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Are you one of those who love to troll YouTube, Facebook and other video and social networks?

Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s not. But according to Pew Research, 50% of Generation X (that’d be ages 30-45 like me) and a whopping 75% of the Millennial Generation (ages 18-29) spend many, many hours per day living on social networks and watching online videos. Yet, tragically, 25% of this same younger generation claim to be without any kind of religion, making it the least religious generation in American history.1

There’s a spiritual need. There’s a highly in-demand technological medium. Put them together into an engaging, visually appealing video and we can evangelize a new generation desperate for the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

How then do you share an awesome insight into God’s prophetic word to a generation who will barely give it a minute? Welcome to the ministry’s newest video series “Bible Prophecy Insights,” where you get an awesome insight into Bible prophecy — in just one minute!

These specially produced, computer animated videos, hosted by yours truly here at Lamb & Ministries, are designed to be shared all over the Internet, drawing people to the outright amazing promises God has for us all. I think of them as fancy fishing lures. Sent out to attract people who have never considered Bible prophecy and drawing them into a deeper study on our website at


We’ve begun with three videos covering some of the core messages of the ministry. Here is what these episodes teach:

Episode 1 – “The Accuracy of Bible Prophecy”

Can math prove the accuracy of Bible prophecy? Let’s take just 8 of the 109 prophecies fulfilled in Jesus’ life. Mathematician Peter Stoner calculated that the probability of all 8 being fulfilled in the life of one person is 1 in 10 to the seventeenth power. That’s 17 zeros! That’d be like filling the entire state of Texas two feet deep in quarters. Mark one, throw it in. Next, drop in a blindfolded man. The odds would be that the very first coin he picks up, that’s the one with the mark. Impossible, right? Not if the Bible is truly God’s Word.

Episode 2 – “Signs of Jesus’ Return”

Jesus promised He would return. While we cannot know the day or hour, Jesus did give us some signs to look out for. They’d come more frequent and intense – like birth pains – the closer He got. Deadly natural disasters, crumbling morality, spiritual apostasy, world wars, technological breakthroughs, and the greatest sign of all — Israel would become a nation again. After almost 1,900 years of the Jews living in exile, it happened in 1948. Wow! We are truly living in the season of Jesus’ return. Are you ready?

Episode 3 – “The Rapture”

The Bible tells us that Jesus will return one day soon to catch up — to Rapture — those who have accepted Him as Savior. Two people will be walking along and then — in the time it takes to snap your fingers — one will be left standing. In the blink of an eye, millions will be . . . gone. We will be taken off this earth to meet Jesus up in the clouds to live with the Lord forever. Those left behind will face the worst period in history — the Tribulation. Have you given your life to Jesus today? Will you be part of the Rapture?

Behind the Scenes

How do we make these videos? Well, other than me, everything about them is totally computer animated, and even then parts of me for technical reasons are animated like my feet and hair. So there’s more to it than presenting on a live set. After the writing process, I stand in front of our studio’s green screen and give my memorized “sermonette,” reacting to what will eventually be placed all around me. Our awesome Media team has to lock the camera into one position so that later the camera movements can be added in the computer. The digital copy is then sent on to our animator.

Speaking of animators, the Lord has really blessed us with a top-notch computer animator. Ralph Strean of Sevenfold Films is a former Disney animator who founded his own studio to serve Jesus Christ. He has a real heart for the Lord and an amazing talent. Ralph “plugs” me into the virtual set and designs the effects and sounds that will enhance the message. The final version then spends almost a week of rendering on the server farm, and that’s just for one minute of video!


These evangelistic videos wouldn’t be possible without your generous partnership with us in reaching the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ and His soon return. Thank you for that! Our hope is that you’ll learn from, enjoy, and pass these messages on to family, friends and acquaintances so that they too may know the spiritual richness of Bible prophecy. The more they go viral, the more people will be given these messages.

To watch “Bible Prophecy Insights,” visit, YouTube and other social networks. If you’d like a hi-res copy for your sermon or study, visit


1. For more on what the various generations believe in the way of religion, technology and lifestyle, visit

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • Nathan those clips are awesome ! Praise God for every soul saved becaise of them! 🙂
    ( just a side note…. i did say 108 prophecies fulfilled and i thinl u meant 109??)

  • I meant .. u said… not i said! Oops! And if im mistaken.. pls accept my humble apology!
    And i loved jack van impes clip too! Helpex me understand a little more about Gods idea of a generation length. I hope its right!


  • Praise the Lord, Susie! At the time Peter Stoner made the illustration with the coins he knew of 108 prophecies, whereas now 109 have been found, so I stuck with his illustration to be more true to it.

  • Nathan, what is the time duration on the DVDs? Do they provide an indepth study of the prescribed events or just basic information regarding them? One more thing, have you or Dr. Reagan ever considered a live unformatted video conference allowing questions from viewers to be addressed in real time?

  • Rodney and the gang, tonight's your chance! Join me tonight at 8:30 CST/6:30 PST for an all access video chat on West Coast FIYA, San Jose's Christian hip hop radio station. Will be sharing the good news of Jesus' soon return to a whole new audience.


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