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The Evolution of a Creationist

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How an Evolutionist Became a Creationist

Nathan Jones: As my children were growing up, I wanted to teach them the Creation account as written in the Bible. They were attending public school, after all, and so they would eventually end up learning about Evolution. To reinforce their belief in the biblical Creation account, I turned to Dr. Jobe Martin of Biblical Discipleship Ministries. He created a wonderful series of videos about various animals that defy the evolutionary model.

I wish to thank you, Dr. Martin, for teaching my children about the Creation. Now they scoff at how nonsensical the Theory of Evolution really is. They know the differences between Creation and Evolution, and they believe in the biblical account. I credit God working through you and through your teachings over the years for giving my children a strong biblical foundation. So, thank you!

Tim Moore: And, for my own grandchildren, Dr. Martin, I so appreciate your longevity and the Lord continuing to work through you and your whole family, indeed to His greater glory.

Jobe Martin: God’s grace, that is what it is. I pray that Jesus keeps me going until He comes for His Church.

Nathan Jones: Dr. Martin, why did you feel called to devote your life to teaching the Creation account? After all, you started out as a dentist, right? You were even the dentist for a U.S. president at one time?

Jobe Martin: I originally was a dentist, yes. I was the dentist for the 89th Military Airlift Wing, which is the Presidential fleet during President Lyndon Johnson’s term. I served in the Air Force.

I later became a professor of dentistry at Baylor College of Dentistry. I gave my first lecture on the evolution of teeth from fish scales. I was actually teaching that fish scales moved into the fish’s mouth and became teeth. To this day, I can’t believe I believed that, but I did at the time.

Two of my students challenged me after a lecture to take a look at Creation Science including the Young Earth and Global Flood. I didn’t even pray about it. I said, “Oh, I’d love to do that,” but I was thinking: “These guys are from the Stone Age! After all, scientists have proven it took billions of years to evolve life.” Little did I know then that Evolutionary scientists hadn’t proven anything.

So, I started out as an Evolutionist, but then because of these studies with these students, I began to look at the assumptions that Evolutionists make. I questioned what we think, what we believe, what we posit, and if there is consensus. I learned that there is stuff the Evolutionist doesn’t know. I realized if you don’t look for those words in an Evolutionist’s vocabulary, then you end up thinking they know what they are talking about, but in truth, they don’t. Rather, they believe in a fantasy. What Evolutionists believe all comes right out of their heads, when you come right down to it. So, I became a Biblical Creationist.

Tim Moore: Sadly, to this day, government-funded schools as we call them, whether in public elementary schools all the way through high school and universities, are propagating Evolution as the end-all and be-all of science, though in fact how they come to their conclusions isn’t really that scientific. Many scientists today are beginning to realize that the Evolutionary theory does not hold water.

Jobe Martin: Exactly! Harvard PhDs are realizing that true science, not science-based on assumptions and guesses, but true science that is empirical and experimentally verifiable, always supports what the Bible teaches.

The Science Behind a Giraffe

Nathan Jones: My children loved your Incredible Creatures and Creation Proclaims series. Can you share just one animal that you believe proves that the Theory of Evolution is fake science? My favorite in your videos is the giraffe. Everyone I know seems to love your teaching about the bombardier beetle. Can you just quickly share one of your favorite animals that defies Evolution?

Jobe Martin: The giraffe is my favorite animal, as well. That animal is on my very first video that I ever recorded. I even talk about the giraffe in my book, The Evolution of a Creationists.

A bull giraffe stands 18-feet tall. He’s got a powerful pump to pump his blood up that long skinny neck against gravity. His heart weighs up to 25-lbs. It’s like a big turkey in there. When it squeezes it shots that blood up that long skinny neck against gravity. Well, he’s doing great.

Now the giraffe is going to bend his head down to get a drink of water. The big pump goes squeeze and the blood goes zoom and it hits his brain and… blows his brains right out of his ears! And so, the giraffe is thinking: “I’ve got a problem. When I bend down to get a drink of water, I blow my brains out. I’m going to have to evolve something to fix this.” Well, no, dead animals cannot improve themselves. After all, they are dead, so they can’t evolve anything.

But, of course, the giraffe doesn’t blow his brains out because as he bends his head down our Creator — the Lord Jesus — tells us in John 1, Colossians 1, Hebrews 1 that God the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit through the agency of Jesus created everything. And so, our Creator built little valves into the neck of the giraffe within the artery. As the giraffe’s head goes down, those little valves close.

By the way, you can’t have a partially evolved valve. They have to be fully functional from day one.

So, the giraffe is putting his head down, the valves close, but the pulse of blood beyond the last valve still possesses enough pressure to burst the little arteries in the brain. But, the blood doesn’t go directly into the brain. Rather, it goes under the brain into this sponge of blood vessels, which gently expand. The giraffe hasn’t blown his brains out, and he gets his drink of water.

Now the giraffe sees a lion coming up fast. He thinks: “I’ve got to get out of here. That lion wants to eat me!” He jumps up, takes three steps — boom — passes out. There’s not enough oxygen in the brain. So, what happens? The lion eats him! The giraffe’s thinking: “I’ve got this other problem now. When I get up too fast, I can’t keep my balance and the lions eat me.”

But, of course, when the giraffe lifts his head he doesn’t pass out because as he comes up the sponge under the brain gently squeezes the last pulse of oxygenated blood up into his brain, the valves open, and he’s doing just fine. Only God could do that! The giraffe’s circulatory system is irreducibly complex. He needs all of his parts from day one working perfectly or he dies.

Why People Believe in Evolution

Tim Moore: Dr. Martin, I love the example of the woodpecker that you teach. I see woodpeckers all of the time. I don’t see many bull giraffes in my neighborhood, but I hear and see woodpeckers. You have pointed out how God has wonderfully created these birds to survive by banging their heads against the trees.

Today’s so-called science is not always as trustworthy as the Mainstream Media would purport, because they are looking at science through all of the smoke and mirrors that these Evolutionary Scientists are making up as they go. Many people are realizing their lies and are now coming back to understand that Scripture has validity and that so-called science is really just a house of cards.

Jobe Martin: There is fake news and there is fake science, which both are. Why do they choose to believe fake science? They don’t have any other option. There are two options: God and the Creation account, or no God and unanswerable question. If there’s no Creator then how did we get here? Evolution. So, these are the only two options out there. Once you decide that you are not going to believe in God, you still must believe in something else and seek your answers about our origins from something other than the Bible.

Louis Pasteur proved Evolution isn’t true. It can’t be, after all. Science actually proves that the Creation is the true science. But, for those who have rejected God, they are not going to believe in the Creation account because they do not want to believe in God. They are looking right at the facts, but they refuse to believe what’s right in front of their eyes.

Tim Moore: Understanding our origins from the biblical perspective lays the foundation for our worldview. The Word of God lays this foundation. The Creation account is not just a story that’s relegated to the mythical beginnings of mankind, but rather the Bible lays the foundation for everything else that follows. Genesis is tied to God’s revelation about the end times. God was the only eyewitness to both of those bookends of the Bible — Genesis and Revelation.

Jobe Martin: These are two books from the Bible that you don’t find being taught in the churches much anymore. They don’t teach Creation and they don’t teach prophecy.

If Jesus isn’t the Creator, then how could He be the Savior? Only the Creator would have the right and the authority to save His particular creatures. So, our Creator is our Savior. Praise God, it’s the Lord Jesus Christ!

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