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Nehemiah Time

Peter Marshall

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Is the United States in a “Nehemiah Time,” and just what does this mean?

In a Christ in Prophecy series titled “America’s Christian Heritage,” Dr. David Reagan interviews a historian who says that the United States is in just such a time.

For over forty years the Rev. Peter Marshall has gained national recognition as a teacher and writer on America’s Christian heritage. Because he believes that our nation is in moral and spiritual crisis and that the only hope for restoration is revival, his increasingly prophetic ministry focuses on two major themes — recovering the original American vision with the truth about our Christian heritage, and putting 2 Chronicles 7:14 on national repentance into practice.

Son of the famous Senate chaplain Dr. Peter Marshall and author Catherine Marshall, Rev. Marshall has devoted himself to a continent-wide ministry of preaching, teaching and writing. He has co-authored three best-selling books about God’s call on America and His hand on our history — The Light and The Glory, From Sea to Shining Sea, and Sounding Forth the Trumpet. His ministry is called Peter Marshall Ministries.

A Time to Rebuild

Rev. Marshall: In the Old Testament we read about the time that the Lord led Nehemiah to come back to the Holy City of Jerusalem from exile and to preside over the rebuilding of the walls of the Holy City. I believe that we are in a time where God is calling on America’s Christian believers to rebuild the moral and spiritual foundations of this nation.

Dr. Reagan: Our walls have come down?

Rev. Marshall: Absolutely have, the wild boars are trampling the vineyard here. We are in serious, serious, trouble. We are loosing the moral and spiritual basis of this nation right and left.

Dr. Reagan: What are some manifestations of that?

Rev. Marshall: Oh, good heavens, it is all around us: the increasing obscenity and sexual perversion and so forth that is revealed cinematically on movies and on television, increasing use of the f-word and other obscene language. It is all over the place. Abortion. Increasing corruption in Washington politically. In business, it is all around us. The American public education has just gone down the chute in terms of the loss of any kind of biblical understanding of American history or American civilization or culture. I mean, the examples just abound. They are everywhere!

Dr. Reagan: You and I in our lifetimes have seen this.

Rev. Marshall: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: I was born in 1938, you were born in 1940, and when I was growing up I grew up in a society where we studied the Christian heritage at school. We prayed at school. We had Christmas programs at school that focused on the Nativity, and the birth of Jesus. I grew up in a society where your word was your oath. All you had to do was shake hands and that was it. People did not use blasphemous language. You didn’t see that in movies. You didn’t see it on television, though of course TV didn’t exist at that time. But, I have seen it change so radically, so fast. What gets me is how fast it has occurred.

Rev. Marshall: Yes, absolutely. Since the Sexual Revolution in the 1960’s, it’s gone downhill rapidly. And, of course, there are those famous statistics David Barton and others have pointed out that as soon as the Sexual Revolution was unleashed in the early 60’s the statistics on rape, on violence in schools, and all this stuff just soared.

We see our nation crumbling, and like Nehemiah, it is time for Christians to lead in rebuilding.


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  • Unfortunately, Bible Prophecy indicates that the influence of Christianity in the Last Days will wane more and more. I believe it is a direct result of Apostate Christianity gaining heavy influence. While many prophesy that a great revival awaits in America, this is not the voice of the Lord God, Bible Prophecy makes this clear.

    The abomination that we see today being labeled Christianity can influence no one. It exists being absent of power and truth only serving to point men to fables and to destruction. The sins of this nation are heaping together as piles of dung, the stench is great. Will this nation repent or will this nation continue to ignore the voices of the Watchman?


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