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Bible Prophecy Issues with Daymond Duck: Revelation’s Too Hard

Daymond Duck on Bible Prophecy Issues

Christ in Prophecy was blessed to have as our special guest, Daymond Duck. Daymond is an expert on Bible prophecy who preaches, teaches, and writes prolifically about the subject, particularly on the Rapture Ready website and in his best-selling book The Book of Revelation: The Smart Guide to the Bible Series. The following are some tough questions concerning issues in Bible prophecy that he deftly answered for our program’s hosts Dr. David Reagan, Col. Tim Moore, and Nathan Jones.

Is the book of Revelation too confusing to understand?

Tim Moore: A lot of people believe that the book of Revelation is just too confusing, like it’s one of those Chinese finger puzzles.

Daymond Duck: I have a grandson who was interviewed on TV to discuss the book of Revelation way back when he was just eight years old. He was asked, “Can adults understand the book of Revelation?” And, his answer was, “If an eight year old kid can understand it, an adult can.” Even children need to be reading books about Bible prophecy.

He would come into my office while I was writing my commentary on the book of Revelation and he’d read off of my monitor. He’d be asking, “What is the Antichrist?” “What is the Tribulation period?” And, so on. I would explain Revelation to him, and it wasn’t long until I realized he was like a sponge just soaking all of that information up.

Dr. Reagan: Daymond, you often say that people can understand the book of Revelation, but most people believe they cannot. So, what then is the key to understanding it?

Daymond Duck: The key to understanding the book of Revelation involves prayer, Bible study, and getting good conservative commentaries. Study your Bible, and even go and attend Bible prophecy conferences and church services, and you will soon discover that the book of Revelation is not as hard to understand as you first believed.

Daymond Duck: The key to understanding the book of #Revelation involves prayer, #Bible study, and getting good conservative commentaries. Click To Tweet

Dr. Reagan: And don’t forget about interpreting it for its plain sense meaning.

Daymond Duck: Yes. Interpret Revelation literally. Some people say it is a book of allegory. Some say it is a book of meaningless symbols. I don’t believe that Jesus would give us a book of meaningless symbols and allegory, and then promise to bless us if we would read, hear, and keep the things that are it. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

Nathan Jones: Amen! Well, Daymond, you obviously understand Revelation because you wrote an entire book about it. You’ve written one of the best intro books about Revelation that I’ve ever read. You also added a lot of humor because you are a humorous guy. Were you always interested in Bible prophecy? Tell us a little about how you got to writing your book.

Daymond Duck: I was in my early 30’s when I wrote it. I’d gone to church most of my life. I’d served as a Sunday School teacher. I remember coming across the teaching of the Rapture but I didn’t know what it was about. I asked my pastor what the Rapture meant and he explained it. I was shocked! I couldn’t believe I’d gone to church for so long and had never heard the word Rapture. And so, I started buying books on Bible prophecy and really studying the subject. God blessed me, and here I am. I’ve also served as a Gideon and later a pastor and continued on as an author.

Dr. Reagan: Daymond, I grew up in an Amillennial church, meaning we never heard anything about Bible prophecy except one sermon a year. The pastor would say that there’s not one verse in the Bible that even implies Jesus will ever put His feet on this earth again. You can imagine how startled I was at age 12 when I discovered Zechariah 14 where it says plainly that Jesus is coming back to the Mount of Olives and there His foot is going to touch the ground. I went to that church faithfully for 30 years. But, at the end of those 30 years, if you had asked me what the Rapture meant I probably would have said, “It’s a sensation you feel when your girlfriend kisses you.” That’s about all I knew about Bible prophecy!

Nathan Jones: Daymond, I am so glad there are diligent teachers out there like you who help us understand the Bible better, even the tough books like the book of Revelation.

In the second part of our interview with Bible prophecy expert Daymond Duck, we will explore whether we are now living in the Millennial Kingdom or not.

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