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A Biblical Blueprint for America: Jehu as Trump’s Paradigm

Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn has recently emerged as one of God’s most powerful prophetic voices calling this nation to repentance and warning us of judgment and destruction if we refuse to repent. Cahn is a best-selling author and rabbi of a Messianic congregation in Wayne, New Jersey called Jerusalem Center Beth Israel.

At our 2018 Bible conference themed God’s Prophetic Voices to America, Rabbi Cahn spoke about a fascinating biblical blueprint that is unfolding in our nation today. We aired a portion of his presentation on our television program Christ in Prophecy, and now here below. In this segment Jonathan Cahn concludes teaching from his book The Paradigm by showing the parallels between King Jehu and Donald Trump.

Jehu as Trump’s Paradigm

Jonathan Cahn: What the Paradigm reveals about ancient Israel, what then about America? Here we are now. It this Paradigm going to come up to right where we are today?

In ancient Israel, the nation came to a crossroads. If the house of Ahab continued in power it would have sealed the nation’s apostasy. Religious liberty would have been stamped out. The Word of God would have been eliminated. The people of God would have been persecuted.

So, too, in America, we have reached a similar crossroads. If the reign of anti-biblical leaders who hold to anti-biblical agendas would have continued, they would have sealed America’s apostasy. It would have sealed the Supreme Court for a generation. It would have ended religious liberty. This was the campaign when Hillary proclaimed that your deep seeded religious beliefs have to be changed. This was the campaign that brought the most brazen convention in the history of the Democratic Party where they actually celebrated the killing of the unborn and vowed to strike down the Hyde Amendment so you would be directly funding the killing of babies. That’s what was at stake in the 2016 election.

But, in the ancient Paradigm, there came a surprise. A man who is revealed. He is revealed as the warrior, and his name is Jehu. He will be the mystery behind the man you know as Donald Trump.

I wrote The Harbinger as a prophetic warning. Years before this past election, people didn’t realize that I was led to include Donald Trump in that book. I didn’t name him, but he’s there. You can find it in my book if you look hard enough.

In 2 Kings 9 it tells of how the prophet Elisha sends a prophet to the army camp to meet a man name Jehu. He takes Jehu alone and he says, “Thus says the Lord God of Israel, I have anointed you to become king of Israel to war against the house of Ahab.”

The mystery of Donald Trump is found in Jehu. Donald Trump, as far as America is concerned, and as far as Israel was concerned he was Cyrus, but as far as America he is Jehu. Jehu was not a politician, and Donald Trump was not a politician. Jehu was a fighter. Donald Trump is a fighter. Actually, he fights with everybody!

Jehu was not a gentleman. Well? Jehu was kind of wild, kind of out of control, and you never knew what he was going to do next. Do I have to say anything? Jehu would come on the national stage suddenly and shake up the status quo, and so, too, with Donald Trump. Jehu would begin a race to the throne of Israel, and Donald Trump will begin a race to the throne of America.

Jehu had not lived a godly life, and neither has Donald Trump. Now this warrior is used, despite himself, for God’s purposes in this moment. Jehu mounts up his chariot and heads to the royal city. On the way the watchman sees him coming and he says, “The driving is like that of Jehu for he driveth furiously.” Donald Trump, well, do you want to describe his race? The word in Hebrew is not just furious, the word in Hebrew means also crazy. The driving of the race is crazy. In fact, some of your Bibles say, “He driveth like a madman.” Well, that was the 2016 presidential race.

So, Jehu gets to the palace. In his rise to the throne, Jehu the warrior will come head to head against the former First Lady. Then there will come a showdown. Likewise, at the end the Paradigm shows Donald Trump, you have Hillary Clinton, you’ve got the warrior, you’ve got this fighter, and then you’ve got the former First Lady, both going head to head.

Remember the polls were all saying Hillary Clinton was going to trounce Donald Trump. But, the ancient Paradigm said something else. It said when the warrior comes against the former First Lady it will be the warrior who will emerge triumphant. Jehu was also a judgment on King Joram’s rule.

