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The End-Time Message Of Bible Prophecy


What is the end-time message of Bible prophecy? We asked Dr. Ed Hindson, President of World Prophetic Ministry and Bible teacher on “The King Is Coming” telecast, how he would answer this question.

“The message of Bible prophecy is really a two-sided message. The Book of Revelation tells us of a scroll in the hand of God the Father that’s taken by Jesus Christ. He opens the seals on that scroll, reads the message, pronounces the judgments, and brings ultimately the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. That message on the outside of the scroll is the message to the world at large and the message to unbelievers is bad news — you lose. The message on the inside of the scroll is the message to the Church, and the message to the Church is good news — we win. Now that’s as simple as you can make Bible prophecy. Ultimately, it’s a message of hope for the believer; it’s a message of judgment for the unbeliever.

But, I would remind you, prophecy is not written to scare us, prophecy is written to prepare us. It’s not written to frighten us, it is written to invite us to come to Christ while there is hope and while there is time.

God shows you enough in Scripture about the future as He allows us to look down through the tunnel of time, down through the corridor of the fulfillment of prophecy, so that we would understand if God knows the future. God certainly knows my future. He knows all about me and He wants me to be ready ultimately to meet Him in that future.

The message of warning to the unbeliever is really written in love. It’s written in the blood of Christ who went to the cross to die for your sins so that you might know the joy of Heaven and of everlasting life. So, that you might know that when the Archangel shouts and the trumpets sounds, and the Lord descends that you’re ready to go when Jesus comes. Know Him as your personal Lord and Savior.”

I would add that the message to the believer in Jesus is that you can trust God’s promises. He promised to save you. He promised to take you to Heaven and avoid the terrible wrath He is going to pour out on the whole Earth for its continued rebellion against Him. And, He has promised to give you a future so amazing that you couldn’t possibly imagine for all of eternity (1 Cor. 2:9). That’s God’s promises — that’s Bible prophecy.

For the unbeliever, God has given you every sign possible to know that our time here on Earth is almost up. God has given us Israel back in the land, He has given us the Bible, the prophets the missionaries — everything to tell us, “Hey, Jesus is coming back soon! Get right with Jesus. Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and accept Him as your Savior.”

It’s not worth holding onto the unfulfilling and sinful pleasures of this world. Don’t choose Hell. Instead, you can have an absolutely amazing future that God has planned for those who love Him.

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • Amen to all of that! Now, if we could just ignite passion in everyone to read the scriptures in regards to prophesy.
    I recently got back in contact with a childhood friend that came from a very religious family. Whenever the Church doors were open, they were there. Sometimes I used to think that they may have had an extra set of keys to the place! They lived, eat, and breathed "Church" and anything related to it. Back then, I believed in God, but knew very little about what was contained in the Bible. I rarely attended Church, and when/if I did, it was with this friend and her family.
    Anyway, as I said, I recently got back in touch with her and told her about my relationship with Christ that began just over 7 years ago now (thanks to the Left Behind Books and to Dr. Reagan's "Christ in Prophecy" tv show). Which, by the way, I found at the first airing of the first show!
    I began to talk to her about Bible prophecy, because I assumed she would have lots to say about it. After all, she was raised in a religious home all her life, as well as her parents coming from religious homes as well.
    As I was excitedly chattering on, I began to notice this blank look on her face. And I asked about it. She had no idea about most of what I was saying!
    I just don't see how something so important, and so hopeful for Christians, can be neglected by Churches! It's sad, just sad.
    Dr. Reagan, I thank God for bringing you into my life! And Nathan, just like Batman needed a good sidekick in Robin :-)…you are a blessing as well.


