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Prophetic Perspectives #103: The Election Omen

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Tim Moore: America is approaching another presidential election here in 2020. What is the responsibility of a Christian voter?

Author Marsha Kuhnley has written an outstanding book titled The Election Omen: Your Vote Matters. In it, she emphasizes the fact that your vote matters. Marsha, what would you say should be the Christian’s response to going out and voting in an election?

Marsha Kuhnley: The Apostle Paul teaches us in Ephesians 6:10-20 that Christians must put on the whole armor of God. Doing so is especially vitally important in these end times. Paul exhorts those wearing the whole armor of God in that passage to stand “strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” Therefore, Christians are meant to stay in an active mode. We wield our sword of truth, and one of the ways we can wield that sword of truth is by voting the way Jesus would have us vote.

Tim Moore: I love the fact that you pointed out that Christians need to remain active. Matthew 16:18 tells us that the gates of Hell will not prevail when the Saints are marching forward. That means that Christians need to be proactive in declaring God’s truth and spreading “salt and light” in our own society. Voting is a key way we can do that.

What should Christians look for when considering to vote for a particular candidate among the choices given in an election?

Marsha Kuhnley: Christians must keep a biblical perspective. The Bible provides us with many characteristics and causes to look for in terms of what a candidate supports. Right to life, being Pro-Life/Anti-Abortion, is a big one.

What their stance is on the LGBTQ+ movement should match up to what the Bible makes very clear — that God made man and woman for each other and that He created marriage for a man and woman alone. Only a sanctified, covenant relationship should be upheld. Any sex outside of marriage is a sin, and the Bible is very clear about that.

Those are two of the big issues Christians should be looking for when they pick a candidate for their vote.

Tim Moore: Too often lately our religious liberties have been under attack, even in the United States. Christians should then look for candidates who will respect religious liberty and all American’s freedom to worship as they see fit. It seems like as of late Christianity has been under tremendous attacks all over the world.

Marsha Kuhnley: Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more. In the end times, deception will abound. One of these deceptions is the Equality Act. Congress has had this act on their legislative agenda. It has nothing to do with equality. In fact, this act directly attacks religious liberty. Christians should not vote for candidates who are hostile to religious liberty.

Tim Moore: Some Christians at times have argued that Christians should never “sully themselves” with politics and that we are “above all of that.” Why would we not want to defend our society against all of the deception that is raging around us today? No, rather we need to be engaged in society and we need to exercise our responsibility to vote.

Marsha Kuhnley: Yes, again, I couldn’t agree with you more. Revelation 3 speaks of the last church — the Church of Laodicea. One of the complaints Jesus had against that church is that they had this “I don’t care” attitude. Apostasy! Jesus called that church not to be like that. He wished that the Laodiceans were neither hot nor cold, not tepid and flavorless.

Individual Christians can become like the Laodiceans. Jesus calls us not to be like that. Christians need to be hot. We cannot just sit on the sidelines with this “I don’t care” attitude saying, “I’m just going to sit here and wait until Jesus comes.” We are called to suit up, put our armor on, and vote!

Tim Moore: That’s a good message for all Christians. As Marsha revealed — your vote matters. Recognize that voting is not just your American right, but it is also your Christian responsibility.

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Tim Moore

Colonel Tim Moore serves as the Director and Senior Evangelist of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He leads pilgrimages to Israel and is the host of the television program Christ in Prophecy.

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  • Thanks for this Col. Moore. Sadly neither Presidential candidate has come out against homosexual marriage. Pres. Trump is anti-abortion; former VP Biden is not. Trump openly courts evangelical support and speaks of our country as “one nation under God.” Mr Biden does not. Mr. Trump asks pastors to publicly pray for him; Mr. Biden does not. Mr. Trump is pro-Israel which is an important Biblical commitment. Mr Biden is not. Mr Trump is for border controls; Mr Biden is not. Keeping one’s borders from being overrun is Biblical although the nation-State did not exist during Biblical eras. This in no way contradicts hospitality towards the foreigner. Mr Trump is openly anti-socialist and anti-communist. Mr. Biden has not made similar expressions. The Bible clearly is pro-private enterprise. Solomon was not criticized for his wealth but was resented for overworking his subjects, and for religious syncretism in order to please his many non-Israelite wives. Thank you for this thought provoking article.

  • Believing that voting makes a difference is a lie. The President has already been selected and all we’re doing is watching the show! Believing in the election system is like believing that a mask will prevent Corona virus from getting on you. Trump is part of the second beast system and Biden is part of the first beast system. Voting for someone that doesn’t confess Christ as Lord is a compromise in your faith! I will not vote because there are no followers of Christ running for President.

