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Tonight Matters: Should Christians Vote


Is it okay or not for a Christian to vote for a non-Christian?

On Wednesday, January 25th I was interviewed by hosts Matt Buff and Jim Fletcher of the Rapture Ready Radio show, broadcast over BlogTalkRadio. During the second hour of their two hour live show we talked about the growing interest in Bible prophecy, the importance of teaching the Creation, Lamb & Lion Ministries’ new ministry initiatives in reaching people for Christ, the top five questions every Christian should know, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, and how Christians should respond to non-Christian candidates when it comes time to vote. Matt Buff also simultaneously chatted online with people listening to the show, taking questions from the audience.

Rapture Ready Radio

Christian Response to Voting

Nathan Jones: Just interesting to me was how the latest Republican South Carolina primary brought up an ominous point. Beforehand, 143 well known evangelical leaders got together and endorsed Rick Santorum based on the faith of this candidate. You would think that in South Carolina where 75% of the people say they are born-again evangelical Christians that they’d vote for him, but they didn’t.

Such an absence of voting for what is perceived the most “Christian” candidate left kind of gives you this idea that maybe the voice of Christianity and Christian leadership in America like the Religious Right which was strongest back in the 1980’s is no longer here today. In truth, we just don’t listen to our Christian leaders like we used to because we don’t have faith in them anymore. We were burned too many times, I guess.

The Christian voice just doesn’t sway the political vote anymore in the United States. I’m not saying that Christians need to be all involved in politics or anything, but we still need to make a stand for what’s right, because if we can’t sway the political vote then we can’t have a voice and as a result we’re going to see all the laws that protect religious freedom and protect Christianity all fall away. We’ll end up seeing the same persecution that we are seeing elsewhere in the world, until we end up a nation like China where you have to register your church and if you say anything against the government they’ll arrest or kill you. This very situation is certainly going that way, and Bible prophecy tells us that’s what it will be like during the coming Tribulation.

Matt Buff: We’ve talked on our show quite extensively about the Presidential candidates and their faith in particular, and we’ve concluded that we’re looking at it as a situation where we’re not putting in a spiritual leader, as those days are gone. What we’re supporting first and foremost is trying to get Barack Obama out of office, and so we have preferences for which candidate best might accomplish this, because we would like to see things turn around in this country at least economically for the time being.

You guys at Lamb & Lion gave Mitt Romney a pretty hard time, but I’ll be honest with you, I would still take him over Barack Obama any day of the week.

Nathan Jones: Yes, we’ve had a lot of people write in concerning our “Christ in Prophecy” episode about Romney’s Mormon faith.

Of course, we don’t endorse any particular candidate. Both Dr. Reagan and myself have said, okay, we’ve got a humanist with Islamic sympathies who wants to social engineer the country, or we’ve got a Mormon who is faithful to family with conservative values and has a real love for defending Israel. Hmm, deciding on which candidate is kind of a no brainer.

I’ll vote for the guy who stands for most of what the country needs. It doesn’t mean I like all that they believe and I certainly don’t support their faith. I don’t think we’re going to get a candidate who truly loves the Lord in the evangelical Christian definition, but we must remember that the Presidency is a secular position and not a religious position.

We also must remember that God ordains secular people to do His will, just as he does Christian people. So, the Lord could use Mitt Romney. Who knows, it might be say Romney who wins the Presidency, and his Mormon faith might be the first to quickly add the post-Rapture United States in joining the one world religion that would dominate the first 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation. No matter what happens, though, it’s all going to be part of God’s plan.

Matt Buff: It is all part of God’s plan. That’s an excellent point.

We look on sites where Christians are just so unsure about Mitt Romney, but it seems like everybody is asking the same thing, “Do I want Romney or the Muslim sympathizer?” Mormons, after all aren’t running around the world blowing people up right now.

Jim Fletcher: Absolutely, that’s the issue. What a great way to define the current President — a humanist with Muslim sympathies. I think there’s a sinister element to Obama that will grow exponentially if he gets a second term.

Bible believing Christians do have to make a decision in this election. Are they going to sit on the sidelines and be lukewarm about involvement in the voting process, like they were with John McCain? Or, are we going to try to make Obama a one-term President. I think that’s what’s really mission critical right now.