  • Amen Nathan – Why is it so many in the Church including pastors have ignored this subject for so long? It is not scary if you truly think on it – just like Dr. Hindson has said, it is a topic of hope and encouragement. To me what would be scary is going into the Last Days with wars, famines, earthquakes etc. and not understand that God is in control, that He has seen to it that we are OK as believers. Why else would the vast majority (all???) of instances of the "apocoliptic" revelations be addressed to believers??? We need to quit burying our head in the sand – thats how ya get caught off-guard and perhaps fall away. Christians should rejoice in what we are told.

    Rob from Alabama

  • We can't understand how anyone can ignore what is happening today. I truly believe the Lord has given MANY over to a reprobate mind set. Keep looking up !

  • Dr. Hindson is my favorite Bible teacher. His show is awesome, and I'm glad you used a quotation of his. He and Dr. Reagan both have it right. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

  • If you read this article Mitchell, note paragraph six (it's for YOU). Hopefully someday you will learn the truth and believe it.

  • Buggg,

    I had the same experience as you – talking to a churched person about the end times. At the end of my spirited 10 minute informercial on the subject she just looked at me as if she were thinking "you're nuts" and didn't want to discuss the issue.

    Most people I want to engage with on the end times have zip knowledge of the subject, don't want to hear it, and think I'm nuts.

    In fact, they DO look at me as if I've just put on some ridiculously oddball costume now that I think about it.

    It is truly sad that almost no church teaches about Bible prophecy as it is the greatest giver of hope for the future of all time!

    Another sad reality I've recently become aware of…at the church I went to for 7 years I had many, many roles to fill including one as a youth leader. A lot of the kids that I know now as young adults have told me that they really had no interest in church. They just went because they had to by their parents. They have little passion in their lives now for their religion (with the exception of a few).

  • Hey Billy, you are really on top of things today…..prepared for Mitchell and he hasn't even horned in yet. But I know he will! LOL I wonder sometimes though, this big debate that seems to be going on amongst Christians about the Rapture and it's timing, I think Satan is busier than a one-legged tap dancer with that, to keep Christians from pulling together and focusing on the real business at hand…..reaching the lost and saving souls.

    Nathan, I am sure you broke hearts all over the internet when you said you would never be seen in tights. Too funny! I am thankful for that response from you though. And not because I don't think you could pull off wearing tights.


  • Well Billy, from one nut to another, welcome to the bowl!

    And I would be overjoyed to discuss Bible prophesy with you anytime!


  • Billy said, "If you read this article Mitchell, note paragraph six (it's for YOU). Hopefully someday you will learn the truth and believe it."

    Billy, can you please explain what you mean and then we can discuss.

  • Chavah said:
    (Thanks to Dr. A. Fruchtenbaum in “Footsteps of the Messiah) – For the Jews it will mean: Establishment of the Messianic Kingdom (unparalleled joy and celebration!) which is a high point of OT prophecy, with

    1) National regeneration of Israel, Jer. 31:31-34, Rom.11:26, 27, with “life from the dead” for the world – praise God – Rom 1:15!

    2) Final re-gathering of Israel from all over the world, only AFTER their regeneration.

    3) Final possession of ALL the land God promised them: total boundaries and total productivity.

    4) Establishment of Davidic Throne with an eternal dynasty, eternal kingdom, eternal throne, and an eternal person, Jesus, the Jewish Messiah and King of Kings! Maranatha!

  • Mitchell,

    We don't really want to bore the others with another discussion over the timing of the rapture (that was my context).

    It was just a friendly, fun spirited poke in the ribs to someone (you) that I disagree with (rapture timing) but whose posts and points I do enjoy reading. 🙂


  • Buggg,

    I would love to experience a face to face lively, knowledgable, enthusiastic and enjoyable discussion of Bible prophecy just once in my life! So far I haven't met one person that I could do that with. 🙁


  • Billy,
    I can relate to that! I guess that just goes to show how un-enlightened people are about Bible prophesy. :-/


  • Billy, it can be unbelieveably fun to have one of those discussions (especially when you get to play devil's advocate). My pastor teaches prophecy nearly every week (I don't always agree with him -which drives him nuts – but we both agree that it's all so close we can almost taste it). In fact we were just talking about Babylon v. Rome yesterday. The sad part is that once he gets going, it becomes a one sided conversation and it's hard to get a word in edge-wise.

