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Liberal Historians Fracture History

Peter Marshall

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If you didn’t want people to know about America’s Christian heritage, how would you obscure the big picture?

In a Christ in Prophecy series titled “America’s Christian Heritage,” Dr. David Reagan interviews a historian who can identify the methodology liberal historians use to achieve the divorcing of God from American history.

For over forty years the Rev. Peter Marshall has gained national recognition as a teacher and writer on America’s Christian heritage. Because he believes that our nation is in moral and spiritual crisis and that the only hope for restoration is revival, his increasingly prophetic ministry focuses on two major themes — recovering the original American vision with the truth about our Christian heritage, and putting 2 Chronicles 7:14 on national repentance into practice.

Son of the famous Senate chaplain Dr. Peter Marshall and author Catherine Marshall, Rev. Marshall has devoted himself to a continent-wide ministry of preaching, teaching and writing. He has co-authored three best-selling books about God’s call on America and His hand on our history — The Light and The Glory, From Sea to Shining Sea, and Sounding Forth the Trumpet. His ministry is called Peter Marshall Ministries.

Historical Fracturing

Dr. Reagan: One of the things that seems to drive the liberal historians up the wall is the assertion by anyone that this nation was founded as a Christian nation.

Rev. Marshall: Oh, absolutely. Washington and these men were determined to put Biblical principles into practice and they did.

It is virtually impossible in many colleges and universities today to get a decent education in American history because the courses have been politically driven to be narrowed down to silly kinds of focuses on subjects I kiddingly label “The History of Women’s Rights in South Dallas,” or some such overly focused topic. Fracturing history like this thus leaves us so that we can no longer put together a basic comprehensive understanding of what this nation was really all about. Colleges rarely have courses that focus on the broader brushstrokes of history anymore.

Dr. Reagan: The speed of the abandonment of God in our lifetime and from historical accounts we’ve seen happen so fast.

Rev. Marshall: Oh, yes, it has deteriorated totally.

Dr. Reagan: I want to get your reaction to this. This is a statement that Earl Warren made to Time Magazine in 1954. He was the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court at that time. If a Justice were to make this statement today there would be an immediate move to impeach him. But, here is what Earl Warren said to Time Magazine:

“I believe no one can read the history of our country without realizing that the Good Book and the Spirit of the Savior have from the beginning been our guiding geniuses. Whether we look to the First Charter of Virginia or to the Charter of New England or the Charter of Massachusetts Bay, or the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, the same objective is present, a Christian land governed by Christian principles. I believe that the entire Bill of Rights came into being because of the knowledge of our Forefathers had of the Bible and there belief in it. Freedom of belief of expression, of assembly, petition, dignity of the individual, sanctity of the home, equal justice under the law, reservation of powers of the people. I like to believe we are living today in the spirit of the Christian religion. I like also to believe that as long as we do so, no great harm will come to this country.”

Rev. Marshall: Yes, that is right. As we drift away from those principles and reject them, we are incurring the judgment of Almighty God. I think that is exactly what is going on today in America.

That was an accurate statement of Warren’s shared by all kinds of people. Harry Truman said that all the fundamental rights that are built into American government come from Isaiah and Saint Paul. We know he knew perfectly well where those rights all came from — Scripture.


America's Christian Heritage

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • Earl Warren is a classic example of a Marxist "Public Serpent" who has done great harm to our Republic!
    He spoke eloquently of the truth to gain office, all the while his hand on our back was feeling for the right spot to push the dagger in…

    Harry Truman ["Et tu Brute?"] likewise, pulling Gen. Douglas MacArthur out of Korea because he was winning instead of stalemating. Mac knew the key position in the UN is the "Under-secretary of the "Peace-Keeping" Farces and that according to the Charter that position is always to be held by a Russian General. [in classic Soviet style, like the Russian Ambassadors are patsy figure-heads who are routinely recalled whenever someone is 'caught' spying, and the "Secretary", a KGB general, remains in charge!]

    Since we were operating as UN troops, all US orders went thru the Under-secretary's desk, who happened to be on a convenient "leave-of-absence" in North Korea, directing their war efforts against Mac.

    Mac wasn't fond of being "ambushed" by the Soviet general so he drew up his own plans and successfully routed him, much to the chagrin of Truman.

    Another example of: "Funny, "they" don't teach any of that in our little 'indoctrination centers'…"

  • I agree with Warren's statment, but i also agree drnofog. Like most in politics they are just speaking from the corner of their mouths. President Bush spoke many christian words, and near the end of his presidency it sounded like he thinks we all go to heaven, and pray to the same God, just different roads to get there. Even muslims and Christians he says were the same. The Masons also infiltraded our country since its foundation. The history we are taught in schools are brain washing our youth and leaving out what they don't want, just like the nazi's and every other socialist style govt has done, and is doing!!! But God is still ont he throne and isn't surprised by any of it. It all serves his purpose

  • Jimmy Carter was a miserable failure and now we have Jimmy Carter – Part 2 with Obama the junior anitchrist Muslim.

    George Bush 1 gave us the New World Order and George Bush 2 was a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    Bill Clinton was too busy with Monica and had a Republican congress which prevented him from getting his liberal agenda fully in force.

    Ronald Reagan remains the greatest president of my life. Though I was very angry when he got into trading arms for hostages – he knew better and still did it.

  • We all want to blame the liberals or the Democrats for the current moral pit America is in, yet conservatives and Republicans also played a part in the pursuit of power and influence. Corruption stems from all parties. All we can do now is examine the supposed once bright Christian heritage of America like the fabled city of Atlantis.