  • I agree with everything that Jeff Ludwig says, and in fact I was going to send it to my daughter, who is going to vote for the Democratic ticket, but claims to be Christian. However, in the 3rd from bottom paragraph, it says “He wished that the Laodiceans were NEITHER hot NOR cold…”. Please, this is an error, and is confusing to someone who is not that familiar with scripture. I have seen this more frequently over the past several years, and it indicates that articles are not proofread before distributing. Otherwise a good article.

  • Jesus did not get involved with politics. He said give to ceasar what is ceasars and give to God what is Gods. We should ask God in prayer as to whom we should vote for or if at all.

  • Excellent commentary. Although I’m not AMERICAN, but CANADIAN, I believe the UNITED STATES is at a crossroads. This election in my opinion will determine if the country will move forward in a positive direction or will it slide even farther down into chaos, uncertainty and drifting even farther away from the BIBLICAL principles and values the country was founded on. It is extremely important that all EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS cast their vote in this election; more than ever before are their votes needed. GOD bless you all at the ministry and may GOD bless the outcome of the election. We must remember it’s GOD who raises kings and it’s GOD who deposes them.

  • If Republican and Democratic Christians spent as much time trying to reach people with the Gospel as they are trying to get people to vote, maybe you would turn people to God, instead of a man or country that has no Heaven or Hell to send someone to.

    A personal effort to turn a dinner away from his ways means more to God than this fruitless effort. Laws do not change man – grace and truth came from Jesus Christ.

    Preach Him, not Trump. It sounds hypocritical.

  • There is really only one way to view this election. Which party is for Christ and which party is Anti- Christ? If you cannot see the very clear difference then you need to examine yourself. I’m not being harsh but it is imperitive that the Church awake out of its slumber. God is giving us this last opportunity to turn our country around but we can only do this if we resoundingly reject the Democrats in this election. Please pray for our country and for victory for our President.

  • It is a must for Christians to vote. How els would we express our light and salt? Mr. Trump has Christians as his advisers, the vice president is a Christian and they pray over him regularly. I don’t know if he is a born again believer himself but he set born again Christians all around him. Something Biden has not. I don’t think Biden has time for Christians. He certainly doesn’t like Israel and I don’t think he will close planned parenthood something that Trump would do!

  • The more time I spend in the Word, the worse Trump looks. IF the only criteria is abortion and gays (the Republican answer designed by Paul Weyrich and the Heritage Foundation on who to hate and vote against), I will vote for character and integrity, not lies and hate. You are so predictable. God gave us “free will” is what I read. Blindly following the devil in the name of abortion and gay rights is a choice. Legislating morality is not a human law.

    • Character and integrity are things that the Biden family are lacking. They have used the Biden name to gather wealth from many countries.

  • I pray for our President often to “accept” Jesus. But with that said as a christian whose acts and views are more compatible to our values? President Trump has been the best president since Abe Lincoln. It is obvious to anyone who has the spirit of God that the Lord is using him. I shudder to think what life would be like if another vile person like Obama or his ilk got elected.

  • For the record…in this election year 2020, while all the polls are going against President Trump and the liberal media’s reporting is so one sided for Biden, GOD has revealed to me several times this year that President Trump will win this election hands down…and it will have nothing to do with President Trump himself, when it happens. It has to do with Israel…specifically Jerusalem. GOD will simply not allow the enemy to turn back all the things HE HIMSELF set out to accomplish for Israel! HE will not allow the enemy to win back ground on issues that matter mightily to GOD HIMSELF. He needed a *bull in a china closet* to accomplish it, but had Trump not been willing, HE would have found someone else.

  • Are you forgetting that not committing adultery is one of the ten commandments? Yet you are promoting a President who has committed adultery God knows how many times. You only focus on homosexuality. The gay people I know are more loving than Trump is. “By their fruits you will know them”. The fruits of Trump supporting Evangelicals are smelling pretty rotten right about now. Trying to take away people’s healthcare is not Christian. If you want to lower abortion numbers you do not try to take away women’s access to birth control. The Bible condemns treating immigrants harshly and not paying workers a fair wage. Capitalism is out of control. The people at the top should not make 1,000 times more than their workers do.

  • Politics is for politicians and the rich. The middle class and poor which make up the majority are not represented. Using a Christian site to swing votes to a certain agenda is not ethical.
    The Lord has ways of changing the world: (that is so beyond our understanding) we Must have Faith and Be attentive and ready.
    Voting is our right and our opinions are just our opinions. Vote your conscience. I do encourage that you educate yourself to the reasons/ definitions of the various agenda’s “end goal” to understand what your vote means.
    God will take care of the rest!
    To the Writers of this : Please proof read : some parts are misspelled and some are not grammatically correct or Biblically correct.


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