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Tough Bible Questions: Part 1


Have you ever found yourself faced with trying to come up with a good answer to a tough Bible question?

Dr. Ron Rhodes is the founder and director of Reasoning From the Scriptures Ministries. He is an expert on the Bible, and one of the things that he specializes in is answering tough questions about the Bible. The following are tough Bible questions Dr. Rhodes answered for our audience.

Q) What do you think is the number one argument you get from atheists and how do you respond?

A) One of the questions I get asked is if God is all-powerful and if God is all-good, how come bad things happen on planet earth. I get asked that question all the time.

I’d like to answer that question by giving an illustration. Let’s say that you built the perfect house, I mean it’s just a beautiful, wonderful house. The construction is perfect, it’s got excellent materials. Maybe fifteen years later you’ve got this termite invasion and it just eats away at the foundation and eats away at the walls. The question becomes, does the existence of termites in that house disprove the existence of an architect? Does it? Obviously not. What about arson? Somebody comes in and throws a match in there and burns the whole place up, does that disprove the existence of an architect? Not at all. What if you have sloppy home owners that don’t cut the lawn? Does this disprove the existence of an architect? Not at all, it just means that something good has been corrupted. The house was good but now it’s got termites. It’s been corrupted. And that’s what evil is — evil is the corruption of something good.

Now by analogy, God created the earth and you remember what God said when He completed the creation? He looked out over it all and said it is good. But the earth has since become corrupted. And you know what caused it? It was a termite invasion of human sin, that’s what brought evil into the universe. So, we shouldn’t be really blaming God on this, we should be blaming ourselves.

Q) If God is really a God of love, why didn’t He just put an end to evil?

A) Let’s just say that at midnight tonight God’s gonna say, “Evil is over.” I don’t like that option because at midnight tonight Ron Rhodes is gone. In fact, everyone is gone. So, I’m kind of glad God is patient with us.

You know one thing God did as soon as man got himself into this trouble with this termite invasion of sin is He engaged in a rescue mission for us. And He’s been involved in that rescue mission ever since and it’s all based on Jesus Christ and His work on the cross, so that’s the good news.

God did give us free choice, but you know some people try to blame God for that. But, look at it this way Henry Ford created the Ford car. It was a good car. But let’s say that some man decides to drive that car after drinking some alcohol. He drives down the street and crashes into a building. You see, are we going to say that Henry Ford is a bad man for creating the Ford? No. He’s not the person who did something wrong. It’s the man who used his free will to drink alcohol, to do something wrong, before he drove. You see, that’s the person who is at blame. So I don’t think that we should blame God for giving us free will. I’ve never seen a person walking down the street saying, you know with one of those signs that says, “Down with Free Will” or “Back to Bondage.”

Q) Why didn’t God create us without free will and just say you’re going to obey me and do what I tell you to and everythings going to be nice and fine?

A) I think that if God had created a bunch of those little robots, you know like where you pull the string on the back and it says, “I love you,” just imagine an entire universe of those. Would that bring glory to God? Not really, you just pull it and it goes, “I worship thee O Lord God.” I mean that doesn’t bring glory to God.

What would bring glory to God is if God created free human beings many of whom are going to choose to freely follow Him and worship Him for all eternity. Of course the very gift of free will also means that some people will misuse that free will. Some people will choose against God. But as C.S. Lewis put it, in the end this scenario brings much more glory to God than a universe of robots.

Q) What does Apologetics mean?

A) It sounds like we’re always going around saying “I’m sorry,” but in fact what we’re doing in defending Christianity against any challenge whatsoever. It might be Atheism, Agnostism, it might be the Jehovah’s Witnesses or the Mormons. It might be Islam. There’s all kinds of challenges against Christianity so what we do is to help provide solid strong answers that people can use to reach those people for Christ.

Q) What would you say is the key most important thing to understanding the Bible?

A) Three words: context, context, context.

Every word of the Bible is part of a sentence, every sentence is part of a paragraph, every paragraph is part of a book, and every book in the Bible is part of the entire Bible. So there’s both an immediate context of each verse and there’s a broader context. And the best way to make sure that you’re interpreting rightly is to consult both, the immediate context and the broader context.

For example, there’s a verse in Matthew 5:48 that says, “Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.” Some people read that and they go, “Oh gees, I gotta be absolutely perfect to go to Heaven. Uh oh, not good.” Because you know, we’re not perfect. None of us are.

