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Billy Crone on the Return of the Nephilim

Prophecy 61

Why are people talking about a return of the Nephilim in reference to the end times?

To answer this question, we invited Billy Crone, the pastor of Sunrise Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada and founder of Get A Life! Ministries, to our television program Christ in Prophecy. Billy covered a number of sensationalist Bible prophecy topics such as UFOs and the Nephilim.


Nathan Jones: Billy, I’m not seeing Nephilim running around at all. And yet, some people claim that the Nephilim will return in the end times.

Billy Crone: I think it is a misconception that Nephilim are happening again, at least from a fallen angel being the cause perspective. I would disagree that fallen angels are today cohabitating with women and creating Nephilim. Some people actually take this topic and go on a major detour, and they would claim that aliens are now doing this a second time in human history. In dealing with the topic of UFOs and aliens, they are clearly demonic interactions. The alien claim today is just a rehash of fallen angels back when it happened in the pre-Flood time period.

Nathan Jones: The alternative is transhumanism, right? Transhumanism refers to mankind attempting through genetics to create super humans.

Billy Crone: There is that claim that mankind and not fallen angels are attempting to breed Nephilim. But again, will Nephilim come about due to fallen angels? There might be a disconnect there. We don’t really need to go there. Sure, we need to give a defense about UFOs and Nephilim because the Scripture gives us the answer. Like the case of the Nephilim, the Scripture does talk about that subject, so we do need to deal with that.

But, I really find that the average Joe today, who really goes and just gets locked into this topic, they don’t read the rest of the Bible. They read the Bible for sensationalism and that becomes their spirituality. There’s way more than that in the Bible that’s far more important to deal with. So often, Nephilim and UFOs are all they can see. They should get beyond that, for there are so much more important subjects in the Bible to learn about.

Let’s go back to the pre-Flood world. Not only am I convinced that Noah and his family might very well have been bigger, for this is also what we find in the fossil record which contains the left-over remains of the Flood, but we find that everything was big in that era.

Nathan Jones: The people were living for almost a thousand years, so they had much more time to grow.

Billy Crone: The people were giant-sized, and you’ll find that to be the case in the fossil record. Not only were the people living longer in that pre-Flood atmosphere that encourages giantism, but we find animals and insects also grew to tremendous proportions. There are beetles in that fossil record that were as big as baseball gloves!

Nathan Jones: There were giant sloths the size of elephants.

Billy Crone: You also find cockroaches that were two-feet long. Grasshoppers were two-feet long. There were dragonflies with five-feet wingspans. Imagine that thing hitting your windshield when you are driving down the road!

Everything was bigger before the Flood. Animals got bigger. People got bigger. And again, I think that contributed to the gene pool that explains giants after the Flood, and not necessarily that you had a second occurrence of Nephilim due to cohabitation with fallen angels. Scripture interprets Scripture, and the Scriptures tell me that what happens was that the first time when fallen angels created Nephilim that God caste those demons into a dungeon where they will not be getting out until God releases them during the Tribulation. God will not allow such an abomination to happen ever again according to Scriptures.


Nathan Jones: Billy, do you believe that Nephilim will play a role in the end times? After all, Jesus prophesied that the world would be like the days of Noah and Lot entering into the Tribulation. Surely, that’s a spiritual reference, but could it also mean that we are going to see giants running around the world again?

Billy Crone: If you want to pare it down to just, okay, there will be some kind of hybrid situation going on, there continues to be some speculation about how that could happen. Some claim that fallen angels can actually procreate and will attempt yet again to create a super-race called the Nephilim. Then there’s mankind experimenting with eugenics and hybrids and stuff of that nature. If you want to look at Nephilim from a technological perspective, hybridization experiments are being repeated across the planet right now with plants, animals, and people, especially with technology using CRISPR. Human embryos are actually being modified and are being mixed with animal DNA. There’s some freaky-weird stuff going on.

However, I don’t believe that the world will experience a second time when fallen angels sire Nephilim. I think that was done, it’s over, forever. But, if you had wanted to claim that mankind will be just as wicked as they were during the days of Noah, I think we can agree on that. Is there some sort of hybridization going on to augment humanity? I think you could make the case for that. But, again, I don’t believe a return of the Nephilim will be a result of fallen angels intermingling with women ever again.

Dr. Reagan: Billy, I really appreciate you giving us a biblical viewpoint on the Nephilim. You’ve written extensively about them. I just praise God for the fact that you don’t traffic in sensationalist Bible prophecy, but you approach it from a biblical point of view.

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  • Nathan & Tim; I always find it interesting and informative to read your columns. I have just sat and listened to your BLM op-eds.I agree with you on your findings. As for me to pay them for something my great, great, great grandfather may or may not have done, I completely reject that idea. Do I hate it that they were ill treated, yes, , but no more so than the countless of my brothers and sisters who are a slave now whether it be sex slave political slave or any other slave from the distant pass. It seems like it has been going on forever. I have never mistreated them, and this goes for all the oppressed, and I truly wish things were better. I have helped and been helped by a black friend. In V.N. all bled red and I can honestly say, some have been close friends and this goes for the Latinos too.

    To get to the point, if you cannot see that it a plot to take down our country, then you are not up your prophecy. There is a HUGE difference between a street thug, rioter and just down right thief. Again, thank you for being there for not only time,, but countless others too.


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