    I had another co-worker who loved hearing it, but he would usually twist what was said into some kind of weird, psycho, fanatical, silly, idiotic, outlandish, bizarre…What was the question?

    And we all thank Nathan for NOT putting on spandex. Brrrr.

  • Evenin' Thunder,

    Yeah, that would be a site to behold….Nathan in spandex!

    Wish I could find a Church that isn't afraid to get in to Bible prophesy.

  • I don't often have time to leave comments here, but I wanted to respond to Junbuggg…

    Does your church have a "small groups" ministry? Maybe a smaller Bible Study would take on more topics. Even if you don't go through a local church, you could get a group of friends or couples together for regular Bible study. Dr. Reagan (and many other sound teachers) offer resources just for this purpose!

  • I guess if you want a church that isn't afraid, Junbuggg, then everyone needs to come up to Jeffersonville, IN., to the Eastview Community Church of God (yeah, it's a shameless plug).

  • Justine,
    Thanks for the suggestion. I actually do have a couple of friends that have just now started getting together with me, on occasion. I think it's probaby because I won't shut up about it, Bible prophesy, I mean. They don't have as much time as I do, they are still working, and I have retired now. I just really wish more Churches/Pastors would start basing their sermons on prophesy. There are none in our area, and believe me I have searched! Most just ho-hum along, trying not to offend anyone. You know, when the attacks on 9/11 happened, it was UNBELIEVABLE how every Church around this area was packed! And I know that it was because people had heard bits and pieces on prophesy, and then decided they better get to Church and see if they could find out more about it. Sadly, they didn't, or I believe the Churches would still be at max attendence if they had. You would think that would have been a flag to pastors as to what people needed. Then again, it probably was a flag for them, but since most don't know much about it, how could they teach it.

    Thunder, good plug! Your Church is tooooo far for me bud, but thanks for the invite.


  • the message of bible prophecy as i understood it when i was 6yrs old "christians end up in heaven, sinners in hell so come forward and get saved"

  • I have to say that although I think prophecy is important, I don't think it's the most important truth that should be taught (but isn't) in churches today. I believe the real nuts and bolts of Christianity–the meat rather than the milk is much more important than Bible prophecy. In fact, the message of grace (not just saving grace but grace after salvation), including a believer's new identity in Christ is much MUCH more important than prophecy. And sadly, I see very little of that truth taught in any church. Hence, we have baby Christians who only want to focus on keeping the law, how to keep from sinning, and repentance, and they never find the Sabbath rest in Christ Jesus.

    Hebrews 5:12-13: "In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God's word all over again. You need milk, not solid food! Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness."

    Hebrews 6:1: "Therefore let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity, not laying again the foundation of repentance from acts that lead to death, and of faith in God"


  • You may be surprised to hear this from me, Laura, but I agree with you. To make a full course meal, the plate needs more than one item on it. To me, doctrine is the meat in an era of vegan churches. To leave Bible prophecy out, though, is like not having something to drink with the meal.

  • Nathan,

    I think we're in agreement, then, about the importance of prophecy. I believe it should not be left out, but discussed regularly, along with all the other truths in the Bible.

    I attended a Calvary Chapel church before I moved, and one thing I really appreciated about those churches is their commitment to preach through the ENTIRE Word of God. By the time I started attending the church, they had just finished preaching through the entire Bible, which had taken something like 14 years. And they were planning to start over again.

    Frankly, I think leaving out any part of God's Word is dangerous. We can become over-balanced so easily when we only focus on a few things and exclude others.