When you look at the context, what you see is a discussion about love. You see the Jewish Pharisees said that you’re supposed to love your neighbors but hate your enemies. Jesus said no you love your neighbors and you love your enemies, you are to be perfect in loving other people as the Heavenly Father is perfect.

You see that’s the context, it’s all about love. So that helps us to understand what this verse is really talking about. It’s not saying that we must attain some perfection to go to Heaven, but rather it’s saying that we should be complete in loving other people day to day.

Q) People are always trying to prove that Revelation 20 does not mean what it says, when it says that Jesus is coming back to reign for a thousand years. And what they do is they go over and pick up that psalm that says God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. They say, “Now are there only a thousand hills? No, there’s many more so therefore the word thousand is always symbolic and never literal.” Is there a literal 1,000 year reign of Christ?

A) People often approach the book of Revelation with what we call pre-understandings in the theological world. People approach the text with a pre-understanding of the theological system that governs the way they interpret those verses and you know what? What you really need to do is to have what they call a circular system of interpretation. All of us have some kind of a system of theology, but what I’m saying is that the system of theology must be subject to the Bible. It should always be tested against the Bible. And if you come across a verse real clear like Revelation 20 and that contradicts your theological system, guess what, you need to rewrite your theological system.

I think that the kingship of Christ was prophesied back in the original covenant. You look at the Davidic covenant in 2 Samuel 7, prophesied about a King who would rule forever who would sit on the throne of David. And we’re not talking about some sort of spiritual thing up in a twilight zone Heaven. We’re talking about a real throne on a real earth. And so if you interpret Scripture in a literal fashion, you’re going to come out believing in a literal one thousand year period.

To give an English illustration, you know if you use the word “trunk” that can refer to the front of an elephant, the rear end of a man, the back of a car, it can refer to a suitcase. I mean just depending upon the context a word can mean a whole lot of different things. And one of the big mistakes that first year seminary students make is assuming that because a word is used one way in one context is has to mean the same thing in every other verse and that’s a mistake.

When the plain sense makes good sense why seek any other sense? That’s one of the things that I base my entire interpretive methodology on. And yet today we’ve got all kinds of people reading all kinds of things into the Bible. If people would just let the Bible speak for itself. Guess what guys? Who created human language? Who was it? God! God created linguistic symbols called words by which He communicates with man through revelation. And in most cases, God communicates in a normal, every day means. Now it is true that there are some verses that are poetic like in the Psalms and so forth, but you know most of the time when God is communicating in statements of fact. And when the plain sense makes good sense why seek any other sense?

One of the reasons that people spiritualize so much is because they become God when they do so, because they can make the Scriptures mean anything they want it to mean. The cults are experts at that. You know they’ll take a verse and they’ll make it say something entirely foreign to the original context. And frankly we’ve got a crisis in the church today because many Christians don’t know the Bible very well.

And that’s all the more reason for people to get back to the Bible and when you’re reading Scripture verses remember that rule — “when the plain sense makes good sense don’t seek any other sense.”

Q) What is the evolutionist’s strongest argument?

A) Very often it seems like today the real attack from the Evolutionist is coming against Intelligent Design. I think that’s got them running scared. Remember that old preacher who was preaching a sermon and he came to a weak part in the sermon and he had on his sermon notes “pound pulpit, weak point.” That kind of reminds me of what these Atheists are doing. They know that they’re cornered by intelligent design.

I think DNA is a great place to start. I don’t think you can look anywhere and not find Intelligent Design. You can look into a microscope you can look into a telescope and find evidence for Intelligent Design. You know just in terms of the DNA factor, did you know that just a single pinpoint of DNA, you can find as much information as four complete sets of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Now you know the Encyclopedia Britannica is thirty volumes with small print. That’s a lot of information in there. So the question is natural, did it write itself? Did the Encyclopedia Britannica write itself? Do software programs right themselves?

We as human beings think we might have had a better design for certain things. But look at it this way, I might look at a computer system and say, “You know, I think I could design this computer to where it would be much smaller.” But then I go and talk to the engineer and the engineer tells me, “Ah, but the reason why it’s got a big casing like that is to provide for the cooling system because of the internal heating of the components.” Well now I’ve got new information that alters the way that I’m looking at things. And the fact is, is that God has many reasons, many of which we don’t know about as to why He created certain things in certain ways. And so, I think that one day when its too late for a lot of people once they’ve passed over, they’re gonna say, “Wow, boy I was wrong after all there really is an Intelligent Designer and it really does make sense.”

