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President Biden Doubles Down on Wokeism

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Identifying the Absurdity

Tim Moore: Here in America, the federal bureaucracy has grown so large that no one person seems capable of commanding all of its far-reaching tentacles. Under this shroud of bureaucracy, the Biden administration has been quietly pursuing the most radical policies and elevating the most radical appointees in American history. For a man who campaigned as a moderate, Mister Biden seems determined to drive our nation off the far Left Woke cliff. Our nation is heading in a far different direction than most people would have assumed when Mr. Biden campaigned for the Presidency just a few short years ago.

Nathan Jones: I read a very good article by Ben Shapiro on The Daily Wire and I think he just nailed it when he concluded that even though Biden won the vote, Bernie Sanders won the Democratic party and its agenda. If Biden wanted to keep his political support he needs Bernie Sanders’ ultra-woke, ultra-leftist, progressives to support him. Biden has been historically more of a moderate, though a little left of center. But now, Biden has gone full radical Leftist, it seems, because he has to support an agenda that is providing him with his finances and support, and that would be the Woke Leftists.

Tim Moore: It’s not only a matter of ideology, sometimes it is also a matter of identity. Biden has made it “clear” at times that he is going to appoint people regardless of their qualifications and instead pursue candidates based solely on their perceived identities. You can argue he did that with his own vice-presidential selection in Kamala Harris because he wanted a female of color.

Nathan Jones: Tim, do you mean President Biden picked a woman and a black person, and in the process purposely discounted men, Asians, Hispanics, and all other races? Isn’t that an act of sexism and racism?

Tim Moore: Yes, Biden’s choices as of late have been based solely on sexism and racism and not on merit. There have been many qualified people who have been given tremendous gifts by God from every ethnicity and gender; that is very clear. For example, Condoleezza Rice is one of the ladies I still revere for her intelligence and commitment to principled leadership. And so, it is not a matter of excluding any particular ethnicity.

The other questionable act that Joe Biden has done is make it clear that he is embracing transgender identification. Biden famously elevated a man who now calls himself Rachel Levine to a position in the Department of Health. He made him an actual admiral in a uniform capacity. Was the President’s decision based on qualifications? No! They were based on his transgender identity.

Recently, Biden elevated a man by the name of Sam Brinton, who does not even claim a gender identity as he calls himself gender fluid, and he is now the deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition at the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy. This is an appointment. A deputy assistant secretary is kind of far down on the chain, but Brinton is getting a lot of media attention because of his very outlandish personal behavior and sexual ideology.

Identifying the Discrepancy

Nathan Jones: If a fire blazed in my house, I would want a big, burly person who knew how to fight fires and was an expert on fire safety to come and rescue me and my family. And yet, it seems as if the Leftist agenda in every situation would rather pick what they call diversity over qualifications. So, imagine your house is burning down, and the fire truck rolls up and out jumps a bunch of tiny little women and transgender people who are there just because of the political group they represent and not because of their qualifications and skills. Well, surely, my house will burn down and we may die. These people are likely not the best qualified for fighting fires and performing rescue operations.

Now then, let’s expand that example to our country and our country’s influence on the entire world. When we pick and choose people based on their appearance, race, sexuality, and gender, and not on their qualifications, the best people are not performing in the roles for which they were gifted and trained.

Doing so also seems to go against the idea of what Progressivism has historically fought for, that being the bringing an end to the marginalizing and rejecting of people in our society. By elevating one group over another, they are in truth marginalizing and rejecting other people. They are committing the very racist and sexist acts they purport to vilify and so punish qualified people in order to further their Marxist agenda.

Tim Moore: I don’t think we can get our minds around such hypocrisy, at least not if we are thinking clearly. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., back during the marches of the Civil Rights era said that he looked forward to a day when we as a society judged a person by the quality of the person’s character and not by the color of their skin. But today, our society has turned that goal on its head. The world has turned all of that common sense on its head because in reality, they do not care about a person’s character. It’s apparent that they do not care about a person’s qualitative characteristics, or a person’s skill set, or giftedness. Rather, they only care about identity, and sometimes that identity is only skin-deep.

Identifying the Solution

Tim Moore: As Christians, we do care about diversity. Obviously, within the Church, the Lord God has gathered people from every race, nation, tribe, people, and tongue from the world into the body of Christ. Every one of them brings unique natural talents and gifts. Each of us is also granted a unique spiritual gift given to us by God Himself once we place our faith in Jesus Christ and then the Holy Spirit dwells within us. We use those gifts within the body of Christ to edify the body and glorify our risen Lord. Some of us serve as figurative fingers, toes, and other parts of the body, but all collectively serve the Lord on this earth.

And so, there’s great diversity within the Church, and we celebrate that. But, what we reject is some kind of false diversity that looks for only external indicators and rejects all other groundings of qualification. Character is all that should really matter, and that’s what King taught and what we believe.

Nathan Jones: This move towards exalting sexist and racist acts goes to where prophetically the world has been prophesied to be going as the Antichrist spirit — the Man of Lawlessness — comes into a world that is increasingly becoming more and more lawless. It seems like the social engineers from the Progressive side are continuing to place mind-numbing ideas into our people’s heads by calling good evil and evil good. They commit racist acts while condemning racism, and that just doesn’t make any sense. Their end goal is to destabilize our society for the purpose of then rebuilding it one day into a global empire — the Antichrist’s empire.

What we are seeing today in the flipping of what good and evil mean is an end time sign. We often don’t think about this, but of all of the different signs that Jesus listed that point to His soon return, the de-evolution of society, if I can use that word, must go that way because it is all building toward the one-world empire ruled by Satan that will last only for seven years.

Tim Moore: The buzzword of today is Intersectionality, meaning what kind of different identities you can bring into a conversation be they race, ethnicity, gender, or a lack of gender, or whatever. Those who put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ have only one identity — Christian. I am a follower of Christ. I am a disciple of Christ. That trumps every other qualification and every other identity we could claim because all of them fall at the feet of Jesus Christ.

And so, we hope that you will place your trust in Jesus Christ and gain your first and only identity that matters when you stand before the throne of God. Make your sole identity a follower of Jesus Christ. That is what saves you and that is what unites our hearts as brothers and sisters in Christ.

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    • I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with YouTube’s closed captions. I’ve tested the player in both small and full view and the captions are displaying. If the cc is too small, you may need to adjust the resolution of your screen.

  • It’s painful to watch what the Biden administration is doing and getting away with. We know it’s temporary but the lives they are catching in the web of deceit and outright lies are almost unbearable to contemplate.

    Imagine what our Lord and Savior sees.

    You brought tears of gratefulness to my eyes from the last two paragraphs; Thank You, Lord Jesus for saving a wretch like me. .

  • It is good for me to have others give their perspective truth and to realize the reality of this truth comes from a heart that thinks like me and that is encouraging. I sometimes wonder if I am the only one who thinks this way. I should know better. I like reading the journal and it is well written, certainly not because I am an authority on writing. I am rather surprised that there are not more replies. I suppose some people aren’t open with their thoughts. Nevertheless, God is at work in your ministry.


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