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The Evolution of Historical Facts

Peter Marshall

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Is what we’re learning about American history today actually what happened?

In a Christ in Prophecy series titled “America’s Christian Heritage,” Dr. David Reagan interviews a historian who has some alarming information about how our history books are no longer telling us what truly happened.

For over forty years the Rev. Peter Marshall has gained national recognition as a teacher and writer on America’s Christian heritage. Because he believes that our nation is in moral and spiritual crisis and that the only hope for restoration is revival, his increasingly prophetic ministry focuses on two major themes — recovering the original American vision with the truth about our Christian heritage, and putting 2 Chronicles 7:14 on national repentance into practice.

Son of the famous Senate chaplain Dr. Peter Marshall and author Catherine Marshall, Rev. Marshall has devoted himself to a continent-wide ministry of preaching, teaching and writing. He has co-authored three best-selling books about God’s call on America and His hand on our history — The Light and The Glory, From Sea to Shining Sea, and Sounding Forth the Trumpet. His ministry is called Peter Marshall Ministries.

The Gradual Change

Dr. Reagan: One of the aspects of America pulling away from God is the rewriting of American history.

Rev. Marshall: Right.

Dr. Reagan: You have been on a lot of textbook review committees. Could you give us a sense of how American history is being rewritten?

Rev. Marshall: It started out with the sins of omission, such as the truths about the Christian beliefs of the Founding Fathers, for example, as well as the idea that Christopher Columbus was a committed Christian who was led by the Lord to do what he did because he was a brilliant Bible scholar. All of these things began to be omitted from the history books.

Lately, what we have seen in the last 30-40-50 years, actually, is lies. We see accusations that the Founding Fathers were all Deists, you know unbelievers, not Christian believers, which is flatly untrue. They were Christian believers.

Now what we are seeing are positively wrong statements being made, such as all the Founding Fathers were just a bunch of slave owning hypocrites. This kind of thing is flatly untrue. Some of them were slave holders to be sure. Washington hated slavery and tried three separate schemes to get rid of his slaves, trying to get surrounding planters to take them. His slaves begged him to keep them on Mt. Vernon. Actually, as a matter of fact, when they became aware of what he was trying to do they pleaded, “Nobody will hire us as free blacks around here.”

This gradual change in the reporting of actual events in history has left Americans with a skewed view of what our society is based on.


America's Christian Heritage

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  • is it true that thomas jefferson was a deist who at one time tore out sections of the bible that did not fit his beliefs or is that also a myth?

  • Jefferson took the moral teachings of Jesus, and put them in a small book titled The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth. The book was not originally meant to be a Bible for the masses. Jefferson felt that Jesus was greater than all the Greek philosophers, but wasn't studied in that manner, so he took just his teachings and put them in a book. The book was not called the Jefferson Bible originally, and received this title much later.

    Here is what the title page says from one of the earliest copies:


    "Extracted from the account of his life and doctrines as given by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Being an abridgment of the New Testament for the use of the Indians, unembarrassed with matters of fact or faith beyond the level of their comprehensions."

    The book was printed by the US gov and distributed to every new congressman and senator until the early 1920's.


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