There is a covenant that goes back 4,000 years. You know about it if you love God and you love prophecy. The covenant goes that whatever you do to the Jewish people shall be done to you. A year before the American election, there was also an election in Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu was running for reelection, and Obama intervened, if you remember. He sought to stop Netanyahu from being elected and overturn his pro-Israel stand. Obama didn’t win. His efforts weren’t successful. Kind of like this last election here in the U.S., Netanyahu surprised everyone because he won. It’s funny because all the liberal media were celebrating that Netanyahu was over, and then all of a sudden CNN went blank, black, nothing. There was no reporting. Finally Netanyahu said, “Listen, they are not going to report it, so I’ll report it. I just won!”

The lesson to be learned is that when you intervene in an election in the nation of Israel, God will intervene in the election in your land. If you try to overturn the legacy of the leader of Israel, God will overturn your legacy.

Jonathan Cahn: When you intervene in an #election in the nation of #Israel, #God will intervene in the election in your land. If you try to overturn the legacy of the leader of Israel, God will overturn your legacy. Click To Tweet

When the warrior finally defeats the former First Lady, it happens in the both of the nation’s chief northeastern cities. So, too, with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the same northeastern located cities here.

How long was Hillary Clinton in power? How long was she on the national stage? Twenty-two years with her husband, first as First Lady of Arkansas, and then of America. After that twelve years in government, she steps down for two years, comes back for two years, and then goes forward to try to become America’s president. So, you add it all together, for 22 years with her husband and 14 years on her own political career. How long was Jezebel on the national stage? Twenty-two years with her husband, and on her own for 14 years.

The warrior then turns his attention to the capital city where he’s got to go to become ruler of the land. So, too, does Donald Trump turn his attention to Washington. Jehu heads to the capital city with one agenda. What was that agenda? To drain the swamp. Literally and violently. Donald Trump heads there with the same agenda.

Jehonadab as Pence’s Paradigm

On his way to the throne Jehu meets a man named Jehonadab. Jehonadab was a mystery guy. He’s identified in virtually every Bible commentary as a representative of the people of the land, particularly the religious conservatives of the land. Amazingly, Jehu meets with Jehonadab. Likewise, Donald Trump on his way to the capital meets with religious conservatives.

What does Jehu do? Jehu basically says, “Listen, I’m with you. Are you with me?” What did Donald Trump do? What did he say to Christians? He said, “I’m with you. I’m for life. I’m for religious liberty. I’m for this. I’m for these values. Will you be with me?” Jehonadab says, “Yes,” and he gets in the chariot with Jehu and the two of them ride to the capital city. So, too, do most religious conservatives saying “Yes” because they knew the alternative.

In the same way, Donald Trump actually made a partnership with a literal man, Mike Pence, who is a born-again Christian. Pence is very much like the man Jehonadab. Jehonadab abstained from any appearance of evil. The two of them also head together to the capital city.

If Donald Trump was not supported by Christians, or by many of them, he would not be president today.

When did all these things take place? They all happened when the queen was defeated. Jehu took the throne all in the twelfth year or Joram. Well, if you take the beginning of Joram, and you take his rise to power in 2004, that takes you to 2016, and that’s exactly when Trump’s election happened.

When Jehu gets to the capital city, he sets out first thing to dismantle the cult of Baal and the killing of children. He takes down the temple of Baal that Ahab had built in the capital. Jehu destroys the temple of Baal. He dismantles the cult of Baal. He cuts off governmental support of the killing of children. Likewise, what did Donald Trump do? The first thing he did was to issue executive orders to overturn the pro-abortion orders of his predecessor.


The remainder of this hard-hitting presentation by Jonathan Cahn is available on our 2018 conference DVD, titled God’s Prophetic Voices to America.