Naturalism refers to the idea that nature explains everything, you don’t need a God, you don’t need supernatural miracles. But what if the science that has been supporting Naturalism for so many years turns on Naturalism and starts to provide scientific arguments against Naturalism. That’s what we’re seeing today in Intelligent Design and I think that’s one of the reasons why they’re so vitriolic against the Intelligent Design movement.

I was talking to Lee Strobel about how Lee used to be an Atheist and he said, “Ron, you know one of the things that kept me an Atheist was not specific belief systems, one of the things that kept me an Atheist was the fact that it made my lifestyle real comfortable. I could do anything I wanted and I didn’t have to answer to an external God; I didn’t have to obey commands.” So, if you end up believing that there is an Intelligent Designer who created the universe that means that you and I are responsible to obey that Creator. And that means a change in lifestyle is in order. A lot of atheists don’t want to make that change.

Q) What is the strongest argument for Evolution and how can Christians counter that?

A) One of the arguments that very often comes up in support of Evolution is that they believe that the fossil evidence supports their viewpoint. I really don’t think it does support their viewpoint. And the reason that I say that is that we’ve discovered virtually billions of fossils all over the world and if Evolution were true what you would expect to see is simple life forms evolving into complex life forms. You’d expect to see fossils of simple life forms and then on the next layer of rock you would expect to see a little bit more advanced creatures. And then each new layer of rock would bring all new fossils that are supposedly growing wings and different body parts and stuff like that, but we don’t see that. There are no transitional forms in the fossil record. You know what it looks like in the fossil record? It looks like all the sudden all these life forms suddenly exploded on the scene and got fossilized. All of them are fully formed. That seems to support Creationism.

I think also that these people also assume what’s called Uniformitarianism, the idea that things have been going along at the same pace throughout all human history. But what I believe as a Creationist is that when the flood occurred the entire world was upset in a catastrophic way. All of a sudden you had layer upon layer of mud coming upon each other with dead creatures being captured within that layer of mud and I think that explains a lot of the layers that we presently see today. It doesn’t represent this incredible length of time as some of these Evolutionists like to talk about, but it’s a shorter time.

Q) What difference does it make who cares whether God created the world instantly or whether He created it over a long period of time?

A) Can you trust your Bible? I mean, when you look at the Genesis account it’s talking about the creation days in terms of light and darkness in terms of morning and evening. And you need to consider the fact that the Hebrew word for day whenever it’s used with a number always refers to a literal 24 hour a day. If you cannot trust the book of Genesis in its plain statements of fact about creation, what makes you think you can trust anything else in the Bible?

And so, there’s much more than the creation itself at stake — it’s the entire Bible with the entire message of the Bible. And that spells disaster for you if you’re looking for redemption in Christ. How do you know you can trust those verses about redemption in Christ if you cannot trust the Bible?

Thank you, Dr. Rhodes, for the answers to these tough Bible questions! Dr. Rhodes will answer more questions in Part 2.

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • Very often it seems like today the real attack from the Evolutionist is coming against Intelligent Design. I think that’s got them running scared.Really? You think biologists are afraid of your childish idiotic belief in magic?

  • Hi Bob, please show, with logical reasoning, where Intelligent Design is “childish” and “magic”.

    A couple of quick questions for you as well Bob if I may. Can you please explain why we find polonium halos in granite, and then explain how granite is formed? Also, I am curious how long it would take for an operating system to develop by chance if we were to put a fully functional computer system with all required components except an OS in a closet and leave it there. Let’s even say that it is plugged in and powered on. DNA is exponentially more complex than even the most sophisticated operating systems we have today, so what time is required for an OS to develop on its own just by chance?

  • Bobxxxx, I think a biologist knows better than those in many of the sciences how true Intelligent Design is. It would indeed take magic to make the millions of processes work harmoniously in even the simplest of creatures if chance was at the helm.

    “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” – Romans 1:20

    And you, too, know in your heart that there truly is a Creator God.

