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The Meaning of Heaven

Have you ever gone on a trip, but didn’t know what your final destination would be like? If so, how would that make you feel?

Some would answer “fearful,” “with trepidation,” “reluctant,” or even “downright terrorized.” Adventuresome souls would answer “excited,” “anticipatory,” and (insert generational exclamation) “groovy/gnarly/it rocks!” An odd reaction, but some would even answer “bored,” “doesn’t do anything for me,” or “whatever.”

All of humanity is on a roadtrip called “Life” with the last passage being (you guessed it) — death. Where your final destination lies — for those who reject Jesus and His free gift of salvation it’s separation from God and torment in Hades then Hell; for those who accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of their life it’s an everlasting and joyous relationship with the Creator in Heaven — totally affects how we feel about death and how we live life.

For the believer, we may not really be clear on what the Bible teaches about our final destination. Incorrect teachings that Heaven is a spirit-world where we float on clouds and play harps all day long like in some Looney Toones cartoon put me in that “borrrr-ing” category and left me feeling flat about my final port.

Want to know what Heaven is really like as the Bible portrays it? Then check out the “Christ in Prophecy” show below entitled “What Will Heaven Be Like?,” or read Dr. Reagan’s article The Meaning of Heaven. “Ho-hum” or “shakin’ with fear” will not even be in the picture on how you feel about Heaven after watching this show!

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