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Woke Cancels God

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Tim Moore: From a biblical perspective, which is more important, to be woke or to be awakened?

The world seems enamored with the idea of being “woke” these days. They are chasing after new ideologies and casting aside the trustworthy ideologies of the past. But, as I witness all of the decline and the disintegration present in our society, I’m reminded over and over again of a question that the Lord Jesus Christ posed in Luke 18:8. He asked, “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?”

Nathan Jones: When the Son of Man does finally come, He is going to find the Church, consisting of those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior. According to 1 Thessalonians 4 and 1 Corinthians 15, when Jesus Christ returns, He is going to rapture the Church up to heaven and there we will dwell with our Savior forever. So, yes, I believe Jesus will find faith when He at last returns.

The result of the Rapture for those left behind — the faithless — will be that they will find themselves living in a world in chaos. The prophesied Tribulation time period will have at last arrived and the 21 judgments of God will be released to plague the earth. Life will become so bad that numerous people from that time will finally fall to their knees and bow their stiff necks and pray to Jesus for swift rescue. The Bible reveals that multitudes from every tribe, tongue, and nation are going to come to know Jesus as their Savior. So, that is the future perspective concerning Christ’s return and the faith that He will find.

So, let’s look at the current predicament. How do we deal with this new culture that we are living in now? Because, what we are living in is now is increasingly being labeled Woke.

It wasn’t even a year or two ago when we didn’t even hear about someone “going woke.” Instead, we heard about political correctness, or social justice warriors, as the terminology keeps changing. Woke or Wokeness is the idea that a person has finally woken up from their PC-slumber and realized that Progressive values must be valid. Where they once believed that society had reached a consensus that all people are equal, now they believe we have inherent racism in the system. They claim white people are all born racist. Everything is stratified by class systems. They feel the need to champion Marxism over Capitalism. It’s like they “woke up” to a brand new ideology.

But, what they really woke up to is the old humanist, anti-God ideology. Look at 2 Timothy 3:8 where the Apostle Paul says, “They are men who oppose the truth,” and he called them men of depraved minds. So, the Woke may virtue signal when they claim they are fighting for women’s rights, and gay rights, and movements like that. But, for the Woke, it’s not really about the cause they are fighting for, rather it is about garnering attention for themselves.

Companies have piled on the Woke bandwagon for the purpose of chasing a potential buck. Big Tech has piled on, and especially the Left side of the government, all to earn a buck by feigning adherence to this perverted ideology. I hardly even recognize my own country anymore as it’s changed so much in just the last few years because Wokeness now seems to be all the rage.

Wokism’s Motive

Tim Moore: There’s a word that is being used over and over again, at least in the Media and across corporations, and that is tolerance. We prize tolerance above all else. But, in reality, the Woke are not tolerant at all. You can prove this just by seeing what is happening with some of the social media. If you try to make a post that is critical of some of the Woke ideology, well, you’ll be taken off YouTube and you’ll be banned from Twitter. Right now Twitter will allow the Taliban to spout whatever it wants, but it still has permanently banned President Trump because it didn’t like some of his behavior and some of his posts in the past. Woke people are canceling Conservative people all over social media because they are intolerant of certain worldviews, especially the Christian worldview, and this phenomenon will only grow worse and worse.

Let’s look at the fact that Critical Theory seeks to tear down our society, which really is at the heart of Marxist thought. Marxist Humanism remains at the heart of some of the critical theories you hear about today, whether it is Critical Race Theory or Critical Economic Theory. All of these critics within these critical theories long to tear down our Judeo-Christian heritage, never constructively, but for the purpose of destroying. They seek anarchy because out of chaos one can reshape an entire world.

This tearing down of our Judeo-Christian society in order to replace it with a Humanistic society is exactly what the Bible prophesied is going to happen when the Antichrist rises to power. Out of the chaos that will eventually ensue across this world, the Antichrist will arise. So, there’s an alternative motive to Wokism.

Romans 1 demonstrates how the Lord gives rebellious people over to depraved minds. The Bible also explains how the Lord Himself established from the very beginning the best way for society and civilizations to be ordered for the purpose of human flourishing to occur. The Lord declared what He had created and how He had put things into place in a very orderly fashion that would provide for human flourishing. As our growing Woke culture casts aside all of that order, they are thumbing their noses and they are shaking their fists and flipping their fingers at the Lord God Himself.

Nathan Jones: A great Pilgrim’s Progress style of story can be found in the book Edge of Eternity by Randy Alcorn. In his book, Alcorn portrays a group of hikers hiking up to the top of a mountain. For some reason, these hikers are very upset that along these really treacherous passes guardrails have been installed. They crazily believe that the guardrails are restricting their ascent. They grow very angry over these restrictions. So, they angrily start kicking at the guardrails until they finally knock them down. Triumphant they yell, “Yay, freedom!” But, then they all slip off the mountainside and plunge to their deaths. And that is exactly what society is doing now! We are looking at the restraints God has ordained in the just same way, wishing to abolish that which He created that protects us.

There’s a certain way to drive a car. You sit in the driver’s seat and you drive forward. That is how you drive. But, imagine if most drivers decided that — no, no, no — they wanted to drive backwards from the backseat. They’ve gone Woke and so want to do things their way. What will be the inevitable result? Crash! Death!

God’s Patience

Nathan Jones: Even while our society abandons God, the Bible teaches that He is very patient. God is waiting for us all to come to know His Son as Savior. But, God’s wrath will continue to pile up only to the point where society becomes so evil, as Romans 1 reveals, that God has got to act. And, when that act inevitably happens, the world receives judgment. God’s patience was reached at the Flood, and in the future, the Bible foretells God’s patience will have at last been reached resulting in the Tribulation.

Tim Moore: It certainly will happen, for God has foretold this to be true. The Lord is patient, wishing all to become saved, meaning reaching the number when all who will put their faith in Jesus Christ have done so. We don’t know how many that number is. And so, we have to continue to share the Gospel because we don’t know who will respond to the Good News and so be saved. Only the Lord God knows. When that number is complete, God’s wrath will fall at last. Christ will remove the Church from this world and soon after the Tribulation will ensue.

Until that time, we Christians are called to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will continue to proclaim Jesus Christ’s soon return. We will call people to heed the warning that Jesus Himself offered in Revelation 3, speaking of the church at Sardis, where Jesus called them to wake up. They’d become spiritually dead. It wasn’t a matter that they needed to be woke in the modern sense, rather it meant that they needed to wake up from their spiritual slumber. Jesus called those in Sardis to, “Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die, for I have not found your works perfect before God.”

For those who already know Jesus Christ and consider themselves a Christian, our plea is, “Wake up!” Don’t be Woke in the leftist sense, but to be awakened, be discerning, and do the works that remain which the Lord has commanded us to do — sharing with others Jesus crucified and resurrected. Also, be dedicated to holy living, and to keep our eyes looking out for the return of Jesus Christ. That is the true awakening!

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