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Tonight Matters: Islamic Eschatology


What do Muslims believe concerning the end times?

On Wednesday, January 25th I was interviewed by hosts Matt Buff and Jim Fletcher of the Rapture Ready Radio show, broadcast over BlogTalkRadio. During the second hour of their two hour live show we talked about the growing interest in Bible prophecy, the importance of teaching the Creation, Lamb & Lion Ministries’ new ministry initiatives in reaching people for Christ, the top five questions every Christian should know, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, and how Christians should respond to non-Christian candidates when it comes time to vote. Matt Buff also simultaneously chatted online with people listening to the show, taking questions from the audience.

Rapture Ready Radio

Islamic View of End Time Events

Jim Fletcher: Isn’t it scary that the Muslims also have an eschatology?

Nathan Jones: That they do. It’s the one that President Ahmadinejad and the mullahs are stressing involving the return of Twelfth Iman. Islam is divided into Shiites and Sunnis and of course there are Sufis, but the primary groups are the Shiites and the Sunnis. The Shiites in particular want the Twelfth Imam to come back and lead the world to total Islamic control.

They also have the Dajjal, which is supposedly their version of the Antichrist.

They also believe that Jesus will come back and he will burn all the crosses and he will kill all the pigs. He and Mohammed will bring Islam to the world and everybody will have to convert over to Islam. Then Jesus will die. It’s all very convoluted.

If folks want to read about Islamic eschatology, Dr. David Reagan has written some good articles that delves into that subject matter.

Because Islam believes that the world needs to be conquered for Allah, this view that Hillary Clinton has been espousing which believes we can talk to the Iranians is naive. We’ve been talking with the Iranians for years believing we can make peace with them, but talking never makes sense, because they believe wholeheartedly their Koranic prophecy. They understand what the end goal is for them, and that’s the total subjugation of the world to Islam. And so, it’s very naive of our politicians to walk in and think that we can peacefully talk with them and they will just back down. After all, we are Christians who believe in the Bible and we’re not going to back down from our belief in the Bible. Well, they’re not going to back down either.

It takes someone with no faith in anything to believe that people of faith will just back down from what they believe. I’m sorry, but it makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes because they are so deluded because of their lack of faith and understanding of the Bible. Boy, what a world it would be if we all understood Jesus’ love and shared that instead!

Jim Fletcher: And yet, you know if I could have a conversation with Hillary Clinton about what you just said concerning Muslim eschatology, she’d just dismiss it with a wave of her hand and wouldn’t even consider that it factors in.

The Awful Result of Apostasy

Nathan Jones: No, and you’ve got to wonder. Hillary Clinton grew up in an liberal denomination. So did her husband Bill Clinton. So did Barack Obama. They’ve never heard the real Gospel, but if they had they’ve rejected it.

It’s like Oprah growing up believing that God was jealous of her. She totally misconstrued the verse that God is a jealous God. Yes, God’s jealous of people competing with His love, but God’s not jealous of you. So, people like this take parts of the Bible and misconstrue them and they just don’t get the real Gospel.

You can see then what apostasy does to the Church. it ruins our understanding of how the world really works. If you don’t understand from a biblical standpoint how the world really works, you end up with a mess, and the world is in a complete mess right now.

Matt Buff: It certainly is, and even now liberal organizations are noting that Christians are under heavy persecution. It’s strange to see that people in the mainstream media are starting to see how people are treating Christians. And yet, here we are with the message of hope and forgiveness which is a totally peaceful message, but we are made out to be the bad guy and the object of many jokes. Just go on TV and use the name of Jesus Christ as a derogatory term and nobody bats an eye, but if you use a derogatory term for homosexuals, well, you might lose your job.

Nathan Jones: Look at all this firestorm around Tim Tebow. Okay, the man prays before a game and he puts John 3:16 on his face makeup, and everyone reacts like he’s been chopping heads off of people. They go crazy over him. But, you can have thousands of Muslims walk out in the middle of the street, block traffic, and pray, and nobody bats an eye about it.

I was once asked how come the Atheist aren’t mad at the Muslims. Well, they’re all technically working for the same guy. They all serve the ruler of this world, and right now the ruler of this world is Satan. They just work in different compartments. So, no wonder these different groups all hate Christians universally, because we are the only opposition to them all.

Satan knows Bible prophecy we like to point that out. Satan knows Bible prophecy in and out, and he knows he’s going to lose in the end. In response, we are really seeing a ratcheting up of persecution against Christians. Such persecution of Tribulation Saints is really going to be awful in the Tribulation. But, praise the Lord we believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture which shows that the Church will be raptured before the Tribulation. Sadly, though, during the Tribulation most people who come to faith in Christ will be martyred. That’s what our world would be like if Satan was ruling it completely. He would first kill all of the Christians.

Matt Buff: Even now Satan is doing his best to do that right now. We talk about the Rapture so much, but it’s an excellent point. We have the blessed hope that we are going to miss the Tribulation period. We are not escape artists, and we are not escapists, we are just claiming what was promised to us in the Bible. I’m glad to know I’ll be a part of that taking of the Church up to Heaven, but while we’re on this earth I’m sure glad that we stick to our job and keep doing what we need to do to reach people for Christ in all kinds of different ways.

Jim Fletcher: Absolutely! Because we’re seeing through the outlines of real tribulation and hardship in this country, that’s another reason it’s incumbent upon all of us to share the true Gospel with anybody we come in contact with anywhere and at anytime, for time is absolutely growing short.

In the last part of this Rapture Ready Radio interview, Matt, Jim and I will discuss whether it’s okay or not for a Christian to vote for a non-Christian.

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