  • BobX ~ Hello as well, I would also like to ask you a question. You came to this web site, read the article and posted a comment. Why do you think that is?? This happened for one of two reasons……either God lead you here to open your eyes, or Satan has control of you and lead you here to challenge and "attempt' to lead those that belong to Him astray. It is my sincerest hope that God lead you here. We will be your friends and help you understand the word of God and the wonderful plans He has for all who trust in Him…..if you will let us. There are good people here at Lamb & Lion, and good people that frequent this blog. God is real Bob. He is not a childish fairy tale. I will end my comment with you by giving you something to think about…..
    Obviously, you do not believe in God. I do. Now, regardless of what each of us believe, I think we can both agree on the fact that we will both die someday, right?? By not believing in God, can I assume that you believe that when you die you will just cease to exist?? The Bible tells me that when we die, each of us, all by our little lonesomes, will have to stand before God and give an account of our lives on this earth. The beliver in Christ will live eternally with God. Those that reject Christ will spend eternity in Hell. Sooooo, the day comes when you and I both die. Now, depending on which of us is right and which of us is wrong in what we believed while we were on earth and how we lived….which of us has more to loose. You see, if I am wrong by believing in God, it won't matter, I will die and cease to exist. That's the end of me. However, if you are wrong by NOT believing in Christ…..I can't even say it. Please reconsider! Open your heart and mind and God will show Himself to you in ways you can not even imagine!
    🙂 Buggg

  • This may be surprising if you’ve come to “know” me via my comments, but as a Christian, I am against the phrase “intelligent design”.

    To me, at least, the phrase “intelligent design” sounds like you’re saying, yes, evolution is true and it was God’s design on how things came to be. Evolution is God’s intelligent design. At least that’s what I’ve experienced with people who use the phrase “intelligent design”.

    The problem is I’ve never heard a definition of “intelligent design”. I prefer, and choose to stick with the word “creation”. As in “God CREATED”. Semantics, yes, I guess. But just my personal choice.

    As for bobxxx, I would love to be able to come up to you in the afterlife and say “I told you so” but you won’t be where I am for me to do it. Though I won’t have to…you’ll know by then and, sadly and tragically, it will be too late. I pray you come to salvation via Jesus.

  • Mitchell, you forgot the question of polystrate fossils. How are those explained away?

    I find it incredibly interesting that something that happened billions of years ago in the unobserved past is “science” and something that happened in the unobserved past only thousands of years ago is somehow “religion” or “magic”. Did anyone see the Big Bang? Are there pictures of it? Evolution is just as much a religion as Christianity: it requires much faith. The only difference is, we believe in an intelligent, loving Creator and evolutionists believe in the toss of a coin.

    The known universe speaks of a Creator. The planet earth is a great example. What are the odds that a planet would be positioned just so in the galaxy? Where we are in relation to the sun is perfect to sustain life: any closer we burn up, any further away we freeze. Where we are in relation to the galaxy center is perfect to sustain life: one arm in and we’re fried by radiation, and one one arm out we have no concept of measuring the universe.

    Here’s one no one can answer: “He stretches out the North over the void, and hangs the earth upon nothing.” – Job 26:7. If this verse was written over 3,000 years ago, how did the author know the earth hangs in empty space, as we have observed only recently? Even if it was written as late as the 17th century, “science” stated that the earth sat on the back of a giant turtle. So how did the author of Job know?

  • Another question or two, Bobxxxx, if I may. If evolutionists are so sure that they are correct, why won’t they allow creationism or intelligent design to be taught along-side? Isn’t science about having all the information so one can make an informed decision based on known facts? Shouldn’t the students be the ones to make up their own minds about the origins of life?

  • and furthermore, you are the only one out of billions of people with your fingerprint and humans are the only creatures with a definate moral compass within them. why is it bad to rape someone? or to murder another human? additionally if we simply cease to exist then whats the point of living a good life?

  • I have to pitch a great Lamb & Lion DVD called "Creation or Evolution – Dr. Reagan Interviews Dr. Thomas Sharp". It's been a while since I watched it but am going to again after I finish this post.

    If you don't haave any of the DVDs on this site I would highly recommend any of them. (By the way, NO – I do not have any monetary interest AT ALL – I just happen to love them and find them extremely inspirational and informative).

  • One of the things I find the hardest to understand about the bobxxx’s of the world is how their fanactical, or you could say religously stubborn, they are on their position that there is nothing, absolutely nothing after this life and yet they are just fine with that concept. They have no problem thinking their entire lives, a brief few years of eternal time, will have been absolutely MEANINGLESS.

