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The Sign of the European Union: Orwell Realized

Alan Franklin


How does the Orwellian world of 1984 exist in the European Union today?

Lamb & Lion Ministries conducts a number of Bible conferences in the Dallas, Texas area each year. Our June 2013 conference theme was Living on Borrowed Time.

One of our speakers was Alan Franklin, editor for The Free Press. He’s a political reporter and newspaper editor in London, England and author of numerous books on a variety of spiritual subjects. Alan’s a recognized expert on the European Union and is a dynamic conference speaker. Alan Franklin’ topic at our conference was “The Sign of the European Union” (watch).

Erasing History

We’ve gotten to the stage that the British writer George Orwell wrote about in a famous book you probably read called 1984. In the book the hero or central character, Winston Smith, specialized in revising history and propaganda. True to the book, the EU is doing this very thing. They are trying to rewrite the history of Europe.

Look at the history books that are going to go out as standard issue in all the schools across Europe. The revisionists thought, “We’ll just change a few details.” And so, they airbrushed a few minor details out of history. Do you know what those “minor details” included? World War I and World War II — they never happened! The young people weren’t going to be taught about them. Do you know that students in the EU today don’t know about the world wars?

Someone I know very well, a MEP who is an Independent, fought a furious battle against this. He got this revisionist history travesty in the press and he got it on TV, and so again the EU propagandists backed down. They take one step back and two steps forward. If they are exposed somehow they shy away. They go back, but when you’re not looking, they take that step forward again and they rewrite history.

Words have lost their meaning, even on national TV and major newspapers. Society now uses a very small vocabulary. I’ve noticed this because Pat and I have been newspaper editors for decades. People’s vocabularies have shrunk as words vanish from our language. You hear this all the time. When you ask someone what they think about something, they’ll say, “That was really neat.” What’s that supposed to mean? What a stupid phrase! What does it mean? It means nothing. Thought processes have become poorer as people now seem unable to reason or analyze.

There were some pupils at a very prestigious school who got the top marks in their county in Britain. I was actually interviewing some of these pupils one day for I used to like to talk to the young people to find out what that they knew. With some teenage girls I asked, “Can we talk about the Second World War?” I instantly knew they didn’t know anything about it. I guessed they didn’t anyway, but then I discovered I didn’t know the depth of their ignorance.

I continued, “Tell me about World War II. Who was it fought between?” An amazing thing happened. I wouldn’t have ever believed it. One of them piped up after a silence, for they had to think who was in Second World War? She replied, “It was between Poland and England.” This is true! I’m not making this up. I replied back, “Poland and Great Britain were involved, but that’s not quite the whole story.” Gradually I teased a few more things out of them. They didn’t have a clue! They hadn’t been taught anything. Goodness knows what they were taught in the history classes, but it certainly wasn’t history.

If you watch television programs that come across from Great Britain, like on the BBC for example, for a lot of the Discovery Network stuff is made in London. you’ll find that they talk about metric measure all the time such as kilometers Pounds and ounces have been banned in Great Britain and across Europe. B.C. and A.D. are being dropped from the history books. Inexorably, this was what was said in a major newspaper, “Our democracy and history are being destroyed. The destruction is quite deliberate.”

This is deliberate, by the way. The destruction of education is quite deliberate.

Brussels Power Play

We live in a country called Europe. Romona Prodi said when he was President of the EU that he wants a common EU policy on foreign affairs, defense, law and order, and the power to dictate tax and spending policies. He said, “We are a grand political project, and a super-national democracy.” They’re not any kind of democracy. They also want to directly tax all the citizens of the country of Europe.

When my daughter who lives in Israel wanted to renew her British passport, which is really a European Union passport, she had to go to the French Embassy. That’s how far we’ve mixed and mingled.

Brussels they say will be Europe’s sole representative to all international bodies. There will even be an integrated European police force. We are sleep walking! Out there the world is sleep walking to tyranny.