Nathan Jones: Christians have got to look at the bigger picture. I have people writing in declaring, “I refuse to vote because the candidates aren’t evangelical Christians who believes this, this and this.” I have to remind them that this world we live in is a secular world with secular powers, and we’ve got to do the best we can to be light and salt in the world. Sometimes that means voting for someone who isn’t a Christian but will make the world the best place it can be until the Lord’s return.

So, I encourage every Christian out there to vote. Get out there and make a difference with your vote. Wow! Think of it, we live in a country where you actually get a vote. That matters. That means something. We should use the freedom that the Lord has given us.

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • Article: "I have people writing in declaring, "I refuse to vote because the candidates aren't evangelical Christians who believes this, this and this."

    Any Christian that would do this is no better than the people that walked by the injured man on the side of the road in the good Samaritan story in the NT.

    It's the U.S. that is lying on the side of the road in need of saving…well, "Christians", are you going to help or just say "Aw, the h–l with it."?

    There's a word, "Rino" to describe "Republicans in name only". Any Christian that sits on the sidelines in this upcoming election and therefore contributes to the downfall of this naiton thereby helping the goals of the enemies of God could by called "Chrinos" (Christians in name only).

  • I believe it is time to take notice that by putting your faith in politicians to guarantee your religious freedom in effect, your testimony is compromised and your witness clouded! It is only the Lord God that grants an "Open Door" that we might be witnesses to all nations, peoples, and tongues!

    Though at present we are provided with religious freedom yet it is also clear that with everyday that passes, legislation is introduced to narrow the expression of this freedom! With a liberal Supreme Court we can expect it to narrow much further! Though they can not at present deny our religous freedoms, they can however define the boundaries!

    The belief that as Christians we can change the direction of this nation in the voting booth is an ideology similar to that of the followers of Dominionism, a doctrine or teaching that is in direct opposition to the truth of scriptures! The Lord God appoints all leaders to fulfill his will and purpose! We are ambassadors of Christ and our mission is to seek change that can only come by the power of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit!

    What does it say when Christians today seek salvation in politicians as if they are the source of redemption for this nation? There is no other we can trust but Christ alone! Regardless of your vote, the progression of prophecy continues and we can fully expect in this "Last Days" for our leaders to become more corrupt and evil as it was in the days of the Kings of Judah and Israel as the people turned their hearts away from the Lord God in rebellion!

    If we truly seek change in this nation we must also realize that it will be a painful process, this nation must literally be brought to its knees to acknowledge the Lord God! This nation filled with idols, trusting in the works of their hands and in the ability of their military to provide security will have to be brought low that it might lift up its head!

  • I dont know about everyone else, but i dont look to politics for salvation. Its common sense that we as Christians should be responsible and vote for the best candidate possible. Santorum is looking like a pretty good one i think. We will see!

  • Guess no one seemed to get the point! The point is that there exists no one in political office currently or running that represents the Christian viewpoint!
    These are millionaires that have made a living off shafting citizens and rewarding their corporate friends and colleagues!

    The world was coming to an end, America was on the verge of economic ruin, some how they were magically able to muster enough funds to bailout top tier corporations and lending institutions all on the taxpayer dime! If you have not realized by now, the normal middle class citizen is like a mice in a cage being observed for the amusement of those who claim to be our leaders.

    Sure you can trust that the Government always has your best interests at heart, and if you believe that, I have a nice piece of swamp land to sell you at premium price! Being an honest and hardworking Christian citizen of this nation does not mean we sit back and endorse the continued corruption by those that claim to hold the same values we do!

    Every politician seeks to throw religion into the mix as part of their election campaign, just as most evangelicals believed our former President George W. Bush to be a Christian! This President boldly claimed that there are many paths to God as part of his "New World Order" view shared by his Presidential father Bush Sr.! This highlights one particular area, that if a politician mentions Jesus one time, the PTL crowd will automatically cast their vote for that candidate!

    It should be rather obvious that evangelicals are either unclear concerning the tenets of their faith or they are desperate to claim a President as one of their own, even willing to compromise their foundational principals of their faith in electing these imposters! So are you going to vote for a Mormon, Dominionist, Catholic, or the candidate that attends Church at least one time during his election campaign?

    Perhaps it would be best if we Christians stop endorsing the Dominionist dream and stick to the truth of scriptures!

  • The USA president doesn't depend on man's desire or effort but what God's will is, for the authorities that exist have been established by God.


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