  • “To suppose that the eye, with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems I freely confess, absurd in the highest possible degree. Charles Darwin, Origin of Species, 1st Ed., p. 186.

    This is a Charles D. quote that I put in a paper I wrote for and English Class. It is in very rough form but has A LOT of good info and I feel that it defends Creationism very well. It’s 10 pages but a good read if you have the time. Find it here at:

  • I have a hunch that Bobxxx may feel like he is under attack. I certainly did the day I posted “Happy Easter”……and I am your sister in Christ! I cried over that. But then, I do wear my heart on my sleeve. No one will be open to Christ when they feel attacked. Maybe we should all tone it down some, and try a more loving approach. Just a thought ~

  • Posts like that, Junbuggg, tend to be one-time zingers where someone makes their point and runs. I hope for bobxxx’s soul, that this isn’t the case, though.

    I do apologize if anyone made you cry. That you’re still with us means a lot, and I value your comments.

  • We have to remember that evolutionists do NOT want there to be a God. If there is a Creator, then that means they are answerable to Him. It’s not that they want a meaningless life, it’s that they want a “free” life. They don’t want a set of “imperfect laws” (i.e., the Ten Commandments) that no one can keep. They don’t want a God who would “send someone to hell” and refuse to believe that God doesn’t send people to hell; we volunteer.

    I agree with Nate, that this was maybe a one and done deal. I think there are people who look for discussions that stand in stark contrast to their beliefs and just want to throw rocks.

    I’m sorry if anything I may have said bothered you, Junbuggg.


  • Nathan & Gary, I understand that, yes, this may have been someone out to just "throw rocks". I blog on another site that has a religious section ( and I and many other bloggers deal with the rock throwing all the time. I have found that they love it when you buck up to them. That's just what they are looking for. Treat them with kindness and offer them the love of Jesus and they get bored and run. However, I have come in contact with one there that started out like that, and seems to be listening to me now. And isn't that what we are supposed to do…..the saved don't need saving, the lost do.

    Nathan, I wouldn't dream of leaving the blog. 🙂

    Love you guys! Buggg

    oh, and I could sure use some help on that other site!

  • Junbuggg, I agree that we have to be loving when discussing these things, but we also have to balance that with punching holes in false beliefs. Whether we like it or not, we are at war with the spirits behind these lies and we have to cut through the brainwashing we occassionally run into.

    I find it interesting that a firearms website would have a religious discussion. What do firearms and religion have to do with each other?

  • Thunder, firearms and religion have nothing to do with each other. within the site, are a variety of areas for discussion….pets….religion…deployed militarty members…family…and so on. A person can enjoy shooting, as I do, and can be interested in other things as well, and be a christian. I was raised with 5 brothers and am the only girl. I love to target shoot….NEVER anything living! People also post their prayer requests there as well.

  • ……Oh, and Thunder, they also have a “Music/Musician” discussion group as well. Did you tell me you played the guitar?? I hope I remembered that correctly. 🙂

  • OK. Gotcha. I went to AR-15 (one of my favorite firearms, by the way), but I couldn’t get to the discussion boards (stupid Windows).

    Played is the operative word, Junbuggg (thanks for remembering). My fingers just won’t let me do it anymore. I work in a factory and some of our methods are somewhat outdated and are tough on hands. After 11 years, sometimes it’s all I can do to hold a fork (I’ve got carpal tunnel in both hands).

  • And I’m glad to hear you’re a shooter. For a second I thought you might be one of those anti-firearms people.

    I used to hunt a lot (that’s what we do in Southern Indiana when we’re not fishing) and have been a member of the NRA.

  • Sounds like we have alot in common! I love to shoot…..I love to fish…both fresh & saltwater. Guess it all came about from being raised with all those brothers. Never could recruite me to hunt though….way too tender-hearted for that. Carpal Tunnel huh?? Been there and done that! I was an orthodontic assistant (braces) for years….and had to have the surgery on my right hand back in the early 90's. It worked! I have since retired from the ortho biz….spend my days gardening, taking care of home, husband, and canine children, now that my son is grown and has a family now….love to spoil them grandbabies!! has several options for signing up as a member to blog…I chose the free membership. You are not able to post a cutesy picture with a free membership….don't need that anyway. You should really log on there…I am serious….I need help! I posted a thread about Job…earth suspended..and am under fire big time from non's. Hope to see you there sometime…you can find my under….yep, Junbuggg 🙂

    NRA member here too!

