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Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

No, it is not.

“We have ruled the world before, and by Allah, the day will come when we will rule the entire world again. The day will come when we will rule America. The day will come when we will rule Britain and the entire world – except for the Jews. The Jews will not enjoy a life of tranquility under our rule… the day will come when everything will be relieved of the Jews… listen to the prophet Mohammad, who tells you about the evil end that awaits the Jews: ‘The stones and trees will want the Muslims to finish off every Jew.'”
– Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris (May 13, 2005)

Watch the “sermon” (5 minutes)

What is the Islamic motivation?

There are three motivations for the Arab desire to annihilate the Jews and retake both Israel and Jerusalem.

  1. A portion of the Koran states that once a land has been conquered for Allah, it must remain an Islamic land. The Arabs conquered the land and city in the Middle Ages when they drove the Crusaders out. They now feel compelled by the Koran to reconquer it.
  2. The re-establishment of the state of Israel is viewed by Muslim clerics as a judgment of God upon the Arab peoples for their lack of faithfulness to Islam. They must redeem themselves from this judgment by returning to the fundamentals of Islam and then, having been spiritually revived, Allah will empower them to regain both the land and the city.
  3. Arabs believe that their control of Jerusalem and its Temple Mount will certify their superiority over both Judaism and Christianity.

This kind of thinking cannot be reasoned with, it cannot be appeased, it cannot be bargained with. Such hatred is evil and satanically motivated in origin.

Will the Muslims finally act on their hatred?

Yes. Ezekiel 38 & 39 prophesies that Russia and the Islamic nations will ally and mount a titanic offensive against Israel. At a population ratio of 662 to 1, Israel has no chance. But, God will personally intervene so the nations will know that He is the LORD (39:7). The slaughter of the Russian/Islamic army will be so complete that it will take Israel 7 months to bury the dead (39:12), and the equipment and fuel left will supply Israel during the 7 years of the Tribulation (39:9).Islam will experience a defeat so overwhelming and so humiliating that the eyes of millions of Muslims will be opened to the fact that Allah is a false god. At that point their hearts will be opened to the true God – a God of lovingkindness who came to this earth and died for the sins of mankind.

How will the rest of the events play out?

How should we pray?

  1. Let us pray for our leaders, that they will be able to discern the spiritual nature of the war we are engaged in.
  2. Let us pray for the leaders of Israel, that they will turn to God for their protection and stop seeking it through America and through trying to appease an enemy whose goal is to annihilate them.
  3. Let us pray for the Islamic world, that Muslims everywhere will have their hearts opened to the Gospel.
  4. And let us daily cry out from the depths of our hearts, “Maranatha!” Come quickly, Lord Jesus!
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  • Not only is islam (small “i” on purpose) not a religion of peace it is also a religion that denies Christ as the Son of God, His death and His resurrection.
    -Billy W.

  • Islam is the moon god religion. those Muslims do not know what they worship. the Almighty God has sent strong delusion and has even created the wicked for the day of evil. They will be and are instruments for Jehovah’s magnification and glory.

  • 4) And let us daily cry out from the depths of our hearts, “Maranatha!” Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

    Amos 5:18 Woe to you who long
    for the day of the LORD!
    Why do you long for the day of the LORD ?
    That day will be darkness, not light.

    So many of God’s beloved souls lost. Good seed planted on poor soil, We should be patient of the Lord and let him work his time schedule.


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