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Cahn on the Days of Elijah

Jonathan Cahn

Are we living in the days of Elijah?

This and other crucial questions about the destiny of America were asked of Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn on our television program Christ in Prophecy. Jonathan is the author of the best-selling books The Harbinger and The Book of Mysteries. He is also the spiritual leader of Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne, New Jersey. In one of our 2013 issues of the Lamplighter magazine, we featured Jonathan on the cover as one of the prophetic voices God has anointed to warn our nation of impending judgment.

[Note: Jonathan’s answer below has been edited slightly for grammar and clarity.]

The Days of Elijah

Speaking out on this issue of America’s need for national repentance has resulted in me getting a lot of hate mail. In fact, when I started being called to Washington because the Lord opened the door in Washington to speak to our leaders, they targeted me with a bull’s eye. I’ve been accused by the Left Wing as being a hater, though they hate everything to do with Conservatives and Christians. Unless you agree with everything they say, you’ll be accused of being a hater. Evil is good and good is evil in the Left’s eyes.

Regardless, Christians are called to be like Jeremiah and Elijah. There is a song that is sung in churches called “These Are the Days of Elijah.” Remember that the days of Elijah were days of apostasy. If these are the days of Elijah, then we have to start becoming the Elijahs of our day. Some 300,000 pulpits cannot remain silent about the issues threatening our nation for the fear our pastors are going to step on somebody’s toes.

We cannot be timid! If we are timid, then in truth, we are giving up. The dark is getting darker, and so it is time for the light to become brighter.

The dark is getting darker, and so it is time for the light to become brighter. Click To Tweet

Once when I was up on Capitol Hill, one of the famous candidates for President showed us a room where a remnant of those who serve on Capitol Hill pray for America. What do they pray for? He said, “We pray that the pastors will preach the Word of God.”

We don’t need to first bolster the whole nation to prayer, for God looks to His remnant first. And this is our greatest hour. This is a biblical hour! This is the time to rise. We talked about praying for our nation, and now we’ve got to go and actually do so.

Be blessed by the knowledge that we as American Christians can look forward to the future with hope. Sure, the situation for our nation remains dire, but there exists a bigger reality, and that reality is God. Wherever there is God, there is always hope. God is never finished — ever — and His Gospel will carry ever on forever.

Christians, be lights to this generation. Pray for revival, but don’t just pray for revival, actually start living in revival. When you start living that way, revival begins. Let’s go full blast! These are the days which God has placed us in our mother’s wombs. We are meant to shine!


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