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Romans 1 and Society: The Immorality Behind Legalizing Drugs

Is it moral to legalize drugs?

On Monday, April 23rd I was interviewed by host Matt Buff of the Rapture Ready Radio show “Buffed Up Radio,” broadcast over BlogTalkRadio.

During the 45 minute live show we talked about how April was a tough month for Christians. April held the Day of Silence for Homosexual Students, Pot Head Day, and Earth Day bringing out the green police. Plus, as Matt said, “Apparently, I’m supposed to be more outraged by what Mitt Romney does with his money than by what Barack Obama does with mine.” We also discussed the Christianity Under Attack Conference and DVDs, the rise in Autism, as well as attempted to pinpoint when the birth of the Christian Church began for the Gentiles. Read and listen in!

Buffed Up Radio

Rapture Ready Radio

Not Heeding the Harbinger

Matt Buff: Notice by just looking at the United States throughout history that the more we turn away from God and the more we get away from our eschatological bearing, the more we just put away what we consider old fashioned and not worthwhile in today’s society and the worse society becomes morally.

For example, let’s go to the economic studies and look at the economy. From the moment we starting turning away from God as a country, the economic situation has grown progressively worse. Just look at where we are today with the President and the administration that we currently have. All morals are being tossed out the window along with the garbage. Now here we sit with over 12 trillion dollars in accumulated national debt!

Nathan Jones: Yes, indeed. I’ve been reading Jonathan Cahn’s book Harbinger which has a lot of discussion about just that. Certainly, a lot of people are trying to see if his book is doctrinally, biblically, and eschatologically sound, and for me the jury is still out as I’m still reading it. But, one wonderfully made point Rabbi Cahn emphasizes which our ministry here at Lamb & Lion Ministries has long been preaching, and that’s about the judgment of God which has fallen on us as a nation. When instead of repenting when judgment comes on us, we instead turn around with fists held high and declare, “We will build stronger walls. We will pull ourselves up by our boot straps and not heed God’s warning.” And, that’s exactly what we did after 9/11. Instead we ended up with this War on Terror, which sounded like a noble thing at the time, but it has just drained our bank accounts. To stave off recession the Fed lowered the interest rates which caused everybody’s debt to spike and have more debt than what we know what to do with. It doesn’t help that the government like a bunch of drunken lemurs are out there spending more money than we take in so that we are now trillions of dollars in debt. Such debet is unsustainable and will inevitably cause a worldwide crash. Economists know it has to collapse at some point. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

We as a nation are are lining ourselves up for judgment by God. But, there’s hope. If we as a nation when we receive these judgments, whether it be from severe weather or attacks internally or externally, turn towards God and repented, then God would accept us in mercy and forgive us and restore us.

That was the very same historical pattern for ancient Israel. Every time Israel would rebel against God, God would put a judgment on them. But, if they repented they would have their strength given back to them again. When the nation didn’t repent, they’d continue to get more judgments and even more judgments until eventually God would have to just wipe His hands of them and the nation dissolved, just like the Northern tribes being taken away into exile by the Assyrians.

God’s methods are no different for the United States or any other country. The United States has faced judgment after judgment, but instead of seeking the Lord in repentance like we should be doing, we remain in rebellion and so are seeing the nation collapse economically and morally to the point where it cannot continue to sustain this downward decline. We are going to end up just like Russia after the Soviet Union collapsed if we continue on this insane trend.

Celebrating Drugs

Nathan Jones: Sadly, Matt, as you know with this Day of Silence for the homosexual agenda and Earth Day which is earth worshipping basically, with all these different diversions, they are proof that we are not turning back to God in repentance. We are turning further away from God than ever, and judgment will continue to come on us until we relent.

Matt Buff: Not only are we turning from God, but we are completely medicated and high while doing so.

Let’s talk about Weed Day. Weed Day is shared by marijuana users from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park (shocker there) to New York’s Greenwich Village. Last year some 10,000 people gathered at the University of Colorado to simultaneously smoke marijuana.

You’d think the police would respond. “There they are. Arrest them! It’s illegal.”

This year the University of Colorado shut down the campus quad that hosts the annual gathering. The organizers said the protest may be moved to a nearby off campus neighborhood which could cause clashes between police and protestors. The rally happened in Denver near the state capital last Friday and Saturday and police have suggested that they will be taking a hands-off approach to the gathering which could draw tens of thousands of people.

Here’s the kicker, which is a shame for your home state of Texas, but in Austin, Texas country music legend Willie Nelson who is not only an open pothead but his music tends to lean towards to the aspect of, “Yes, this guy’s a pothead.” They are unveiling an eight foot statue of him in downtown Austin. Now, the news didn’t tell us if it was going to be made of copper or cannabis. They just weren’t clear on that point.

Nathan Jones: That’s a big hemp statue!

Interestingly, one of the signs of the end times the Bible talks about, especially prevalent during the Tribulation, is a mass turning towards magic. Magic if you go back to the Greek language is pharmakeia, where we get our base term for pharmaceuticals. A lot of magic is based on mixing herbs and potions and stuff like that, basically a drug culture. What we see in these end times is a growing, increasing and accepting of the drug culture. Since the 1960’s up until today we have seen that acceptance grow and increase.

I was in Colorado last year and witnessed that shops can openly sell hemp right out of their stores. One store I walked by near Colorado Springs had a picture of a bunch of penguins all staggering around like they couldn’t stand up, right on the outside of their building. This picture was what they were using to advertise their drugs!

