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The Sign of the European Union: Identity Control

Alan Franklin


What are some of the methods the European Union is using to remove individual national identities?

Lamb & Lion Ministries conducts a number of Bible conferences in the Dallas, Texas area each year. Our June 2013 conference theme was Living on Borrowed Time.

One of our speakers was Alan Franklin, editor for The Free Press. He’s a political reporter and newspaper editor in London, England and author of numerous books on a variety of spiritual subjects. Alan’s a recognized expert on the European Union and is a dynamic conference speaker. Alan Franklin’ topic at our conference was “The Sign of the European Union” (watch).

Passport Control

I flew out from Heathrow Airport in London to the US, but I didn’t come out as a British citizen. I came out as a European Union citizen. The passport control in London now has come out under the flags of Europe, and not the Union Jack, which I think is very significant. I got a new passport a couple years ago. On the top of my old passport the British blue was what we were using for decades. It said British Passport. That’s what you’d expect, right? When I got my new Euro burgundy passport, right of the top of it says European Community. That shows that I’m number one a citizen of the European Community, but only secondarily a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The EU actually holds the power, and that’s where the power is increasingly focused.

European Holidays

Every year on the ninth of May, the citizens across Europe in the continued attempt at trying to create the thought that we are one nation, are supposed to go out and celebrate. My wife Pat and I don’t surround the Maypole. We celebrate the building of a super state. Europe Day was instituted some years ago.

Symbol Control

The builders of the EU are trying to clamp down on symbols of nationalism like the Union Jack. That’s why I make a point of wearing it, to annoy them as much as possible.

I’ve actually known a lot of politicians. Pat and I used to out to Downing Street for the Christmas party every year. It’s not true that all politicians are either stupid or evil or misguided. But, a lot them are just misinformed. They don’t have all the facts at their disposal.

One of the very good politicians who is a good friend of mine is Gerald Howarth. He’s a MP from the Aldershot area. Until recently he was the Armed Forces Minister in the British government. He used to give me a lot of information. He was very much of a right mind. He wouldn’t agree with much of what is going on in the world. I can say that now without destroying his career because he’s now not in the government. He’s passionately against homosexual marriage. He believes in the nation state and patriotism and he really dislikes the EU. So, obviously, his future was somewhat limited. I just kept quiet about his views until he came out of the government.

Gerald actually puts a Union Jack on his license plate. Can you believe that was a criminal offense under European Union law? They instead wanted the stars of Europe on the number plates. We’ve worked well together over many years and he said to me, “This is terrible.” So, I wrote the headline, “It is a Crime to be Patriotic,” You’ll see that a certain Pat Franklin wrote the story. It escalated. It led to a debate in the House of Commons. The people were woken up because they were unaware of all this. People who don’t know the facts are likely to fall victim to all kinds of political correctness and rubbish and be told, “No, this is the truth. No, this was the truth.”

Back to the story, we told people and people started to get outraged. The EU saw that it was on the losing side of the debate, so it stepped back. That was one battle we won. Gerald finally put the Union Jack back on his number plate. We got some Union Jacks printed and we sell them or give them away wherever I go. When you get your car it comes with a Euro Star on the back, so we encourage British people to paste the Union Jack over the star.

You might think, “That’s just a little gesture.” But, it’s quite important. Symbolic gestures are important actually, and people respond to them.

Common Market

There’s quite the rising mood against the EU in Great Britain but it’s a bit late I’m afraid, because we’ve had over 50 years of deception. It goes back as far as 1957 when six countries originally got together in Rome to set up what was called the Common Market. If you’ve been to Europe, been to London or Britain or anywhere, we have street markets. People in Britain love their markets because you can get interesting things quite cheap. The market traders usually have a good spiel and it’s entertaining. It’s kind of interesting to go and shop there. So, we thought “market” — that’s a good idea!

People go to France and buy cheap wine and cheese and so on. They come back and say, “That was good.” They were sold on the idea that unification was just about trade which will be good for you.

When you go abroad, you won’t have to change your currency. One currency will be used all across Europe. Common Market sounded so good. Then by stealth, step-by-step when people were not even looking or noticing, watching sport, soap operas, and so on, this common market grew into the superpower called the European Union.

It was subsequently revealed and admitted by the man who got us in, Ted Heath who is a traitor to Britain when he was Prime Minister, that the EU was never intended to just be about trade.

Today Europe has its own anthem, flag, laws, courts, army, police force and currency. Why hasn’t anyone done anything about it? Because we live in a brainwashed sound bite generation. Not many would sit still for an hour-long talk. We don’t seem to have the capacity to absorb detailed information anymore.

In the fourth and last segment of Alan Franklin’s message on the sign of the European Union, Alan compares the Orwellian world of 1984 with how the European Union functions today.

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  • I was trying to find out who is being references in 1st Cor 10:32 which states.

    Give none offence, neither to the Jews, nor to the Gentiles, nor to the church of God:

    What is the difference in Gentiles and the Church of God??

  • One version calls gentiles, Greek.

    Give no offense, either to the Jews or to the Greeks or to the church of God, NKJV. gentiles are in the NJV.

    There seems to be 3 groups named in this verse 1st Cor 10:32

  • Read Dennis Cuddy's "The Power Elite and the Secret Nazi Plan." Makes everything clear. Politicians are just good actors and that's that.


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