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Transgenders Transformed

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Tim Moore: I traveled to Tupelo, Mississippi to visit the headquarters of the American Family Association and meet it’s president, Tim Wildmon. We met to talk about some of the trends in our culture. For many years now, AFA has been instrumental in pushing back against some of the poison that is being propagated on our culture, such as by big media like television and in Hollywood movies. These media use their platforms to virtue signal and promote their leftist ideologies.

Tim Wildmon: Doing so is the only thing that is considered virtuous by them.

Tim Moore: Yes, their sexual revolution mindset has transformed our society dramatically over the last few decades. And yet, Christians are called to stand for godly truths. One of the ways that AFA has stood against the tide of evil is by producing a tremendous film called, In His Image.

Tim Wildmon: In His Image is a documentary that we started producing a couple of years ago in response to the Transgender movement that’s all the rage in our culture right now. Transgenderism is being celebrated by Hollywood and the overall entertainment industry.

If you speak anything against the Transgender movement then you are instantly labeled a hateful person and a bigot. So, what we wanted to do with this film is to just follow the testimonies of four people who had lived in that lifestyle. We followed the story of a man who thought he was a woman, and a woman who thought she was a man, and the other two who lived under gender dysphoria. These people went to extremes, dressing like the opposite sex and so forth. These are people whom God reached down and saved and delivered them from this destructive lifestyle.

Hollywood paints a pretty picture, but as these people testified, transgenderism is not at all as it’s cracked up to be. After all, it’s not natural to God’s purpose for our lives. We all know that, but the world lies and says that it is anyway.

Tim Moore: As with any of the lies that Satan tries to foist on us and we believe, we always end up “eating out of a pigsty” before we come to our senses. How can people watch this very biblically based film?

Tim Wildmon: I have to first say, I didn’t have anything to do with the production of this film, except to say, “Yes, team, go and make this.” So, to my staff — five stars! If you could rate a documentary five stars, with five being the greatest, then this is a five stars documentary. You will not be disappointed. You need 90 minutes to watch the whole thing, but it is powerful and so worth the time spent. The documentary has even gone viral. And, it’s free!

Just go to and watch it free. Their testimonies have been changing a lot of lives. We are getting emails from around the world about people who have been set free from transgenderism after watching this film.

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