2018 Bible Conference DVD Album

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • “So, too, in America, we have reached a similar crossroads. If the reign of anti-biblical leaders who hold to anti-biblical agendas would have continued, they would have sealed America’s apostasy. It would have sealed the Supreme Court for a generation. It would have ended religious liberty.”

    I understand your hypothesis is reasonable — however, are you suggesting that the impending spiritual devastation that liberalism would have meted out across the world was averted by way of the affairs of ‘conservative mankind? Undoubtedly, as you are well aware, the Spirit of God is He who is and has been in control despite our best (or worst) efforts (John 16:8-9) thanks to the son of God.

    So I will take your lessons as reasonably good Bible teaching, but not to indicated that we have any power to do anything “good” in our own strength, notwithstanding, John 3:27.
    Clearly what has been designated the ‘church’ at large, has nothing to do with that which was left by Jesus Christ — yet there has been a comparatively small remnant which is all the Spirit requires — that has been equally spread across the face of the world; and not, promoted by any cultural superiority — and if this country had a monopoly of the ‘true church’ we would not be in freefall throughout the 20th century and worse in the new millennium. Thus we are headed into Matthew 24 as prophesied.
    Revelation 3:10 applies because, apparently, some of us will be removed from a world gone evil quite some time ago.
    This is simply the way I discern the story.

    If Donald Trump was not supported by Christians, or by many of them, he would not be president today.

  • Very good article Mr. Cahn, (similarities in Jehu and the President). true believers receive wisdom from the Holy Spirit, and we sure see through the falsehoods in the media and coming from certain political individuals. The truth is not in them, they are Satan’s minions here on earth to deceive and tell lies.

    2nd Timothy 3 describes our times as well as Matthew 24 Jesus talking to disciples on the Mount of Olives about the End of the Age.

    Amazing scripture in Daniel 2:21 He changes times and seasons, he removes kings and sets them up, he gives wisdom to the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding.

    I can’t help but chuckle about the determination, strong will in the face of opposition, and total surprise of comments we get from President Trump, he has the media hopping and they don’t know what to do with him, he is a fighter destined for this time in History. His support of Israel and moving the embassy to Jerusalem weighed heavily with the Lord, as well as his support of Christians, Jews, the Lord, and America.

    Bible prophecy is so important, it alerts people about things that have happened, and things to come, and the kind of Godly life we should be living. If people only knew bible prophecy and the things that are going to happen to this globe, and where their Destiny lies without believing in the Lord and repenting, they would change their lives.

  • If he’s for God than I definitely stand with Trump. πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ’ͺ🏽 Tell them devils kick rocks! The USA will prevail πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ God bless America!!!! May the dogs lick your face JEZEBEL!!!!!!!

  • God is the Eternal King of all nature and human beings. He’s a God of perfect Love and
    forgiveness. The amazing thing is that God has NEVER made a mistake and never will!!
    If we trust Him and Surrender our lives to HIM, HE will do His perfect will, always.

  • I am so blessed by His messages and am praying for individual repentance for each believer in USA and non believer.. May His Mercy fall in the midst of his Judgment. Isa 33:22

  • A concise synopsis of the paradigm of Trump and Jehu. You are a biblical genius. Thankful to the Holy Spirit for speaking through you to inform Gods people of His brilliant strategy. President Trump has my prayers as does the nation. In the name of Jesus. amen.

  • Through Lamb and Lion Ministries I have learned much concerning Bible Prophecy and have purchased Jonathan Cahn’s books and many others from Lamb and Lion Ministries. ALL are not only biblically educational and informative but as of late I cannot stop reading the Harbinger I & 2. Fascinating to point out in his books how far away America has fell Christianity and the coming wrath (although I sensed that in a church I no longer attend) coming down on America. These are must reads along with David Reagan’s prophetic messages in his books and of course, the Lamb and Lion Ministry shows.

    May all this information and warnings go out to the people who walk in blindness, may their eyes be opened!

  • At what point and date during the run up to the 2016 election did you know you know Donald Trump was the modern day Jehu? I have a compelling reason for asking. Please respond.


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