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Socialism is Coming!

Margaret Thatcher on Socialism

The 2020 Presidential election proved that Americans are willing to surrender their freedoms in exchange for “free stuff.” The free stuff is not, of course, really free. As people have learned the hard way in Socialist countries all over the world, the free stuff comes at the expense of both freedom and draconian taxes.

In the last election, the Democrats promised the moon to everyone — cancellation of current student loans and free college education in the future, reparations for Blacks and Homosexuals, free medical care and even a guaranteed annual income! And people rushed to give them their votes like pigs fighting each other to get to the feeding trough first.

It’s the reason the Founding Fathers of our nation rejected democracy as a form of government, just as they rejected monarchy and oligarchy. Instead, they fashioned an ingenious representative republic. The result was that the only person in the federal government who the populace was entitled to vote for directly was their representative in the US House. Senators were selected by state legislatures, and the President by an Electoral College.

Our Founding Fathers were cognizant of the fact that a pure democracy would end up destroying itself because people would vote for whoever promised to give them the most. So, in addition to creating a representative republic, they also instituted a system of checks and balances to also guard against mobocracy.

The selection of Senators was removed from state legislatures by the 17th Amendment which was adopted in 1913 and which provided for direct election of Senators. Now, the Democrats want to abolish the Electoral College. (Did you know that Los Angeles County has more people than all but nine of our states?)

Socialism is so attractive in theory. But it is vicious in practice. For one thing, it empowers the government to force you to support people who are completely irresponsible — such as people who are too lazy to work for a living. Your hard-earned money is confiscated by the state in the name of “redistribution of wealth.” In the process, individual initiative is destroyed, investment funds disappear and the economy stagnates.

David Reagan: #Socialism is so attractive in theory. But it is vicious in practice. Your hard-earned money is confiscated by the state in the name of redistribution of wealth. Click To Tweet

Free medical care becomes a nightmare of lost freedoms. You can no longer choose your doctors and your treatment. Waiting lists for medical care become standard operating procedure — with the elderly consigned to oblivion. (They are expected to gallantly surrender their lives for the common good.)

Worst of all, Socialism always results in religious persecution since Socialists by their very nature are not religious and, in fact, hold religion in contempt. They are Humanists who believe in Man rather than God.

In summary, God has delivered our nation to what theologians call “abandonment wrath.” We as a nation have forgotten God, and in response, He has delivered us over to a depraved mind (Romans 1:28). He is, in effect, allowing us to destroy ourselves through our materialistic greed. You can expect that in the process, God will allow our true god, The Almighty Dollar, to be destroyed, most likely through hyperinflation.

Dark days lie ahead for all of us. Those of us who have committed our lives to Jesus must keep our eyes on Him, we must stand for righteousness, we must share the Gospel with the unsaved and we must pray for the Lord’s soon appearance in the Rapture.


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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • I love your ministry. Years ago I used to pray with you when you were on TV. I will check out your YouTube. I also watch Stand in The Gap. It is great. Linda PS I am going on 81 years and looking forward to seeing Jesus!!

  • Thank you for the insight of what is to come. Thank you Jesus, for I believe in You for complete salvation and healing of our sins. I will be in that number, going up to Heaven when He calls.

  • Enjoy the TV program and Publication. The last election proves that spiritual blindness and deception rule. No rational explanation other than what you have shared here. Keep up the good work before your platform is taken away.

  • So glad Lamb & Lion are the Watchmen. The watchmen alert the people of whats coming. I believe we are getting the One World Socialist Government that is the precursor to the Antichrist, and that means Jesus and the rapture aren’t far away either. Remember, in this world you will have trouble and tribulation before the Great Day of the Lord.

  • I receive your e-mail plus watch your show weekly and they encourage me quite a lot. I have tried to warn my children and grandchildren of what’s going on. (I’m 76) They all have trusted Christ but of late, their belief system is more in line with the cancel culture, BLM and social justice mind-set. I’m troubled that Christians, or at least more, aren’t even aware of what’s going on around us. My hope is in the Lord and I eagerly am waiting for his return. In the meantime, I continue to pray for my family and friends as well as boldness and discernment. God bless you and your ministry!

  • It is my hope that you know more about Scripture than you do about Socialism!

    Here’s a fact. The UK spends less per capita per head of population than the USA. Yet, the UK has a far better provision than the US. We are not limited by the vagaries of insurance companies.

    It is a disgrace that you promulgate such nonsense to trusting peo[le.