  • It is perhaps hard for most Christians to grasp that the main reason for Jesus to come back a second time is to establish the indisputable veracity of God and to show the world that He is unconditionally, unilaterally, lovingly and eternally bound to Israel through the COVENANTS He made with them, namely through the Abrahamic, Land (or Palestinian), Davidic and New Covenants, the fulfillments of which will be total at His Second Coming.

    At this present moment we, the Church, grafted into the Olive Tree of Romans 11, are able to appropriate ALL the spiritual blessings accorded to Israel through God’s MERCY to us, by way of His JEWISH COVENANTS THAT ARE AS YET PARTIALLY FULFILLED. The return of Jesus to fulfill ALL of God’s promises to the Jews will mean AN EXPLOSION OF BLESSINGS TO US, INCLUDING LIFE FROM THE DEAD, because He loves Jews and Gentiles.

    Paul exhorts the church who has received love and mercy from God (Rom.11:28-31, 12:1, 15:9,10) to demonstrate that same LOVE and MERCY to all Jews, all the more as the Jews in part were blinded “for YOUR sakes” (Rom.11:28). For whose sakes? For the sakes of the Gentiles, for the sake of GENTILE SALVATION, for the CHURCH!

    Therefore, those of us who know the Jewish Messiah have an incredible debt of gratitude to lovingly share salvation truth with the Jews (whether they receive it OR NOT). Through them we have the Bible, Jesus and salvation – for all of time and eternity!

    Unfortunately Jewish history in the last 2000 years tragically reveals that the Church has neither loved nor shown mercy nor reached out with kindness to the Jews. Christians should read up on 2 millennia of JEWISH HISTORY, not only on “Church History” which totally omits and ignores Jewish history!. Jewish history is to WEEP over, to say the very least.

    As we evaluate our position and direction in these End Times, it would be both biblical and wise to consider and include THE JEWS IN OUR HEARTS, simply because GOD, JESUS and the Apostle PAUL have them on THEIR hearts. The Bibles is definitely not “only about us”. It is time for all the Bible Prophecy websites and related links to STUDY JEWISH HISTORY, take a hard assessment of themselves and to seek to reach out to the Jews in sincere repentance and love.

  • Misha, if you're looking for a Bible prophecy ministry that loves the Jew and wants them to come to salvation, then you couldn't have found one more inclined than Lamb & Lion Ministries and especially Dr. Reagan.

    We look forward to the day when the Jew is not just on our hearts and minds, but to when they take it upon themselves to accept Yeshua into their hearts as their spiritual blinders are removed.

  • Misha and Nathan, amen.

    It's after discovering that I am 1/8 German Jew that I have delved into the Jewish culture and traditions (much of it through Dr. Reagan and Lamb and Lion).

    Unfortunately, preterism rules the roost in many of our churches and that's why so many don't understand prophecy: it revolves around the Jewish people and Israel. If God is through with the Jewish people and all of the blessings (never any of the curses) went to the church, then Israel is an enigma, a fluke.

    Preterism also spiritualizes much of prophecy to the point of it being impotent.

  • whats up everyone? i seen both xtremes, 1. prophecy prophecy prophecy, jesus is coming today and noone is gonna make it 2. no prohecy, no teaching on the gifts. . . cuz they are "secondary". to that i say just cuz its secondary dont mean it aint important. someone gimmie an amen!

  • Don't get me wrong, I love the Jews, BUT I also love other people, too. Let's not forget that God wants us to reach out to ALL people (not just Jewish people) with the message of His saving grace. And let's not elevate one group above another and think that this group is more important than that one. Each person is uniquely special in God's eyes and He wants that person to KNOW Him (whether she be Jew or Gentile).

    For God so loved the WORLD. . . .


  • Amen, Laura and hartdawg. God DOES love everyone in the whole world; there is no argument to that. But, God did reveal Himself to the Jewish people so the Jewish people could bless the whole world. He gave them the Holy Scriptures to share with all mankind. He gave them the Messiah to save all mankind.

