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Truth of the Creation: Purpose of Evolution


What is the purpose of Evolution?

Lamb & Lion Ministries conducts a number of Bible conferences in the Dallas, Texas area each year. Our June 2010 conference theme was Defending the Faith.

Dr. Jobe MartinOne of our guest speakers was Dr. Jobe Martin, former dentist, professor and Evolutionist turned Creationist. Having clearly seen God’s eternal power and divine nature from what has been made (Rom. 1:20), Dr. Martin came to faith in Jesus Christ and a trust in the biblical account of the six days of Creation. He and his wife Jenna Dee have since formed Biblical Discipleship Ministries based in Rockwall, Texas to teach on campuses, classrooms and churches that we can trust the Bible’s account of the Creation and Jesus as Savior.

Dr. Martin’s topic at our conference was “The Truth of the Creation” (watch). He did a remarkable job showing how the Creation account is the only origins account that stands the empirical tests of time.

The Purpose of Evolution

It may not be a salvation issue, but for Christians, it has to be either Creation or Evolution. There is no middle road. You can’t say, “I can have my billions of years and the Bible.” Well, why? Well, what does the Bible teach? There is a God. What does Evolution say? The whole reason for Evolution is to say, “I can be here without the necessity of a God.” That is its whole purpose.

The Bible says the Earth was here first. The Big Bang and billions of years says, “Oh, no, stars were here first.” The Bible says, “The earth started all wet.” Well, “Wait a minute,” Evolutionists say, “No, it started as dry, molten rock which finally cooled down, and comets and volcanoes produced the water.” You see, which do you believe deep down in your heart?

God says, “Light before sun.” I think He did that because He knew people would worship the sun, and so for the first three days no sun, but it’s still light and each one of those days is half light and half dark. It is like God is saying, “Hey, don’t worship the sun, worship me! I don’t even need the sun. I can make light without the sun. I did it for the first three days of the Creation week.”

Evolutionists say, “Oh, no, the sun had to be first because sun generated the light.” Well, God says land plants were created first.” Evolution retort, “Oh, no, sea life was around first.” God says, “Birds before reptiles, birds on the Fifth Day, reptiles on the Sixth Day.” Evolution counters, “Oh, no, no, no, it was reptiles first and then millions of years later came the birds.”

Now, you might say in your heart, “Wait, wait, I can have both. I can have Evolution and the Bible.” You cannot! They are mutually exclusive. Either we trust God’s Word as true truth, or we don’t. So, let’s trust it, and we can trust it, alright.

“Man was made from the dust,” says God. “Nope, man was made from the primates,” says Evolution. God says, “Man’s sin is the cause of death.” Evolution debate, “Oh, no, death was here long before man ever came on the scene.” Well, wait a minute. How can you have a pre-Adamic race of people if there is no death and they are living and dying and they make a fossil. No, you can’t have death before death. God says that death came as a result of sin.

Here is an Evolutionist who writes in The American Atheist, “Christianity has fought, still fights, and will fight science to the desperate end over Evolution.” No, no, no, no, we don’t fight Evolution, we don’t fight true science, we fight evolutionary false science. We don’t fight air conditioning, and we don’t fight nice carpet, and we don’t fight medications. We don’t fight true science. What we fight is science based on false assumptions, which is Evolution.

The writer goes on, “Evolution destroys utterly and finally the very reason Jesus earthly life was supposedly made necessary.” See, what is the purpose of Evolution? It is to get rid of Jesus.

It also gets rid of what else? Let’s look at the next sentence, “Destroy Adam and Eve and original sin.” Get rid of Jesus, get rid of Genesis, and then we are okay. Everything is okay and we will never be judged. We don’t have to worry about it. “Get rid of Adam and Eve and original sin, and in the rubble you will find the sorry remains of the Son of God.” He refused to capitalize “Son of God,” so I did. “If Jesus was not the Redeemer that died for our sins…” and this is what Evolution means, “…then Christianity is nothing.” Bozarth understands the issue better than the average Christian.

In the last segment on the “Truth of the Creation,” Dr. Jobe Martin demonstrates how the Creation days couldn’t be anything but a literal, 24-hour time.


Defending the Faith June 2010 Conference
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Get back to the Word and the absolute essentials of the Christian faith by learning how to defend what you believe in this 6-part conference album!

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  2. “The Truth of the Bible” – Mike Gendron
  3. “The Truth of Creation” – Dr. Jobe Martin
  4. “The Truth of the Divinity of Jesus” – Eric Barger
  5. “The Truth of the Resurrection” – Dr. Ron Rhodes
  6. “The Truth of the Virgin Birth” – Dr. David Reagan
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