    • Alan, have you ever questioned why the mega rich still exist in the socialist system? What did the rich forfeit for the supposed equalization of living standards? Nothing. They carry on as usual and the rest are supposed to believe somehow their lives are better. You can delude yourself about many things when you’re spirit is broken. That’s the first thing they take from you. In regards to healthcare, hospitals in the USA are ranked tops in the world. That’s why so many come here for care. Never the less, just like my mother always quoted from Jesus’ words, “Physician, Heal Thyself”. The Lord of Lords and King over All, has granted Dr. David Reagan a very long and successful life to generously share biblical wisdom, not only to the trusting but to the people of whom ears have been opened.

    • Maybe youre the one getting all the benefits Alan but you are NOT everyone. Many people will be suffering under socialism.

  • America signed its death warrant when it elected Joe Biden into the Oval Office. Our country has no future now, and unless Jesus Raptures us quickly, neither do we. Suffice it to say that I have no desire to become collateral damage when America dies, as it surely must in the near future. I have been praying that He would come and get us before spring begins later this month. If He does not, then I pray that He will do so before the Great Reset meeting in May. Either way, I pray that He will take us Home in our new bodies quickly, and thus save us all from destruction.

  • The article is correct, however, it missed a HUGE point. The majority of americans elected a different President. The socialist left could not win legitimately so they rigged and stole the election. The majority of americans did NOT choose socialism. The deep state and courts are humanists and we do not get to elect them. We are now at the mercy of God’s grace to nullify the effects of this fraud to bring us back to the blessings He promised and will provide. Our honor to God, prayers of thankgiving in faith and continued repentance is only way forward to defeat the satanic effects of socialism.

  • Yes these things are real; AND our job is to Make Disciples, to change hearts one at a time, not to stir up worry about the form of government we have.
    We need to focus on bringing the real hope of life in following Jesus, not what government can or cannot save us from ourselves.

  • Thank you for the opportunity to share. The Rapture is coming in my lifetime. I’ve tried to tell people that for many years, even this ministry. Their attitude was “It’s only you. You’re nobody,” My experiences with God are more than awesome. When I pray for rain, God is faithful. I may have to argue, stand my ground, but God brings me rain. God is in control of our weather. I knew the snow was coming this past month, and I prayed and prepared. I warned all who would listen. I’ve worked in local elections. Biden won by fraud. Trump did win. Most voted for Trump. All seem to know that God is displeased with us as a nation and many voted for Trump. People need to be concerned with what their children are being taught, what they themselves watch on the TV & movies. They need God’s word. All need to learn about the Blood of Jesus and what it did for us.

  • In order for end time events to happen as outlined in the Bible (rapture, a brief period of time, a world political leader (antichrist) and world religious leader (false prophet), a 7 year peace treaty with Israel and then the rest of the 7 year tribulation)–the United States cannot be the world’s policeman since apparently no one comes to Israel’s defense including the U.S. during the second half of the tribulation. It seems as though God is preparing the U.S. for what is coming–we will either be financially unable because of Socialism (and what will happen because of illegal immigration) or unwilling because of anti-Semitism. God must have special rewards prepared for Dr. Reagan and the Lamb & Lion ministry for continuing to teach and proclaim God’s written word.

  • Great article! As far as the great British system (one of the commenters said this),when I was studying in London 60 years ago I was suffering from excruciating back pain and when I went to an emergency room I was turned away because as a foreigner I was not enrolled in the National Health Service. This is their “more humane” socialized medicine!!

  • For many years my daughter and I have watched Dr. David Reagan and his Prophesy TV weekly program on DAY STAR cable. I have ordered and studied many of his insightful and anointed books. He and the ministry is in my prayers. I will miss his smiling face when he leaves and is replaced by Tim Moore in April. But know the LORD will continue using Tim and Nathan to keep right on teaching Truth and Prophesy to the tv audience. Praise His Holy Name forever!

  • The problem is not Joe Biden, Harris, Democrat, Republican. The problem is Christians are not reading the Bible. Every Christian should get a “Read the Bible in a Year”. Read it everyday. Read and listen to the Holy Spirit as He guides you. Stop blaming the world for your troubles. We know the rapture is coming. This earth is not your home. Lord Jesus has a better place for us. Put your trust in the Lord. Be like Daniel. He didn’t look at his government, he did what God instructed him to do. Jesus said to love everyone as you love yourself and put God first. Anyone who hates another person will not enter into the Kingdom of God. Those people that stormed the Capital was not showing love to other people. Politics should not be the driving force in a person’s life. Jesus said, love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. We are to love God first, then a fellow human being.