    He has blessed all people through all time. But only one people group was called out by name. At no time did God ever say to the French, "I will bless those who bless you, and those who curse you I will curse." Nor was it said to the Chinese, Mexicans, Russians, et al.

    Israel is special. The sons of Jacob are special. Jerusalem is special: it's the place where Messiah will place His throne for 1,000 years.

    One of the messages of End Times prophecy is that God isn't through with Jacob's children. They are as special to Him now as they were in the past.

    So, if I understand the implication, I didn't elevate the Jewish people; God did through His friend Abraham. Even though they are currently rejecting Jesus as Messiah, they are still God's chosen people. The Gentile believers are grafted into Israel.

  • I certainly am aware of and very much appreciate Dr. Reagan's loving outreach to Jews. Also, he has often invited many Messianic Jews regularly on his program. Again, my heart-felt thanks to him and to y'all! My family and I truly love you and are touched by your many kindnesses to the Jewish people! My comments are "general" in nature, and not directed at
    any group, least of all Lamb and Lion.

    I am concerned that most prophecy students have a "head knowledge" of the "Jews in Prophecy" without a heart relationship. For them the Jews remain merely an "academic interest" in this vast sea of end-time happenings….

    Since most of us here are of the theological persuasion that it is the Jews who will be going through the Great Tribulation (known as "Jacob's" Trouble and not the "Church's" Trouble) I hear NO concern for the Jews!

    Even at this present moment when Israel is slated for annihilation by Iran, do I pick up any expression of outrage from my Christian friends? Are YOU outraged in any way? Hello-o…is anyone interested out there?

    By the way, If you attend a church that currently reaches out to the Jews in any shape or form, please email me!

    It seems to me that prophecy students are absorbed in the timing of the "Beam-me-up-Scottie" event, as well as the "what's going to happen to America/me in the End-times?" syndrome.

    God's heart, Jesus' heart and Paul's heart ALL throb for the Jews. It is the very HIGHEST CALLING for the Gentiles to return the debt to the Jews by "provoking them to jealousy" so they might be saved.

    Most Christians are clueless about the fact that this Biblical injunction has not only been historically neglected, like for 2000 years (!?), but replaced by a arrogant desire to both ignore the People of God and do away with her, both of which have, in fact, historically taken place!

    So if you say you truly love Jesus, then your heart should beat with His heart for the Jewish people. NOW is your chance to finally find out what happened to those Jews for the last two millennia and to lovingly undo the damage that has been perpetrated against them, and all in the name of the Church.

  • Misha, I couldn't agree more.

    As I pointed out earlier, I am 1/8 Jew. When I found out, I about leapt for joy. Not only have I found Messiah, but I am a blood relative of Messiah!!

    As I personally don't know any other Jews, I pray for Israel and Jerusalem constantly. I pray for the Jewish remnant. I pray for the Messianics. I pray God's protection for His people. I pray that their eyes will be opened to see Messiah.

    Misha, I love the Jewish people: they are my family.

    But unfortunately the damage of almost 2,000 years can't be undone. All we can do is move forward. Admit to our sins against God's chosen, ask for forgiveness and try to build bridges over the chasms we've dug.

  • I agree that end time prophecy is meant to give understanding to people of the world that they need to turn to Jesus and be saved. There is going to be a great harvest before the end. May I pose three puzzeling questions? God revealed to Daniel that in the end times the leader of the last empire would come forth from ten, the ten toes of the metal man statue of Daniel that is called the beast empire. Amazingly this nation is referred to as the eleventh horn that would then suddenly rise up from out of the ten. It would after rising then uproot three of the ten, but without detroying them! We know they were not destroyed because the apostle John wrote in Revelation that the last empire would have ten crowned horns. Since a nation must physically have land and also people, how can one understand and rationalize that the the new nation's land and people can be taken from all ten? This poses a great geographical problem for any nation, because it would be comprised of ten parts that could not possibly all border one another.

    The second problem is how three nations of the ten be uprooted without being destroyed?

