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God Is Shaking the Nations

Jan Markell

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Jan Markell: Olive Tree Ministries has worked with Dr. Dave Reagan at many of our “Understanding the Times” conferences since 2006. He remains a favorite of our attendees because he zeroes in on issues that are vitally important for these perilous times and addresses them with clarity.

Guest Article: “God Is Shaking the Nations”

World events are startling! Watching the Middle East, Japan, Australia, Europe, and a meltdown in America, have prompted some healthy discussions on the last days. When events happen at such a rapid pace, it is wise to ask, “What on Earth is happening?” Those who could care less are likely drowning in some kind of destructive behavior because they, too, notice but cannot cope. Who can we trust with answers?

Most turn first to their pastors. Some provide wonderful, biblical insight into our times. May their numbers increase! From what we hear at this ministry, they are in the minority, for one ministry supporter sent me an email from her pastor. I did a double-take on it upon reading it. I so wanted to believe it was just made up. He writes:

“The number of troubles in the world overwhelmed me for a while and I didn’t know how to respond. I am suggesting we pray for the people we see or hear about in the media who are working in these troubled areas and also for the victims and their families whose faces and voices carry so much grief and anxiety.

Some may wonder if these are signs of the end-times because they certainly appear to fit the descriptions we read about in the Bible. But, I suggest we don’t rush to express this view. Historically, there have been seasons of trouble that have had the hallmarks of the end-times, most notably, the early 20th century. Some people were driven by fear to repent. Other people concluded that such a violent and indiscriminate series of events that killed ‘innocent’ with the guilty did not present the God of Christianity in a good light and there was then a great falling away.

Now is not the time to theologize or speculate on causes. It’s just time now to help.”

How tragic that he discourages people from considering the serious warnings that great traumas would come upon the world as we hurdle towards the very time of the end. He discourages a conversation about these issues and would thus rob many of the “blessed hope” that Christ’s return offers. Without the proper biblical perspective, the strongest believer could cave. When we realize what is happening to this planet — the Japan scenario most recently, but preceded by global chaos in many hot spots — it should quicken our spirits and affect the way we live and think and carry on with our relationships. Jesus is coming soon! Live your life in light of eternity! God is shaking the nations as spoken of in Haggai 2:7.

People cannot take chaos and confusion forever. They need some comforting words. They need some insight. They are asking why all this is happening. They don’t know how to connect the dots. Tell them! This is a dress rehearsal for Matthew 24. We don’t know if that drama is center stage tomorrow or 20 years from now. But it will happen.

This pastor also told the woman to whom he sent his email that she should not talk about repentance, for that might lead to a great falling away. It is the withholding of the message of repentance that has led to the great apostasy of our day. But he states what is most important — more important even than speaking of repentance — is to go and help. I guess that means the social gospel or good works is what really matters. Yes, it is a great idea to make a donation for those suffering in Japan or you-fill-in-the-blank. The globe is throbbing. But the social gospel has been implemented now for a century as liberalism has emphasized feeding the stomach but starving the soul.

This ministry exhorts you to reach out to the lost with the truth of the gospel while there is time. The world and much of the Church are deceived. Strong delusion has run amok. The Apostate Church is thriving. Bible-believing, discerning Christians are being left on the side of the road, scorned and displaced with no church to attend. The Church of Laodicea has left the light of the Word and the world. That is why a shepherd of the sheep can pen the words quoted above.

I am weary of hearing that Bible prophecy is scorned in church after church. If it is one-fifth of the Bible, it has to be relevant! If Jesus’ first coming is significant, why is His Second Coming controversial and not seeker-sensitive? When and how did the message that the King is coming become a downer? On some end-time issues, we “see through a glass darkly,” but other issues are crystal clear.

It seems that for 25 years seminaries have been cranking out pastors who aren’t sure what theology to teach when it comes to eschatology, so they won’t visit the topic at all.

Here we are, likely in the last of the last days. God bless the pastors who tell the truth and teach the whole counsel of God. I exhort you now, while there is still time, to become fishers of men just as Jesus challenged us. It is a small price to pay in light of what He has done for us. Evangelism and issues of the last days fit hand-in-glove. Everything has an end, even life as we know it. I can almost hear the hoof beats of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

You need to go out and tell people. Shout it from the mountain tops. You are not responsible for their response. There may not be much time left.

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • As we look around us and see the things in the world, we should also look at the bright side of things. Argentina has a 250,000 member church who is saved and looking for Jesus. We know also there are apostate churches who are teaching false religious traditions. We must read and study God's word that we not be deceived by the world's one world religion teachings. Draw nigh unto God and he will draw nigh unto you.

  • Jan really puts out a good article here, it points out the spiritual condition of the Church to a tee! The only thing that puzzles me is her defense of the recently published work by Jonathan Cahn popularly known as the "Harbinger".

    This clarion call for national repentance is even echoed in Joel Rosenberg's newest edition to book stores "Implosion" yet it seems neither edition has considered the prophetic scope provided for us in Bible Prophecy. Concerning the "Last Days" Church and overall global society, rising apostasy and the spirit of AntiChrist clash with their expectation of a "Great Awakening" to take place.

    We all would like this to occur yet our emotional sentiments can not override biblical truth, all we can do is continue to preach the gospel being instant in season and out of season! It is easy to get discouraged during this period in which sound doctrine is not endured, yet Jeremiah and Noah preached repentance for 40 years even though rebellion increased and violence filled the earth! Should we expect to do any less as ambassadors of Christ?

  • The answer God gave me as I prayed about young children's security before old enough to make a decision to accept Christ came in one word, which I had never even heard before; prevenient grace. I love that phrase! God covers these little ones with His marvelous grace until they are ready. God's grace is so marvelous. Geneva York, faithful viewer.


  • Isn't it a great mystery that the suffering Jesus had on the cross continued with the great suffering of the apostles to bring the gospel of grace to the world and through many others that have suffered for,the world? Has anyone wondered besides me why this is?

  • when Satan saw how fast Crist's church was growing he reailized that he had to do something to stem the flood of the new christian movement. so he highjacked this message with his favorite tool; deception. to stem the tide he instigated the Catholic church with his usual lies and deceptions that had worked so well in the garden of Edan. what better way could he have found then to have people feeing good and sactimonious about themseves as they were being lead away from the true gospel that accapting Christ was the only way to be saved and spend eternity with GOD. a "POPE" ?—my bible says there is no one between GOD and man except Christ. a priest being called "father" and forgiving sins in a confessonal ? praying to Mary and saints ??? nuns to be Christ's bride ? the lies just continue in order to use religion as a method of keeping people away from GOD'S truth. the one world church lead by the false prophet{ thr Pope } and the antichrist that sets on seven hills has to be the world catholic church. flee from it and accept Christ as your own personal savior.

  • Great article. The part that stood out to me is when you mentioned how Bible believing Christians are feeling displaced, looking for a church. I just went through a similar experience. I live in a small town with several churches in walking distance. But it took me months to find one that teaches the truth. Thank God I found it. Even if I do have to go farther out to attend, it is worth it.


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