  • Our trust should be in Jesus and not the government. Every Christian should have a ‘read the Bible in a year”. Read it and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. The people who stormed the Capital was not operating under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God said to love me first, then love your fellow human beings. In 1 John 2 God said anyone who hates his brother is in darkness. That person will not enter the Kingdom of God. This earth is not our home. Politics is not our problem. We are to pray for our political leaders God put in place for us. Stop complaining. God has it all under control. Trust Him and love people regardless of their race or religion or political party. Jesus wants to see love flowing out of His children. Not HATE. Hatred is against God Almighty. He said to love people. Love black people, white people, indian people, irish people, people of all races and nationalities. If we can do that we will see change in our world. Stop blaming political parties.

  • David, in your recent article about Socialism I was perplexed. You make it seem that all Americans want Socialism when in fact seventy five plus million American Patriots voted for Donald Trump and love our country the way our founding fathers planned. Only the Lord knows the true number voted the other way. There is another thing I have to ask you about. Do you believe in modern day prophets? Aren’t we supposed to believe in them according to the Bible? As a professing Christian I am very confused now a days on who or what to believe anymore. I listen to pastors who say America is at the point of no return and we are living in the end times which by looking around I believe as well. Then you listen to pastors who are prophets with a good track record and they say this is Gods country and (according to the Lord) that He would never give this country over to evil because in spite of the apostasy in churches today there are still many devout Christians in this country, afterall all through the Bible God saved even the smallest remnant. Example: Noah and Sodom. They, the prophets also admit we are living in the last days but the Lord still has work for America I spreading the Gospel to all nations. I read the Bible daily and have been watching your show for some time but I at this point seemed to be confused at what to think. I’d be curious to know if any of your viewers/listeners feel this way….your response would be greatly appreciated and I love what you guys are doing…Be Blessed

    • We here at Lamb & Lion Ministries believe that the gift of prophecy is not the same today as it was when the Apostle John completed Revelation. Today, people with the spiritual gift of prophecy have a passion to share the Good News of Jesus Christ’s salvation with others in the time we have left. They also can discern what the Bible is talking about concerning the end times. They cannot predict what the future is, as God has already given us a full account of what will occur in the Bible.

      While Acts 2:17 shows the early Church fulfilled Joel 2:28’s prophecy of the miraculous gifts, Joel was clearly talking about the Day of the Lord which has yet to come. Seems these gifts are coming back stronger we get closer to the Lord’s return, and will fully culminate during the upcoming 7-year Tribulation. We believe if there is a return of the prophetic gift in that real prophecies are being made, it’s reserved for the Tribulation Saints after the Church has been removed.

      In order to know that a prophecy is truly from God and will be 100% fulfilled, best to stick with biblical prophecy alone and not with any modern-day prophetic claims.

      Here’s our short Inbox video about how to identify false prophets –

  • I believe these are the times of the feet of iron and clay spoken of in Daniel 2:33. It seems that the feet of iron and clay, which seems to appear in another form as the fourth beast in

    Daniel 7:23 ….’The fourth beast shall be a fourth kingdom on earth, which shall be different from all other kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, trample it and break it in pieces.

    It seems that the fourth beast has trampled the earth through COVID-19 and appears to be collaborating in the forming of the ten kingdoms where the ten kings will rule (as the earth is being divided up into ten regions including: the EU, African Union and the Union for the Mediterranean among others.

    Finally this fourth beast appears to be represented as the scarlet beast of Revelation 17:3 which functions under the influence and rulership of “Mystery Babylon” Revelation 17:18.

    It seems that the trampling has had various forms with economic trampling, responses of Governments to COVID-19, and bur with various populations supporting oppressive governance and engaging in burning, rioting, looting and mayhem. At some point in time we should see the ten territories or groups of nations join as the ten kings referred to in Daniel

    My thinking with the above comes from reviewing the testimonies of Hal Lindsey (last days Roman Empire), Dr. Michael S. Coffman (groups of nations being the territory of the ten kings, and Dr. Irvin Baxter (and the use of the name Charlamegne by the EU) and from a personal study of the scriptures.

  • I have recorded Christ in Prophecy for a long time now along with others and watch them on Saturday, the Sabbath. I can see our nation going down hill as fast as can be. We have no more morality hardly left at all. All things immoral, talk and sight, are left wide open. I pray daily for my children, my wife, and myself begging for mercy and forgiveness . I do feel and according to Matt 12, Heb 6,and 2Peter I am a back slider as I have received the Holy Spirit but grieved him so much that he left.


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