final kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The passage says Christ’s kingdom will come and smash all other earthly kingdoms and blow them away like dust.

As we live in this world and we see the power that men weld, and we see elections that don’t go the way we like, and see all kind of other negative factors, we then long for God to take control by taking His kingdom back. Jesus will wipe away this whole human era and the mistakes we made and replace it with a righteous kingdom. That’s what Christ’s promised to do. The older I grow, the more I long to see Jesus get off the throne in Heaven and come to His throne here on earth.

Gary Frazier, Discovery Worldwide Ministries
My personal favorite passage in all of Daniel has to do with when Daniel requests some additional time after Nebuchadnezzar has issued a very harsh decree to slay all the wise men of Babylon because they could not tell him the first the dream that he had and then interpret the dream. Nebuchadnezzar was so wise because he knew that his advisors were a bunch of snakes and liars, and if he told him the dream they would tell him anything.

So, Daniel requested additional time. He goes and he does what he always did, and that is he went and got alone with God. He shared with Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah the problem they had. They all then got with God and they besieged Heaven with prayers. God responds and speaks to Daniel’s heart.

When Daniel appears before the king with an answer. In Daniel 2:27-28, he says that no man on earth can do what Nebuchadnezzar has asked them to do, but there’s a God in Heaven who is a revealer of dreams. That passage goes on to talk about how God raises up kings and He puts them down, which by the way a great source of comfort to me right now in light of the elections that have taken place these days in the United States of America. I love that passage. God and only God is the revealer of dreams. Only God could do what Daniel was prepared to do in God’s power. Daniel didn’t take any credit for himself, for it was just God doing the interpreting.

Tim LaHaye, Tim LaHaye Ministries
In the second chapter of Daniel, he is given by God the dream that King Nebuchadnezzar had and its interpretation. Daniel started to reveal the interpretation of that dream which outlines the four world kingdoms. It’s so thrilling that 2,600 years ago this dream said there would be four world empires, and how many have there been? Exactly four. There have been hundreds of would-be world dictators and they all failed, including Adolf Hitler and Genghis Khan and a whole list of them. I made a list of 13 at one time. There are all kinds of people who’ve wanted to rule the world, but they all failed because the Man of Sin has not been revealed yet, but he is coming.

Brian Thomas, Blessings to Israel Ministries
I would say for certain that my favorite passage comes from Daniel 2 in the vision of the great image. In the vision that Daniel received, King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream of a great image, and Daniel was asked to interpret this dream, and so he naturally turned to God. Daniel was able from God to speak of a statue, this image, and how it depicted many different empires in history.

When we come to the last empire which is represented as the feet, Daniel tells us there in verse 31 that a stone cut out of a mountain without hands struck the feet and destroyed the image. That’s a depiction of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The passage says the stone grew into a great mountain that filled the entire earth.

I look forward to that day. That’s my favorite passage because it tells us of the future return of Jesus Christ. Jesus will return literally and physically to this earth. His righteousness will fill the entire earth. This will be a time that we Christians will also rule and reign with Him. That’s the time that we so much look forward to because there will be no debate on sin issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion, for the laws of Christ will reign. And so, without a doubt, Daniel 2 is my favorite passage in the entire book of Daniel.

In the eleventh part of this series on the book of Daniel, five members of our panel of Bible prophecy experts will share why Daniel 9 is their favorite prophetic passage in Daniel.

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