    A third puzzeling question is how can the birth of this new nation come forth in such a short time and become the leader of the empire? Perhaps this mystery can be answered by looking back into modern history.

    The majority of people that formed the United States of America mainly came forth from the lands of the revived Roman Empire in Europe. It's land came forth from new land in the Americas, and amazingly this new little horn defeated in battle the three most powerful European nations in Europe, uprooting them from the Americas: they being France, Great Britian,and Spain. This new nation will be powerful and will rule over the other ten. It should be of great interest that Danile also spoke of another clue, this nation and its leader will seek to change the times and the laws.

    This eleventh horn is not mystical or a metaphor, since the prophecies given to Daniel of the last four empires on the earth, before the establishment of God;s kingdom, were real and physical.

    There is only one new nation that fits the clues given to Daniel in describing the eleventh horn that will will seek to change the times and the laws. It is the United States of America, formed 233 years ago, during the time of the revival of the fourth empire. The USA fits the mold, and its last leader will be the antichrist come forth during the tribulation.

    We believers feel that the time of the tribulation is near. Jesus said that the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. It has been given to us the commission to lead the lost to the Lord.

    In Christ, Jim Brown

  • Great post Jim, and believe me, your mind is not the only one that has been navigating in that direction. I know that most of the focus is on someone coming up out of the E.U., but I am not a big fan of "blinders"…..those things that are put on horses & mules to keep them focused ahead. Wouldn't that be just like Satan, to blind side us?? Therefore, I an not ruling out your theory.

    Buggg 🙂

  • Junbuggg,

    Study Daniel Chapter 7 to understand what is happening. Our nation was brought forth by our founding fathers who testified that God guided them. George Washington testified that providence was upon him and spared him for a destiny he had to fulfill. Twenty seven signers of The Declaration of Independence possessed theogical degrees. Our nation was brought forth for a purpose, and it was because of America's goodness that she had been blessed more than all nations of the earth combined, and it was because of her power that through God protection was provided for the nation Israel to be born again. In 1960 America produced 60% of all the worlds goods and has sent missionaries out to every nation on earth. But in our last generation America has turned away from God, has gone against his word and has fallen into hideous sin and corruption, immorality such as never been seen before, and the sexual abuse of 25% of its children and and murder of 50 million ,ore. The Bible says that righteousness exalth a nation, but that sin is a reproach to any people. The Bible says that God will give to us the leaders we deserve, and is it of any wonder that everyone of our once great institutions are failing before our very eyes? The antichrist will take over the world, and he will deceive all into believing a lie. When our leaders call us no more a Christian nation, then they believe we are a nation of non-believers in Christ Jesus, and it is the non-believers who will lead us us to destruction if we so permit them to do so. The Bible says that the man of sin will have great power. It asksthe question, "For who can make war with him?" The American Republic is being rapidly destroyed and transformed into a dictatorship, exactly like which happened to Rome when Caesar Augustus took command and declared himself as God. History repeats itself, and like that which happened with Rome, the now revived empire described by Daniel will change the laws and times and use its great military to rule the world without mercy. Daniel said that the saints will be wearied by him. Our commander and chief, who has also said there are many ways to heaven, has repudiated the words of Jesus who said I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life, and no one can come unto the Father but by me.

    I agree with your words that we should not be with blinders on and be deceived that we will be spared from the persecution of Satan. We not only have a mission left to hold the fort till He comes back, we are to win souls for Him. Jesus says the harvest will be plenteous, but the workers will be few. I believe the words of Jesus when he said privately to his deciples that in the end times we should not worry, but that we would be persecuted and killed for his namesake.(Matt. 24) He said to go into all the world and tell of him and his saving grace and mercy. We are not to ignore God's direction: "He that winneth souls is wise". Get ready for we are now witnessing the greatest time in the history of the world, the eminent return of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, at whose name every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.

    Jim Brown


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