I was once with a Member of the European Parliament in Brussels in Belgium. Brussels is a rather quaint picturesque old town with this monstrous carbuncle of a European Union right slap in the middle of it. He was taking me around and we were talking and I was looking at the little cobble streets around the European Union. They were concreted over. So, I asked him, “Why have you concreted the cobbles over?” He looked back at me and he replied, “A lot of people don’t like the EU. That’s hard to believe, but some don’t, you know. Protestors used to go here and have the occasional riot, people like French farmers. They used to dig up the cobbles and chuck them at us, so we said, ‘We’ll stop that.'”

The MEP also said, “I’ll tell you how else we’ve stopped protestors. Follow me.” So, I walked down the road about 100 yards (100 yards, not a 100 meters; I’m sorry, I’m very anti-metric). I saw these guys who looked like lots of Darth Vader’s in visors and shields positioned in a very formidable fort. What was said to me was something along these lines, “If we have any trouble here in the future, we’ll crack a few skulls.” This is their idea of democracy! You protest against them and you could be in trouble, for what we’re seeing is the formation of a European police state. It’s the Nazi Germany revived all over again.

Christian Response

While the world is racing headlong towards a one-world government, in the meantime we have a job to do. We have to alert people out there. This is a lost and dying world.

Bible prophecy really is not depressing. It’s a ray of light. It gives hope, because in the end the Lord wins. Believes in Christ come back to rule and reign with Jesus from Jerusalem for a thousand years.

The world out there is ignorant, and many are willfully ignorant, but they can be woken up.

I don’t think there’s going to be a great end time revival while the Church is here, but many will come to faith after we’re gone. We’ve got to spread the Word out about Jesus Christ. We need to spread this information on the signs of the times while we can, because a great dark time is coming like a dark blanket over Europe and then the world. We are not going to be able to speak and teach and preach as we do today for much longer.

Already in my little church we’ve only got 50 or 60 people, and yet actually we are one of the liveliest churches in Britain, believe it or not. At least we preach and teach the truth. If you came to see us you would think it was not the kind of place a respectable person would go. Our building looks more like a shed really because we resolved to put all our money into mission. We’d never waste money on a building, because we think the government one day will take the building off us anyway at some stage.

What we preach isn’t politically incorrect, but it’s biblical correct. That’s what really matters. That’s what people find so offensive, as the Gospel is an offense. If you teach what the world wants to hear, what their itchy ears like to hear, you might be popular. You might write a best seller, but you are not doing the work that God wants you to do. Our job is not to be popular. It’s to tell the truth, the whole truth, and the biblical truth.

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As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to Dr. Reagan, Nathan, L&L staff, Susie, Sue, hartdawg, DrNoFog and everyone else that is out there that post or just read! Stay safe and pig out (it's once a year so induldge in a joy of life…good food!)

  • Thank you, Billy! And a Happy Thanksgiving blessing to you all as well. As Christians we have so much to be thankful for.

    And, I'm thankful for each and every one of you who share in our study of God's prophetic word here each day. Looking forward to meeting you all in Heaven one day soon.

  • I was trying to find out who is being references in 1st COR 10:32 which states.

    Give none offence, neither to the Jews, nor to the GENTILES, nor to the church of God: NJV

    Give no offense, either to the Jews or to the GREEKS or to the church of God, NKJV. gentiles are in the NJV.

    What is the difference in Gentiles and the Church of God??

    There seems to be 3 groups named in this verse 1st Cor 10:32

  • Billy! (And nathan… et all!)
    Hope u had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I pray God's most fruitful blessings in your life!!
    Love susie

    Anon…I think what the difference is … is that Jews and greeks… or gentiles. .. are all unsaved. Church of God is the believers. Be blessed 🙂

  • Romans 9 10 and 11 chapters..the church is grafted into Israel. that is the third group. those who teach the church replaced Israel is wrong. your right, no revival coming except that of the Jews who will except Jesus, Yeshua. Not one word in Romans that we replaced the Jews. No One yet that I hear much is we are togo into all the world and to the JEWS first ..from the beginning G-d tells us who is blessd and who is cursed. Gen 12:3 and all thru scripture. How come thisarticle doesn't state how even the churches have fallen away thru UNITY under the catholic umbrella. taking scripture out of context leaves pretext..a lie


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