    Today in America there are more mosques being built then churches. Those that label themselves Conservative Christians are seeking political influence leading to all time corruption within their ranks. These have abandoned the true gospel in exchange for a social gospel.

    The problems in this country are many, yet they all stem from the influence of a spiritually dead Church with no power and absent of the truth. Time to look in the mirror and start pointing the finger in the appropriate direction. This country has fallen because we have fallen, that is the truth, to deny this reveals us to be liars.

  • Nathan,

    Why do you print anything to back up your statements without doing quality research. Do you take us all as fools or don't you bother to do any work. You claim you are anti-mason yet you use earl warren in your piece to prove your point.

    From secular Time magazine(Oct.12, 1953). which, while secular, at least tells the whole truth :
    "A working Mason (33rd degree, past Grand Master of California), he often reads the Bible before going to bed at night or the first thing in the morning:

    Dave said masons are wrong, which I believe.

    Jesus said " a double minded man is unstable in all he does". That be be construed for the praying warren or the use of men to back up what one says especially when that person's actions are condemed.

    some other notable masons

    George Washington General, Politician, and First President of the United States. Initiated in Fredericksburg VA, Past Master of Alexandria Lodge No. 22, Virginia
    John Marshall, Chief Justice of the United States (1801–1835), Grand Master of Virginia from 1793-1795
    John Hancock, American revolutionary, merchant and statesman
    Benjamin Franklin, American inventor and statesman. St. John's Lodge, Philadelphia, February 1731

    13 masons signed the constitution and 9 signed the declaration of independence.

    I am just not like you anti-mason, but I am anti double mindedness as the Lord is.

    Quit using this logic to try to prove your points.

    Why don't you go back to teaching the bible instead of sensationialism.

  • I hope you get what i am sharing. Stop trying to prove points by using things and people which are just convient or proof texting. Either masons are in error or not. if they are , as dave clearly points out why did he chose one to sell his dvd.

    The ends never justifies the means or "there is a way which seems right to a man but the end results thereof is death:.

    have you forgotten in your path that there is a bible and people are starving for this knowledge.

    Darkness is cast out by the Light. jesus is the light. Jesus is the Light of the world. jesus is the word of God.

    I beg you to return to biblical teaching and not these sensationalistic essays. Your research isn't very good and secondly nothing compares to sharing the truth of the Gospel. Not even essays that sorta links to religion.

    By the way what "good book " was warren referring too as many books are accepted to masons. And what spirit of the savior is he talking about – Jahbulon . warren never does clarify that.

  • John, I don't understand what point you are trying to make. Are you a mason?

    If you have an issue with the research, go to the source and take it up with Rev. Marshall.

  • Nathan

    you are not reading with comprehesion. Dave R, quoted from earl warren in a misguided attempt to have an authority to give his statement credence. the joke is that he used a mason when he has posted elsewhere that the masons are not christian and they are a cult. i want you to make up your mind or do you just say one thing in a post to make a point and another thing elsewhere. Your blogs are doubleminded. How can anyone trust one tghing you say.

    Either the masons are wrong or they are right. if they are wrong why does Dave quote masons to make his point that america is christian. Dave says masons arn't christian so why would he use one. dave is grasping at anything to write a story. it wasn't peter marshall jr. ( I read his stuff years ago) who used the mason, but Dave R.

    You do litle research, even less reading with comprehension and I am wondering if you are not wolves in sheep clothing.

    So don't tell me to take it up with Peter as it was dave who made the statement and you can't obviously take the time to understand before commenting.

  • Nathan

    here is dave r Dr. Reagan: I want to get your reaction to this. This is a statement that Earl Warren made to Time Magazine in 1954. He was the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court at that time. If a Justice were to make this statement today there would be an immediate move to impeach him. But, here is what Earl Warren said to Time Magazine:

    Warren is a well documented mason. Why, if dave says elsewhere that masons are not christian would he use a leader of the masons to back up what dave says.

    Not good research or logic. Please make up your mind. Are masons proof that america is christian> Are masons Christians? What your story says leads one to question. When people do read with comprehension they see how weak your arguments are and how little you think before writing.

    Stick to telling the good news of jesus and His soon teturn. You will use good logic if you do and the Spirit will bless it.

    Please I pray that you have not left your first love for the sake of some earthly ministry.

  • John, you're picking at straws and your unmannered accusations are unfounded (plus, you don't cite your proofs that Warren was a Mason).

    Lamb & Lion will always stand by the truth that Masonry is cultic (see our May 2009 series on Masonry).

    There have been many Christians over time that once they got into the deeper levels of Masonry and learned what it was about, or was presented with the facts, left the Masons. Dr. Reagan has many such stories of Masons who read his article and became ex-Masons.

    Point out one thing Warren said in the quote above that is untrue. If you can, let's hear it. If not, climb down off your high horse.

  • George Washington was taken in by the masons but never really attended their meetings, once he rose to more notable power. He also is on record for disliking what they did in some form. I am grieved to see such heavy attacks on this ministry. King Solomon went very wayward in his walk with the Lord, even murdering babies for sacrafice to pagans and Lust Yet the words spoken are still very true and his proverbs are the that of a wise man. So warren's statments though I don't know he repented, and I don't know that he did not still hold truth. God can use anyone even the unsaved which he does. speaks the word, contend for the faith but this was a all out fiery attack, and I don't sence the Lord in at all my friends. May the Lord get glory through this ministry as his purpose is fulfilled.



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