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Israel Tour 2014: Day 1 & 2

Welcome from Tel Aviv, Israel! Today I write from 7 hours into the future (from Central time) to report on Lamb & Lion Ministries’ 2014 Holy Land Tour.

Our loooong journey by plane started for most of us in Dallas, Texas. We flew nimbly across the Atlantic Ocean and landed for a brief layover in Germany. We then reboarded and headed down the EU and over the Mediterranean Sea and into Ben Gurion Airport just outside of Tel Aviv. It’s been a long journey half-way across the globe for our stalwart “pilgirms”, but well worth taking the adventure to get to walk in the land of the Bible. All travelers are brimming with enthusiasm, knowing with great expectation that our time in the Holy Land will make the Bible “come alive” as we experience what we have been reading about for so many years.

It is now late in the evening here in Israel, but for those loved ones we kissed good-bye in the U.S.A., it’s still only early afternoon. Praise the Lord jetlag only seems to work going back (don’t ask me why). The sleepless night in the big jet leaves one lost in time, so arriving ready to eat dinner during what at home would be lunch doesn’t strike one as being so strange a thing.


We took Lufthansa Airlines from Dallas all the way to Israel. Bet you’re
thinking how ironic it is to be taking a German airline to Israel (God
does love irony!)


Our travelers were so excited to go to Israel (and for Larry and Vicki many times), that even going by cane across the tarmac didn’t slow them down.

Round Up

Different parties arrived by different flights, but all met up safe and sound with luggage in tow.


George Collich, ministry Finance Director and our trip’s leader, started us off by reading Psalm 34, “Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together.”

Ronnie Cohen

Our trusty tour guide is Ronnie Cohen, a New York City Jew who made aliya years ago. Unlike most guides, he’s a Messianic Jew, and so surely will provide greater biblical insights into everywhere he takes us.

Dan Panorama

After nearly a solid day of travel with little to no sleep, the classy Dan Panorama Hotel couldn’t have looked more inviting.

Rabbit Bus

Our second “home” on this journey will be the latest in high-tech tour buses. Does it look like a rabbit to you?

Mediterranean Sea

Sightseeing starts on Day 3, but we arrived just in time to appreciate the sun setting over the Mediterranean Sea.


We arrived on the celebratory day of Purim. Purim is a time the Jews remember by adorning themselves in Halloween-type costumes how their people were rescued by Queen Esther from annihilation by the evil Haman. Pat reminds us how the Jews were also rescued by God from the Egyptians, the Romans, the Spanish, the British, the Germans, the…

Dessert Table

The part we’ve all been waiting for, especially Cynthia… the dessert table.

Odd Observations

  1. Another irony, watching The Book Thief on a German plane.
  2. The stark Frankfort Airport is bereft of any creativity or advertising.
  3. Tel Aviv is so full of stray cats that the bus driver and airport crew had to take sticks to poke them out of the bus’ engine compartment before we could leave.
  4. What may be camouflaged as a fancy orange and green dessert cup is in truth pureed veggies. Psych out!

Praise the Lord for safe travels to Israel and the good health of all those who have made the long journey! I’ll be continuing to report in over the entire trip, so stay tuned for Day 3 as we explore Tel Aviv and Joppa.

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