So, it’s an acceptance by society of what is wrong. It’s a pharmacy culture. It’s an escapism culture, escaping from the world around them.

It is interesting that the article on Weed Day you just read from, Matt. There’s a video attached to it at the bottom of the page. Did you get to see that?

Matt Buff: Yes.

Nathan Jones: The guy in the video you can tell he is an ex-hippie and he’s giving three reasons why he believes that marijuana should be legalized. Isn’t it interesting that the number one reason he recited was not whether it was morally wrong or right or anything like that, but that legalizing drugs could be taxed and bring in a lot of revenue? Isn’t it true that every vice that we have out there, especially gambling and living in Texas being next to Oklahoma which is all about gambling, State governments can say they are bringing in money for revenue and that is a good thing. But, they never address the real issue — taking drugs ruins our bodies, destroys our minds, and separates us from Jesus Christ. So, is selling and taking drugs moral or not? The obvious answer is that it is immoral.

Matt Buff: There have been studies that prove that marijuana is a gateway into cocaine and eventually very dangerous drugs like crystal meth. I watch Intervention all the time on A&E. I watch these people all start out with marijuana and it always leads them to something worse. So, I looked that up and sure enough the study is overwhelming how marijuana use has started other trends into more dangerous drugs. Marijuana itself is a dangerous drug.

People ask, “What about alcohol?” Well, alcohol in its abuse is a dangerous drug, too. Yet, I look at the New Testament and Old Testament where they did drank wine, but the Bible also always point out the dangers of alcoholism in excess. The Bible also talks about homosexuality, murder, and fornicators. It talks about all these things that people do in excess. These vices are gateways causing abuse from one to another.

There’s no good answer for the legalization of drugs. Even if it brings in revenue for this country, especially under an administration like we have now, that revenue is going to be squandered as welfare to the same people who smoke pot anyway. They are just going to get the money back in their pockets.

Nathan Jones: Excellent point!

Even sadder, I had a friend of mine who when growing up before becoming saved was in the New Age Movement. She would use various mind altering drugs to help open herself up more to demon possession, which she at the time thought were just ancient spirits giving she and her friends wisdom. She knows now in truth it was demon possession. Marijuana would be used to reach that mind opening state. She would go to meetings and then actively engage in the occult.

So, we aren’t talking about an innocent understanding, “Oh, marijuana is good because it brings in tax revenue.” I truly believe the people who are pushing marijuana know that the purpose is because the drugs will remove people’s inhibitions and will open themselves up to the occult, saying it frees their mind. Yes, it frees their mind, but it frees their mind from inhibitions and it opens them up to the likely chance of becoming demon possessed.

My friend to this day looks back with horror at the times when she would feel the demons rummage around inside of her head, because she knew these drugs would open her up to them. So, these people who are actively pushing for drug legalization, you have to call a spade a spade — they are evil. They want to open up a whole new drug culture that will destroy our culture and bring about demon proliferation and occultism. That is really the basis for this whole push for an open drug culture.

Matt Buff: It is, and it’s something that is just so blindingly obvious to people like you and me that for some reason the whole secular world seems to miss. When you put marijuana on the ballot it just feels like we’ve already kind of reached that point where we are just walking around like in the movie WALL-E, becoming just a bunch of inert dumb people. When you put things like drug legalization on the ballot, it does get good support by some people because they aren’t educated about the consequences. They just don’t know. Sadly, it’s all those Ron Paul supporters out there who are voting hard core on this issue.

Nathan Jones: It’s funny you mentioned that, for I had a big debate with my brother-in-law recently who even though is a solid Christian is also a Ron Paul supporter. His reasoning is that he believes that drugs should be legalized because it ends all the craziness with the cost. Again, it’s all about cost. “Look, we are spending billions of dollars on this war on drugs, therefore if we legalize them it’ll be okay.” Or, “We can get all this money in tax revenue, and that’s okay, too.” It’s rather kind of scary that Ron Paul is a doctor who is supporting this.

This cost argument misses the point — drug usage is morally wrong. It is morally wrong to remove ones inhibitions and open them up to sinning. That’s why the Bible speaks out against drunkenness, because drunkenness has the same result. It removes our inhibitions and allows us to sin when we normally wouldn’t perform those sins.

These legalize drug supporters know what they are doing. They know that what they are trying to do is propagate evil. And, it’s a sad state about our society that we have become more accepting of drug use.

In the next part of this interview with Matt Buff concerning Romans 1 and society, we’ll look at how Romans 1 explains so well the reasons behind various immoral social agendas.

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  • I am certainly not proud of the fact that in my past i had a drug problem… but i can say first hand… WHAT R PEOPLE THINKING wanting to legalize drugs of any kind? And im sorry, but alcohol isnt the same. In excess of course its wrong. But my point is, any ***** with an ounce of commom sense could foresee the damage this would do to our society. Especially our youth.

    Nathan, let us know what u think of "the harginger". Its just amazing to me learning about how the 9 harbingers have manifested here in america. Scary, but very exciting.

  • Is it moral for the United States to use our military to secure and supervise the production of poppy crops in Afghanistan which produce both illicit and prescription drugs! Under the leadership of the Taliban such production was all but eliminated, yet since the time of our invasion and occupation, Afghanistan now supplies 90% of the globes heroin product!

    Drones are dispatched in the skies over Pakistan to guarantee safe passage as these drugs are exported through the region! The truth if revealed depicts a dark secret that our government is in the business of exporting mass quantities of narcotics under the guise of the War on Terror, the erradication of the Taliban was to secure these resources.


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