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What is America’s Destiny? (Part 7 of 7)

Americas Destiny 1

The Warning of Romans Chapter 1

Romans chapter 1 makes it crystal clear that the fate of our nation is sealed. It says that the wrath of God is called down from Heaven by: ungodliness, unrighteousness, suppression of the truth, and worship of the creation rather than the Creator.

Well, that’s exactly where we are in our nation’s history.

  • We are practicing ungodliness as we kick God out of our schools and all aspects of our public life.
  • We are practicing unrighteousness in our daily murder of babies.
  • We are suppressing the truth of the origin of the universe and of life.
  • We are worshiping the Creation rather than the Creator.

Romans 1 says that God responds to this kind of rebellion against Him and His Word by stepping back and lowering the nation’s hedge of protection, allowing evil to multiply. And the results are:

1) A sexual revolution — which occurred in our nation in the 1960s (verses 24-25).

2) A plague of homosexuality — which followed in the 1980s and 90s (verses 26-27).

3) The society being delivered over to a depraved mind — which is where we are today (verses 28-32).

What else but depravity of mind could explain our nation’s celebration over the Supreme Court’s decision to legalized same-sex marriage? As we celebrated, God must have wept. Especially so when our President had the audacity to lite up the White House in the colors of the Sexual Perversion Movement. What a depraved and sordid spectacle that was!

I have no doubt that we signed our nation’s death warrant on June 26, 2015 when our Supreme Court rendered its despicable, ungodly decision.

Nor are we alone. Europe has rejected Christianity, and Christians are being persecuted and slaughtered worldwide. Our world is a ticking time bomb. And one of the tragedies is that the average person is just going about his normal business as if nothing is wrong, oblivious to the fact that the wrath of God is about to be poured out.

Our Hope

Is there any hope for our nation? I do not believe so. But we should not despair for several reasons.

First, what we are experiencing is a fulfillment of end time prophecy. The biblical prophets, including Jesus Himself, all prophesied that in the end times society would disintegrate into violence and immorality — that it would become as evil as in the days of Noah, and that people would go about their business as if everything was normal.

That is exactly where we are today. And thus, we are witnesses to the very signs that are heralding the soon return of Jesus.

This is why the great pastor, Adrian Rogers, once said, “The world is growing gloriously dark.” Or, as Jan Markell likes to put it: “The world is not falling to pieces; rather, the pieces are all falling into place.”

The second reason we should not despair is because there is individual hope. For those of us who are believers. God has promised that He will never forsake us.

A third reason we should not despair is because of what God is doing in Heaven right now. The Bible says in Psalm 2 that while all the political leaders of the world conspire against Him, His Word and His Son, our Creator sits on His throne and laughs. He is not laughing because He does not care. Oh no! He is laughing because He has the wisdom and power to orchestrate all the evil of mankind and Satan to the triumph of His will in history.

And don’t forget, we have a fourth reason for hope. We have the incredible hope of the Rapture.

There is also hope for unbelievers. As Robert Jeffress likes to point out:

When the darkness deepens, the light of Jesus will shine more brightly, like a diamond on a black cloth, and more and more people will be drawn to Jesus and be saved.

Meanwhile, as the darkness deepens, those of us who are believers must serve as salt and light, standing for God and His Word and refusing to give in to the demands of a pagan society, regardless of the cost.

We must be beacons of hope, pointing people to the God of hope while urging them to put their hope in their only Hope — Jesus, the Son of God and the soon returning King of kings and Lord of lords.


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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • There’s a glorious light beaming forth at the end of the dark tunnel which is this world!
    Thankyou , Dr Reagan, for a wonderful and timely article!
    Someone once said : “Hope springeth eternal”! For us it’s the blessed hope!

  • This article is biblically solid — it does not interject fanciful ideas into the destiny of america. In fact if america could be saved then we could wake up one morning and find the second chapter of 2 Thessalonians miraculously vanished from the Scripture.

  • If america could be saved, we could wake up one morning and find the second chapter of 2 ‘Thessalonians miraculously vanished from the Scripture.


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