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Nathan Jones: Every person who comes to know Jesus Christ as their Savior carries a story within us. We call it a testimony. Pablo Frascini has a tremendous testimony — a testimony about how he came out of the fashion industry and came to know Jesus Christ, and how Bible prophecy played a role in that. I came to know Pablo about a year ago. He is one of the fresh faces in Bible prophecy with his new ministry called Serpents & Doves.

Overcoming Addiction

Nathan Jones: Pablo, let’s get to know you. Tell us a little bit about the struggles from your childhood and what that was like?

Pablo Frascini: I was born in Argentina. I grew up Catholic like the majority of Latin Americans where Catholicism is very big. At around the age of four years old my parents were separated and heading for a divorce. But, God did a big work in their lives through a lay pastor from a small church next door to the Catholic Church we were attending. My parents would attend mass there every Sunday and they would then take us to the little church as a treat, and there the pastor there would minister to both my mom and dad. My father was also getting ministered to at his job at General Motors.

Low and behold, God is good, my parents came to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. God brought healing to their marriage. It was by the grace of God that He got a hold of my parents’ hearts, and so that was a big praise while growing up.

Then, my older sister followed suit and came to know Jesus Christ as her personal savior. Next, my youngest sister and I both came to know Jesus Christ at an early age.

Nathan Jones: But, you went down a more difficult track later in life after you came to know the Lord?

Pablo Frascini: Yes, it was a rough road I traveled. But, then again, God is really good. I can’t state that enough.

When I was around six years old, my parents had bought a new property. In the midst of our move, they hired a babysitter to take care of me, because I was an obvious six-year-old ants-in-the-pants sort of kid who couldn’t stay still. That babysitter sexually molested me during that move. I don’t take that lightly, but God is good because again He brings healing to what the Enemy means for bad, God takes and somehow turns to good.

I carried that pain for many, many years. Even though I knew Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior, Satan would often use that abuse to bring me feelings of guilt and shame. It wasn’t until I was 18 years old that I realized that none of the abuse was my fault. Once I realized it wasn’t my fault, God brought great healing into my life. Even though there was guilt and shame that the Enemy tried to use against me, the Lord took that guilt away and brought healing to my life. I was later able to talk to others who had been abused and share my story to hopefully bring healing to their lives as well.

Another unfortunate side effect that came out of that stealing of the innocence was that I was propelled into a life of being addicted to pornography. Now, it wasn’t open. It wasn’t something that I was proud of. So, even though God brought healing in one area, Satan now was taking this other area and bothering me with it. Satan would say, “You are not a Christian. Just look at what you are looking at it. It’s filthy!” And yes, true, it was filthy. A great tug-of-war gripped my soul as this spiritual struggle kept going on back and forth between God and Satan for my heart and mind.

God is so good, because on October 1, 2008, He sent a godly little couple into my life and they ministered to me. It was amazing because, as we would sit and they would share with me, it was as if the Lord were sitting down and sharing with me Himself. And, that day, which I remember as if it were yesterday — October 1, 2008 — God really brought complete healing and restoration and delivered me from all addiction.

I want to encourage anybody who might be trapped in that filthy lifestyle of sexual sin that there is hope — the only hope — Jesus Christ. Only He can bring complete healing, restoration, and hope for your life. Everything that the locusts have eaten, God can restore.

Becoming a Fashion Designer

Nathan Jones: Amen! Pablo, how did you get into the fashion industry? What piqued your interest in that career field?

Pablo Frascini: I’ve always loved fashion. My oldest sister and I used to go window shopping because she wanted to be an interior designer. She always loved clothes as well. When we lived in Argentina, she took a class to make her own clothes, and she ended up doing that as a living.

Like my sister, I, too, was drawn to fashion and graphic design, as well as surfing and then later skating. I don’t think it was until I was in college that I realized I wanted to design action sports clothing for a living. Getting into the action sports industry became my goal. It was really what I wanted to do with my life, to design for a big action sports fashion company. And, God did open those doors to me. To this day, the love of design and fashion has never really left me. It’s always been something that I love to do.

God opened the door for me to be able to become a designer. He did that through one of my final projects in college where I had to interview a creative director in the action sports industry. My professor gave me the contact number of a VP of Design. One thing led to another, and I started submitting work ideas to the VP, and then found myself eventually working full-time at one of the biggest companies in the action sports industry.

Nathan Jones: What is the fashion industry like? What’s the type of people and the type of culture which defines the fashion industry?

Pablo Frascini: It’s a very secular environment. There was lots of drinking, usually on Fridays, so when I was there on Fridays management would bring beer around. People would start drinking on the job. Some people would bring in their own hard liquor. Girls would model and change their tops here and there just out in the open. So, it’s not a Christian environment. You’d face great moral challenges, especially if you were not solid and grounded in your faith. But, if you knew that this was where you were meant to be, you could look at it as a mission field. It’s very easy to fall away from Christ working in the fashion industry. Satan will definitely use those temptations as a tool and method to draw you away from Christ.

Nathan Jones: So, Pablo you ended up leaving that company and founded Serpents & Doves. Now you create your own fashion merchandise aimed at the Christian audience to use as witnessing tools. I happen to own an original Pablo Fascini shirt (I like to say that). When people see your ministry logo of a crown, I can share about the soon coming of the King of Kings.

Loving Bible Prophecy

Nathan Jones: Final question. How did Bible prophecy become part of your new ministry?

Pablo Frascini: I love Bible prophecy! Ever since I was a young kid, even when I grew up in Argentina, one of the pastors there would preach on the book of Revelation, and it always fascinated me. Even though I didn’t completely understand everything that I was hearing, I knew that Jesus Christ was going to return. I learned that the world was not going to get better but grow progressively worse. I knew that even at a very young age.

Remember that I was going through a lot back then. It was a battle for me as a kid with what I had experienced. But, knowing that Jesus Christ was coming back and that I was going with Him in the Rapture, that knowledge became a source of joy. As I grew older, I began to better understand what Bible prophecy meant. It really provides a believer hope to know that at any moment Jesus Christ is going to come back for His own.

Also, knowing that all of the prophecies in Scripture will at one point soon come to pass, with many of them have already come to pass, and many more during the Tribulation, secures it for me that the Bible is 100% accurate. Knowing this brings hope to me, for if the Bible says it, I know these prophecies will happen. Being able to share Bible prophecy provides me with a source of joy and hope that we often don’t have in life. Bible prophecy helps us live life knowing that Jesus Christ can come back at any moment.

We really should live holy lives because we love Jesus Christ, and He us, and so we should live godly lives. And, the fact that Jesus Christ is coming back soon, well, that should help us cope with life’s challenges. That knowledge should motivate us to live a better life for Christ and share Jesus Christ with those around us because the time is short and of the essence.

Nathan Jones: Amen! Pablo, you’re the embodiment of John 8:36, “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” (John 8:36). I pray people will take your testimony to heart, especially those who are battling addictions.

Pablo how can somebody come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior as you do?

Pablo Frascini: Call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved (Romans 10:13). It doesn’t matter where you are in your spiritual journey. Just call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Pray to Him. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and He will make you clean and whole.

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