  • I cannot see any problem with evolution and creation. If I were creating a world I would certainly build in an evolution factor to change my creatures as required to suit a developing ecosystem! Save lots of time in having to go back and tweek things.
    As regard to the fossil record, is there any estimate of the percentage of life that became fossilised? It must be very very small. Can this be relied upon to “prove” creationism?

  • Good stuff! No doubt about it when sin came into the world it was cursed, so yes man had to survive by eating meat (animal flesh) And God gave us the brain to make this chore of putting steak on the table easier! So pass the coffee and the ammo please (or visa versa)!
    The LORD meant for the Bible to be taken literally and when He said days (GOD-the creator of time) He meant days! I do realize before the flood that the diameter of the earth was most likely smaller and the actual hours in a day might have been different but that does not mean billions and billions of years, just hours! Yes their was a global flood and yes that’s the only answer for poly straights and petrified wood along with the recent demise of most of the Dragons. The “evilutionist” know that their teachings is nothing more than a hoax and plain junk science! In know way would PBS Nova (NO GO)have legit creationist in a open forum to discuss the huge holes in evolution and how creation makes total since! I know that they love to bring up the issue on the vastness of the universe (where our Lord declares the glory) on the billions of light years in time (which I agree) but He did say he laid it out like a curtain along with stringing it out! I’m Not sure if folk’s understand the meaning of the “oroborous” or even if you care, but you might check it out! I’m acting on my own here and if posted that it is not Nathan Jone’s fault! But David Flynn’s web site has some interesting information and it does seem Biblical!

  • The biggest problem with Theistic Evolution, or God using evolution, is that the Bible states that death didn’t enter the world until AFTER man sinned. If life had existed for millions or billions of years before man, then things would have died well before the Fall.

    So, the two “theories” are mutually exclusive; they cannot co-habitate.

    And the fossil record is very interesting. They never tell you that the starta are confused. By that, I mean that they find full human fossils in the same strata, or lower, as dinosaurs. There is actually a fossil bed in North America which takes up full 3 US states and 2 Canadian provinces! Thousands of square miles a full 7,000 feet above sea level! Some fossils of dinosaurs have been found that show them dying while giving birth. That means they died and were buried extremely quickly, as in a really big, deep flood.

  • And, osmodia, we have to define what we mean by “evolution”. There are actually two main types: there is macro-evolution and micro-evolution, or adaptation.

    For a Bible believing creationist, micro-evolution is not a problem. Adaptation WAS built into creation. It is proven that both animals and mankind can adapt to certain environments. Case in point: my grandmother was born and raised in southern Indiana. She now lives in south Texas. Her body has adapted to the warmer weather and she finds the 38th parallel to be too cool, even in summer.

    Macro-evolution, though, is where one species changes into another species: say a lizard becomes a bird. It has never been observed. It can’t be reproduced. And the fossil record does not support it.

  • Buggg…I hope I wasn’t one that made you cry! If so, sorry! Our comments are lively sometimes but hopefully never rude or cruel.

    As far as bobxxx (why am I not surprised of the xxx in his name?). I agree with Nathan that people like him do one-time zingers and split but I’m more cynical and tend to think they are trying to tick us off because our Biblical views tick them off.

    Sorry to disappoint you bobxxx, you didn’t tick me off, you only made me feel pity you in that you are blind to the truth and your eternal soul will pay the price.

  • Amen! Just as the early atmosphere (strata) was was most likely very dense allowing filtered sun and moon light,so after the flood this canopy disappeared allowing for the promise of the rainbow. Their is no reason that the LORD would mislead us on the creation that scribed in Genesis! The elites (illuminist etc) knew in order to try and destroy the word of God that they would have to attack the Genesis account, Revelation and of course everything in between! What a GOD that we have, He came and bore our sins and welcomed us in to His family! The song “I can only Imagine” comes to mind when we finally will see our KING and say well done good and faithful servant. Some times those words worry me though.

