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The Wonders of the Millennial Kingdom: Health and Talents

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Will there be infirmities, work and death during the Millennial Kingdom?

On June 25, 2014, I was interviewed by Vic Batista, senior pastor of the Miami-based Calvary Chapel Aventura on his radio program “The Truth Will Set You Free” via TWave Radio. “Pastor Vic” (as he likes to be called) was born in the Dominican Republic and is as active in planting churches and helping orphans there as he is in southern Florida, reaching out with the Good News of Jesus Christ to both the English and Spanish speaking audiences.

In this “The Truth Will Set You Free” episode, we discuss how wonderful life will be during Christ’s thousand year reign. The first half of the discussion is in English, while the second half is translated into Spanish.

Infirmities Are Healed

Vic: Nathan, Isaiah 65:17-23 talks about the glorious new creation, the place where we’re going to live in peace and harmony. Can you tell us more about other Old Testament references regarding this incredible kingdom?

Nathan: Almost every prophet in the Old Testament talked about the Millennial Kingdom, especially Isaiah. There are one or two of the Minor Prophets who didn’t discuss it, but overall the Old Testament prophets spoke about the kingdom a lot.

We read in Isaiah 35:5-6, “Then the eyes of the blind will be open and the ears of the deaf will be unstopped, the lame will leap like a deer and the tongue of the dumb will shout for joy.” That means the physical ailments that we have now will be no more, like being mute or deaf or blind or autistic. In my own son’s case, he’s autistic, and at ten he still doesn’t speak. But, when he gets his new glorified body, he will be there with me and I will finally hear my son speak and be able to have a conversation with him. I’m really looking forward to that day.

Vic: Praise the Lord! That’s why we encourage our listeners by telling them that this is what awaits those who put their trust in Jesus Christ. That’s why it’s so crucial that people come to know the Lord right now. Maybe there are people now who are suffering physical ailments, challenges and handicaps, but I say to them that the time is coming when all their suffering will be healed.

Nathan: Yes, disease and most death even will be gone during the Millennial Kingdom. We read in Isaiah 65:22 that the life spans of people will be like a tree, in other words, as they were during the Flood in Noah’s time. At that time, many people lived to be nearly 1,000 years old. When we read that we’re like, “How can that be?” Well, the Bible there in Isaiah 65 says they will get to live for hundreds and hundreds of years. As a matter of fact, the passage says if someone dies at a hundred years old, it’d be like considering they died as a new born baby.

Those of us who were raptured up to heaven before the Tribulation will have glorified eternal bodies at that time, so we will be there as well serving the Lord as a kingdom of priests. We’ll be living forever, but those in earthly bodies in the Millennial Kingdom will have life spans which the Bible says will be around a thousand years.

Just think about that — living for hundreds of years! That reminds me of the movie The Highlander. The characters lived hundreds of years and didn’t have to worry about sickness and death.

I really encourage everyone to study the book of Isaiah and read all about the Millennial Kingdom. He’s not the only prophet to talk about the Millennial Kingdom, so there are others to read up and learn more.

Vic: That’s why I believe Isaiah 65 is one of the most amazing passages in the Bible.

Talents Are Expressed

Vic: Often times people think this life is all they get. They think, “I’m going to work, die, and then float up in the clouds forever.” But, that’s not the case. The Bible tells us that there is so much more for the believer, right?

Nathan: Exactly. A lot of people get scared of Bible prophecy because they think it’s all doom and gloom. They think that way because they just focus on the seven-year Tribulation. It’s true when we look at the signs of the end times that point to Jesus, a lot of them are negative. They talk about political upheavals, natural upheavals, disasters, sicknesses and death, but when we get to the core of Bible prophecy we see that all of the Bible points to Jesus Christ ruling and reigning on this earth. That’s what the Millennial Kingdom is all about. Then we will move into the eternal state where it will be like a perfected Millennium forever.

Jesus Christ is coming to set up His kingdom of peace, righteousness and justice. That’s what the Bible is pointing us to. If we’ve accepted Jesus as our Savior and have our sins forgiven by Him, then we are now in a new relationship with Jesus and can share in the promises that Jesus has given us. We are promised living with Him, and actually ruling and reigning with Him during the Millennial Kingdom.

Vic: That’s amazing to think that we’ll have actual positions in the Millennial Kingdom too, right? They’ll be based on our faithfulness to God by using our spiritual gifts and natural talents to serve Him?

Nathan: Yes. And, the wonder of having a glorified body is that we’ll have the time to continue to build our skills. The Lord has given us so many natural gifts and abilities. I highly recommend that everyone take a good course on finding out what their natural skills and abilities are. When you use these to serve the Lord, the work won’t feel like work, but it’ll be a joy.

My wife tells me she wants to take a nap for a few hundred years during the Millennial Kingdom. Maybe the Lord will give her that, but we know there will definitely be work, but it will be work that we have been built to do. You know how when you do something you love it doesn’t feel like work? Well, that’s what work will be like during that time.

Vic: Amen. What a wonderful point you’re making, that we’re gong to finally be able to enjoy our labor and to have fun while doing it.

Nathan: Definitely. And, for those who’ve put their faith and believe in Jesus Christ, we see the evidence of how Christ’s salvation has changed the lives of so many people. For instance, take you, Pastor Vic. I was sharing your testimony with a friend of mine recently, and what an amazing testimony it is. Just look at how the Lord transformed you from your early days!

We may believe in Jesus by faith, even though we’ve never seen Him, but in the Millennial Kingdom He will be king over the earth. We will finally get to see Jesus face-to-face. He’s the One who died for our sins. He’s the One who loved us so much that He gave His life for us. And there we’ll be, getting to talk to Him in person. Jesus will teach us and we’ll have fellowship with Him. The relationship that we’ve started as Christians will be fulfilled when we get to be with Jesus Christ in person.

Vic: That’s amazing to think about. I can’t wait for that day to come!

There’s so much we can learn about from the Old Testament. That’s why we encourage people to study the whole Bible and not just the New Testament, but also the Old, because there’s so many beautiful nuggets to be found there pertaining to our eternal future.

In the third and last part of our discussion on the wonders of the Millennial Kingdom, Pastor Vic and I will reveal the mystery behind the final revolt against Jesus at the end of that era.

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    Payback for all the evil he has contributed to the world.

  • don't jump before the time,he could repent and be saved before the tribulation and go up in the rapture.

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