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Prophetic Perspectives #29: Truth Trumps

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Tim Moore: What is a Christian to do when deception seems to be running rampant in society? According to Scripture — truth trumps!

Throughout this COVID-19 experience, we’ve seen a lot of government officials who are operating on a different worldview than Christians would espouse. They are promoting agendas and policies that don’t seem to be grounded in much objective truth.

Nathan Jones: There sure has been a lot of confusion over who is supposed to be in charge of what. For instance, when the coronavirus crisis began, the county where I live’s judge declared he was in charge, so the mayors in our county had to sue for their rights as mayors. Now that it appears we’re coming near the end of this crisis, the judge is claiming that, no, the mayors are indeed in charge. Then the governor says he’s in charge. The President says he’s in charge. Congress believes that they are in charge.

Then there’s all the conflicting information. If you’re watching the news every day, one day a doctor comes on and says that face masks are useless, but then they became required in most states. Some days you can be on the beach and other days you cannot be on the beach. So much conflicting information!

The worst of the conflicting information revolves on whether the COVID-19 virus was truly manufactured in a Wuhan lab or was the result of someone eating a bat. We get experts on both sides claiming the opposite “facts.” So then, how can we know what the truth actually is?

Tim Moore: That’s a very good question. Quite frankly, we may never find out for sure where exactly the COVID-19 virus originated from. All we can know at this point is that the virus is here now and it has had a most dramatic effect on almost everyone around the world. We are looking forward to getting to a time when we’re back to “normal.”

Some of our elected officials have used this pandemic to expand their powers, or at least temporarily exercise powers citizens never expected they would. For example, in Kentucky where I live, our governor has gone way overboard in restricting people and events to the point of being unconstitutional. Our attorney general had to step in and remind the governor that he cannot ban people from traveling out of state. Freedom of movement between states is particularly protected by the Constitution. Months later, we are still seeing this overreach in powers playing out.

One of the roles we here at Lamb & Lion Ministries hold to is to declare the truth as it derives from Scripture. Sometimes we must speak truth to power. Over our history, we’ve called out national leaders, even presidents of both parties. We’ve declared when their policies and when their attitudes align with Scripture and when they don’t align with Scripture.

Obviously, we are unashamedly Pro-Life. And so, any politician who would declare themselves to be Pro-Abortion we point out is going against the very Word of God.

Let’s look at the example of one of the greatest kings, other than Jesus Christ, in the Bible.

Nathan Jones: That title would go to King David. He was very flawed, but David was a man after God’s own heart.

Tim Moore: Yes, David, like all of us, was a very flawed man. He made some major mistakes throughout his reign. Twice prophets of God had to be sent to this greatest of earthly kings to show him that he had erred. For instance, the prophet Gad had to be sent by God to King David to condemn him for taking a census of the people which showed a lack of faith in God Almighty. Gad actually had to explain to King David that he must choose one of three potential judgments for his sin. One of those judgments was pestilence. David labored under the choice, crying that it was too terrible a choice to make. To be overrun by a foreign enemy, to have other catastrophes befall Israel, or be stricken by a pestilence — David begged God to choose. Indeed, a pestilence struck the land, and all due to David’s sin.

Nathan Jones: The second prophet, whom I love for obvious reasons, was the prophet Nathan. He was sent by God to King David after David had committed adultery with Bathsheeba and had her husband, Uriah the Hittite, one of David’s most faithful servants, killed. Nathan used a story to help David realize the error of his ways.

I think it’s important as Christians that we realize that humans are flawed. No matter where people may serve in the levels of government, God’s truth trumps. Christians need to follow God’s truth over man’s flawed sense of justice.

Tim Moore: That’s exactly right! I had a confrontational discussion with a very deep friend about two and a half years ago. He had made an error of judgment, I discerned, and so I said, “Brother, I care for you too much not to address this situation because you have harmed a relationship.” And so, having the willingness to confront and then discuss with a dear friend, he was able to recognize that he needed to repent and change the direction he had gone in terms of tearing down a relationship. He built that relationship back up and they were both stronger for it.

Sometimes you are going to hear Lamb & Lion Ministries call out leaders, whether they be governors or even sometimes presidents. We will even call out President Trump. Whether it is for good or for bad, because that’s what the prophetic role requires. We are not prophets in the terms of foretelling what will happen in the future. But, the Word of God is very clear, and sometimes we must forthtell what God’s truths are and how they bear on the world around us.

I hope all of you understand truth as revealed in Scripture and so know Him who is Truth.

Nathan Jones: We as Christians should remember that we are not citizens of this world. Rather, we are citizens of the world to come. A lot of times we fall into the trap believing that politicians are going to save us. Obviously, God uses politics and people in leadership to hold back evil. As Christians, we are called to be “salt and light” and hold back the forces of evil. We cannot put our hope in earthly leaders because they are flawed human beings. Christians place their faith and trust in Jesus Christ as our Savior alone.

If you haven’t put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ as your Savior, then now is the time! Jesus is the ultimate king. He is returning in victory. Jesus is coming to rule and reign over this earth. And, when He comes, Jesus is going to destroy all human empires and nations and will set up His Kingdom over this earth. Jesus’ coming kingdom is one of the most prolific prophecies in the whole Bible.

Give your life to Jesus today! Surrender your life to Him. Pray from your heart something like, “Dear, Jesus, please forgive me of my sins and be my Lord and Savior.” Jesus will then forgive you of your sins. The guilt will be washed away. You will inherit eternal life. You then will become a citizen of Christ’s eternal kingdom.

Tim Moore: Amen and amen! I will add this. All Christians are commanded to pray for those in authority over us, as 1 Timothy 2:1-2 tells us. Indeed, pray on a daily basis for all of those who are in authority, whether you agree with them or not. But, still, hold them accountable. And, pray for those who minister, holding us accountable as well to the truth that is revealed in Scripture and to our service in Jesus Christ.

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • I believe God may have ushered in a new administration (dispensation) last March, world wide. (Ephesians 1:10) Thus could mean cabinet changes in the divine council of the angels. All sorts of things we took for granted are no longer working as you note. However Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Meantime trust and obey one day at a time works for me, plus saturating in the Word of God.

    • Ephesians 1:10 has absolutely nothing to do with last march or you or me or this present world, it’s talking about “The dispensation of the fulness of times” you think then that we have since last March entered into the fulness of times? that scripture is talking about, the end of the Millennial kingdom and going into eternity, and you saturate yourself in the word of God too?

  • Vote Trump; do NOT vote for abortion/making 8 yr. olds go thru transgender/shutting down free speech and churches/atheists and satanics sitting in congress and hating Christians; this is the democrat platform and has been for decades. Anti-Christ, full abortion, tax people to pay for drugged/alcoholic/illegals who invade our country while our citizens die in the streets. Trump is Pro-Life, Pro-Church, Pro-School Choice (schools are teaching horrible things to our kids), Pro-Freedom of Speech. Vote Trump; do not vote for satan and his agenda!


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