  • Billy…, you actually can to my defense….:-) thanks ~ My “skin” has become a little “tuffer”. I am not so sensitive with non’s, as I can be with believers. Anyway, I’m over it. I just think that if we jump on every apparent non-believer because of a comment made to question or attack our belief in God, which is hard not to do, then I fear that we could miss the opportunity to reach that remote one that is really looking for some conviencing answers. Some people can not be humble enough to just ask for help in a nice way…too much pride maybe. Does that make any sence??
    🙂 Buggg

  • Wow…..really messing this up….guess I need that second cup of coffer…
    “came” to my “defense”

  • Evolutionist are indignant towards the suggestion that one species “turns into another” and now they are arguing that Evolution does not propose that man came from monkeys either but it suggests that man and monkeys had a common ancestor and because of natural selection, some of the offspring of that ancestor evolved and some did not until man and monkeys were so different from one another genetically that they could no longer breed. Evolution states that, “Natural selection can ultimately lead to the formation of new species” however, this is the area of evolution that has failed to be replicated and thus proven. The Public Broadcasting system states (as if it is a fact) that, “The evolutionary process of speciation is how one population of a species changes over time to the point where that population is distinct and can no longer interbreed with the “parent” population.” However, creationists’ state that science proves this is untrue. In order for Evolution (‘speciation’) to occur, the genetic information (DNA) of one species must become more complex to classify as a new, ‘evolved’ species. There is no evidence that this is possible of has ever occurred and because our understanding of genetics is so limited, scientist cannot explain how, or at what specific point one species genetically evolves to create another, new species. If this amazingly complex process were to actually occur, than there would be thousands of ‘transitional forms’ found in the fossil record and roaming the earth today but there is not. In fact Darwin himself understood that this fact disproved the Theory of Evolution when he stated, ““Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain; and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and serious objection which can be argued against the theory.”
    The important thing for the success of cross-species breeding is that a significant number of the chromosomes of each mate match up and are homologous. In other words, the common ancestor of these two species should have had common traits, which were passed down to those two (modern day) species. This is not the case with monkeys and humans. Humans have 46 chromosomes and monkeys have 48 and of those, states that “humans and chimpanzees share about 98 to 99 percent of their DNA.” However, what they fail to mention is that their chromosomes are not homologous which indicates that they did not have a common ancestor. The alleles on a strand of human DNA will not fuse with the alleles of chimpanzee DNA no matter how frantically scientists try to make it happen in their labs.
    The Bible gave us a wonderful clue to understanding the truth about evolution when it said, “the life – is in the blood”. You see, all of the proof of Creation, and the case against Evolution is (ironically) found in ‘the blood’ – the DNA. Our genomes are SO complex that we do not fully understand them, however, one thing is clear…the Theory of Evolution is simply an outdated theory that was developed before DNA was even discovered. We are a SPECIAL creation of God complexly designed by him for the sole purpose of having a close relationship with him. No other creation on earth or above the earth was designed for this purpose! He has a DEEP love for US!!!

  • ALL4JHWH ~ wow… to join me on another website ( I could sure use the help. And no, I am not there in the position of being against guns. Both my husband and I are shooters and they have a religion blog that I like. Many people are believers there, but it’s the non’s that like to ruin the blog. Many people post prayer requests there. It’s a good place to talk to other believers, that also like to shoot. And it is a good place to talk to deployed soldiers, that need all the spiritual support they can get. Hope to see you there ~ Buggg

  • All4JHWH, you quoted Chuck D., “Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain; and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and serious objection which can be argued against the theory.”

    I have used that quote against evolutionists. They say that can’t be used in any manner of debate and won’t listen to it. That’s like saying, “Well, you can discuss Christianity, but you can’t quote Jesus.” Obviously, the founder of their religion didn’t know what he was talking about.

    Has anyone here ever read Frank Peretti’s book “Monster”? It’s about Sasquatch with an underlying plot about evolution. It’s really pretty good.

  • Also, All4JHWH, there are some evolutionists, who, since they can’t prove their theory, believe that life was planted here by life that evolved on a different planet. Sounds like a “Star Trek” plot. Actually, I think it was.

  • Thunder….ha ha ha….I skipped the coffee and when straight for the hard stuff…..
    A&W Rootbeer….diet~

    When am I gonna see you on ar15????

  • son of thunder – I agree! I know, isn’t it crazy what lengths people will go to to avoid accountability to God?!?! One thing I’ve realized though is that no matter how much a person won’t listen or what kind of crazy excuses they come up with, it doesn’t matter because it is only our job to share to truth. Than the Lord will take it from there and either use our spoken truth to plant a seed in their hearts, convict them of their sin, or hold them accountable on Judgement Day. Let’s pray it is not the latter! In any case, I like to speak the truth as often as I can but only where it is well received (such as – on this website), however, if it is not well received, I am training myself to not get to ‘wound up’ or cause disention and I will than cease to ‘cast my pearls to swine’. I have learned that in some arguments, you just have to ‘shake the dust off your feet’ as you turn to leave! Especially when you realize that the argument has reached the point where people become irrational, like with the E.T. thing!! And they call Christians crazy! LOL!!!

    Hey junbuggg (love the name), this may be the case in the blog in which you are involved but, I’m not sure because I had a hard time finding it when I went to the site. Do you have a direct link to the specific blog?

    I love blogs like this one where everyone is respectful enough to one another to hold a dignifide discussion!

  • Thunder ~ My hubby likes Red Bull sometimes, and he gave me one to try “once”…..I don’t think I stopped talking for like 5 hours:-O

    You have to “sign up” to be a member on ar15….do a “name” and a “password” to sign on with. You can read stuff on it, but to respond to blogs you have to log on.

  • I think that is the first time I’ve been called “dignified” or “respectful”. Take it back! Just kidding. LOL!!

    Evolutionists now have a new problem, going to the ET thing. We haven’t found any planets remotely similar to our own.

    Life on other planets makes for great story-telling, but it’s impractical. These beings would have to travel an untold number of light-years: the closest star (other than our sun) is Proxima Centauri at 4.3. That means it would take 4.3 years at light speed which would be 1078 million kph or 669,838,145 mph or 20 at 1/4 light speed or 270 million kph or 167,770,222 mph. (No, I’m not a scientist. I’m a Star Trek geek.) That’s fast!!!

    So, it’s highly unlikely anyone came from another planet to set up camp here. It’s just too impractical.

  • All4JHWH ~ When you get to the website ( click on “general” in the discussion groups….then scroll down to “Religion” click on it and there will be listed a number of topics. Click on the one that you want to view the comments in that discussion. Currently I am having a real challenge with a non on “Job said this approx. 3000 years ago”. The non’s name is “strongbow”. He needs to hear some of yours and Thunders info. Currently someone just challenged him to discuss evolution. He says bring it on…he has new info ~

  • Here’s what you do, Junbuggg. Ask him if his brain is an accident or intelligently designed.

    If he says that it was intelligently designed, then he has just contradicted himself. If he says it was an accident, then let him know that nothing he says can be trusted because it is coming out of a mistake.

    That’s the argument that got C.S. Lewis.

  • I would also recommend that anyone who wants to continue this discussion sign up on the Christ in Prophecy Facebook page. This taking up a lot of space here on Blogger, and, I think, more people will come across any discussions as I have left the link on many Facebook groups I belong to.

  • Face book? Do U need a publisher? Is that like having your picture on the cover of rolling stone? he he
    I know that the LORD says not to call a person a fool, but is it OK to call an atheist a IDIOT for not acknowledging that their is a creator GOD?
    I do understand that we (Christians) should not cram the gospel down people throats which never works anyway! But there are some reprobate atheist that seem to have a joy of the creationist beliefs, so some times I have to blow holes in what they believe and it is hard at times to be Christ like! We always have to keep in mind of that one person that my be agnostic and wanting the truth which is in Christ our LORD!

  • Just go to and type Christ in Prophecy in the “search” box. It should take you right to the page.

    If you want to join the group, you’ll have to sign up onto facebook. It’s really easy. If I can do it, anyone can.

    Nathan advertised this facebook page a couple of months ago, and I signed up.

  • Hey folk’s,
    I bet we have a flu season this year. I feel that ‘pharma big’ has taken a hit in the wallet by the lack of a pandemic! The media seems to be playing into their hands with this ‘strange Hn1n1’ (oh heck the swine flu) and it would bring in the bucks and help the elite’s with pop control! It’s hard to believe that some of these clowns (elite’s) think that science will keep them alive for at least 120years and then by that time even eternal! Did not the LORD say “for them that want to save their lives will loose it and those who loose their lives for my name (LORDS) sake will gain it. Oh they will live for eternity know doubt, but where?! We truely are that generation!
    Sorry that I got side tracked, you folk’s had some thoughtful converse going on!

    God bless


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